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 Post subject: Rocket 4.6 personal thoughts
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:33 pm 
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I want to leave my thoughts on the 4.6 changes for rocket here. I organised it to talk about his general nerfs for his safety, pushing and damage. I don't feel like adressing laser trap, since it's more of a consistency rework. I feel like it's going to be better early, because instant trap is on base but it unfolds into the same thing.

Currently too safe and very hard to catch, Rocket needs to be easier to punish
-Rocket Launch, no longer knocks back enemies.
-Base Health, reduced from 1150 to 1100

Eventhough he still has his self knockback to get out, I feel like these changes get him to a point where u can simply choose some burst squishies to counter rocket. 1100 health is an all-time low in the game and really brings some squishy (dasher) or invis character to the table to counter rocket. Think of Ksenia, Leon, Frog, Dizzy, Gnaw, Jimmy. Raelynn snipes were and will be really effective too. The knockback removal on enemies now officially means he can't stop any jumps from characters anymore, a huge but justified nerf. Pretty much seals that most squishies are going to ignore laser trap completely by not getting their movement stopped in the combo, but still going to be effective vs tanks. I'd just say, whenever u see rocket, pick lifesteal brawlers or dash chars and you're good to go.

-Charged Salvo, damage modifier against turrets reduced from 100% to 80%.
-Charged Salvo, range reduced by 20%.

Huge nerfs, but i'm glad. Double regen with current range allowed him to stay in on the turret short enough to never lose health without droids. He needs to get closer so he can't do that anymore + his turret dps is cut hard. Whenever rocket couldn't kill enemies, he could just rely on the back up strategy to push turrets. That is if his teammates are there to give him map control (since rocket clear is actually not that fast). When he gets it though, Rocket's team gets way too much reward by stacking up structure damage continiously, so i'm glad this is nerfed finally. This much unavoidable push baits out really bad plays from opponents too. Playing droids and turrets can easily create a snowballing effect not to forget. In reality, his turret dps was never so high though, I wonder how slow he takes down a turret after a wipe after 4.6 goes wipe compared to like melee characters who mostly have the most ridiculous structure damage.

-Rocket Launch, now deals between 150 and 350 damage, depending on how long the rocket has been flying.

Now here comes my trick question. Do you think it's justified he gets a damage nerf on top of those other topics? Remember so far I've talked about the biggest nerfs to his core character, so you can't just ignore them by taking different upgrades. This is a 50% damage nerf to his rocket launch. In almost any situation, since in reality that ability has a too slow projectile speed to be used consistently for long range. Is it good game design to first introduce a playstyle and then remove it with a unsuitable gimmick? I get it for scoop, since he has ridiculous AA dmg (4 AA items with penguin throne) and bindings, but cmdr Rockets laser trap is stationairy and his AA is ranged. His whole character is about spacing while his big rocket was his tool to get in on ppl.

I know people hate on rocket, but his combo relies so much on laser trap connecting and even with that, he blows * up in your face and then has nothing anymore. I challenge ppl to soloq as rocket, you kinda feel useless against any premade since they are full health all the time, you can't oneshot them, you can't do anything major during cooldowns, you can't clear droids fast enough since you clear slower than about 25 other characters, you can't cheese turrets without map control, because premades don't allow it.

In reality his damage output isn't even a problem, AA+rocket falls off a lot lategame while laser trap stays strong. But we know that laser trap not always works even with the rocket kb and slow. There are other characters do way more damage lategame, it's just that rocket almost always wins when it comes to applying damage vs opponents damage. He pulls it off first and his damage pretty much always works. And in the current patch you often get cheesed too hard to see your oppurtunity in the lategame.

In all. I agree with all the nerfs except for his big rocket change. A total of 5 hefty nerfs to the base character in a single patch. Again, i like the route where his damage is intact but he gets to be the squishiest naut in the game. #1 character gets to be counterable by a set of unpopular brawlers should create a nice shift.

 Post subject: Re: Rocket 4.6 personal thoughts
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:16 pm 
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Agree with everything said.

With the huge Rocket Launch dmg nerf, I bet he would lose 1-1 to Yoolip now (if they fought until one dies). Everyone who realizes Rockets dmg potential now can plain ignore his existence altogether.

Lol, I realized that if you take Nuke Bug (double Rockets), the dmg you deal with Rocket Launch is about the same as Yoolip has with 1 hit of his AA! :yoolip: And Yoolip is the one concidered to have one of the worst AAs in the game. Even without the Nuke Bug, Ted for example deals +40% more dmg with his single shotgun shot, than Rockets huge ass missile does at the same distance. :tear: Ted doesnt need to wait 7.5 seconds to reload his shotgun though, and can have knockback on it (which was taken from Rocket).

Due how unreliable dmg Rocket Launch now does, probably build where you dont even shoot directly with it and just use it to spam chip dmg with Zurian Wrangler and Nuke Bug works better. The Zurian Wranglers trail dmg is the same as close range direct Rocket hit is anyway. :jimmy:

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 Post subject: Re: Rocket 4.6 personal thoughts
 Post Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 5:19 pm 
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Yeah, and now Mother of bombs is is more useless than before.
You can't hit enemy with your major dmg skill and then you get a single dmg bost

I stll can't get it and now it's very hard to learn how to play CMDR Rocket again :oops: :cry:

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