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 Post subject: Console Clash 3: $60 Prize, Sign-ups Open, June 3rd/4th!
 Post Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 9:00 am 
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The time has come once again for another exciting edition of the Console Clash series on Playstation 4! It follows the familiar format previous competitors are accustomed too, with only a few changes made since the last iteration.

If you’re not familiar with the event, Console Clash is tournament series created by Alexeus of the Awesomenauts League Project Initiative, that aims to produce competitive events for the console versions of Awesomenauts.

Prize Pool

Here is the current prize offered to the teams competing in the tournament:

1st Place - $60

*Prize Pot provided by Alexeus & Aaron12906m. ($30 each respectively.)

If you’d like to contribute prizes to this event or any future ones, please email us at or send a private message directly to me on the forums.

How to Register/Play

Registration: To play in this tournament, you will need to fill in a registration form hosted at this link here:

Confirming Registration/Check Other Teams: To ensure that your team has signed up for the tournament properly, you may clink on this link here and you should see your team and others registered showing up on the list:

Roster Changes: If your team line-up changes at any point before the tournament begins, then please post a reply on this forum thread or send Alexeus a PM on the forums.

Where to Meet: Once you have completed registration, teams will need to meet up at the Console Clash 3 PS4 group chat during the days of the event. You will receive an invite to the group chat from the staff (Alexeus/TheUnholyicon/Aaron12906m) and are expected to show up for check-in.


Both days will have a check-in period that begins at 15:00 UTC, with the tournament starting at 16:00 UTC. Here are the countdown timers for each day, both of which will auto-convert the time to your region’s respective time-zone.

June 3rd Pools:
June 4th Finals:


Tournament Format

For newcomers to the tournament, Console Clash 3 is a two-day event that uses a multiple-stage bracket format featuring a qualifying pool on the first day, and then a finalist’s bracket on the second.

(Day 1) Pools

All teams that are ready after check-in will be placed into pools where they must fight every other opponent once. Teams will receive a point for each victory they earn in a set, with the teams that have the most points by the end of the bracket qualifying into the finals on Day 2.

(Day 2) Finals

The qualifying teams are then invited to a finals bracket on Sunday where the remaining teams fight it out in a double elimination bracket, from which a champion will finally be decided.

Bracket Scaling

Depending on the amount of teams that appear on the day of the tournament after check-in. The bracket will scale to accommodate to the numbers present.

Draft Rules/Rule-Set

All drafts will be done at before every round, of which has been optimized for console use. Here are all the rules for the tournament below.

Set/Streaming Rules

-Best 2 out of 3 for All Sets

Double elimination:
-Best 2 out of 3: for all matches except Grand Finals
-Best 3 out of 5: for Grand Finals Only

Winner’s Side earns a one-game Advantage in Grand Finals

Recording Rules:
-Teams are allowed to stream all tournament games as they wish.

Recording Recommendations:

-Enable Past-Broadcasts on your Twitch page & Highlight the streams for archiving.
-Please enable Voice-Chat of your team to show up during matches. (You may mute your stream during drafts if you want.)
-Take Screenshots/Footage of your results in the case of a dispute.
-Label your Broadcasts Accordingly. (E.X: “Console Clash 3: Team A vs Team B”)
-If you are not capable of streaming your match, or it begins to affect your match quality then you don’t need to worry about it. (If someone else can instead, that would be preferable.)

Draft Rules

NautsDrafter is required for all tournaments.

-Draft Settings must be set to “Default” with the correct position for each team.

4 Bans Total: (2 for each team)
6 Picks Total: (3 for each Team)

Legal Maps (Maps allowed in Draft.)
-Ribbit IV

Banned Maps (Maps not allowed in Draft.)
-AI 205
-AI 404

Bans apply to both teams:
-Which means a banned character can’t be played by either team.

Additional Rules:
-No Perma-Banned Characters
-No Mirrors

In Pools & Double Elimination: Teams are decided by seed number.
-Lowest Seed: Team 1
-Highest Seed: Team 2

You must state which players are participating before the draft begins.

First Round Rules

A Veto phase begins before the first round:
-Team 1 will ban a map from play in the round.
(e.x: Team 1 bans Ribbit, so the round can’t be played on ribbit.)
-Team 2 will choose what map to play on from the available map pool.

Second Round & Beyond Rules

After the first round, there is no veto. Instead the losing team will choose both the draft order and which map the following round will be played on.

-(e.x: KillCups lost to WaterBowls first round. So 2nd round they may choose which team they want to be for the next draft. (They want to be Team 2 over Team 1, so they may do that.) They also want to pick ribbit as it is the losing team’s map choice for every round after the first.)

Game Rules

Lobby Rules:
-Lag-tests can be done before or after the draft. Optional and up to both parties.
-No bots allowed
-Only players established before the draft may join.

Disconnect rules:
-If a player disconnects during a match after first blood has been drawn or a turret from either side has cracked on the mini-map. Then the match will continue as normal without breaks.

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 Post subject: Re: Console Clash 3: $60 Prize, Sign-ups Open, June 3rd/4th!
 Post Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:42 am 
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It looks like only one team has registered so far? Can you confirm? I can try to get a team together.

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