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 Post subject: BHS Range
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:17 am 
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I am totally happy about these BHS adjustments, but it doesn't look like the changes are true to the patchnotes. I am too lazy to open nauts once in normal and once in beta and measure in the exact same place, but if the old aiming visuals are to believed, there is no range increase! On the streamisho, they said that the "reach" was the same, indicating that the furthest point of the new BHS is the same as the furthest point of the old BHS. However, if you just compare the visual and the actual BHS, you see that the furthest point of the new BHS is not as far away as before.

Here is a clip from the streamisho:

EDIT: Okay so I actually did go into beta and the normal, and compared the two. It seems that the pre-aiming visual in the beta doesn't reflect the old range, but instead calculates what the range would be. It does it wrong. It does seem that it is just the pre-aiming visuals that are wrong and the range of the skill is still about the same if not increased a little bit.

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