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 Post subject: Update notes Steam
 Post Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:48 pm 
Ronimo Team Member
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Update 2.1.4
19 November 2018

Note: in order to preserve the campaign gameplay, all of the balance changes noted below only affect skirmish and online.

-Obtaining all the gold medals now correctly unlocks the last open battle.
-Fixed icon size in the upgrade menu unlock popup.
-Chinese texts should now align properly.
-Fixed the issue where you wouldn’t enter an online match if the match was found during the end screen of a skirmish or challenge.
-The ‘base-is-under-attack’ warnings will no longer be triggered by Frozen Mjölnir.
-Super units, building cooldown increased from 25 to 60 seconds.

-Fixed that in online matches the Genie would spawn 6 djinns upon death, instead of 3.
Djinn cannons hitting workers was almost impossible to counter.
-Djinn Cannon, reduced damage against workers by 50%.
-Djinns, reduced vision range from 1.25 to 0.5.
The Genie was almost unstoppable thanks to Dash.
-Dash, no longer works on super units.

-Fixed that Demon workers affected by Call to Arms would not be carried by the Sheep ball.

Beta update 2.1.3
31 October 2018

- Changed required number of games played for the starting gates to disappear from 25 to 5
- Added vs AI option in beta main menu
- Added missing minimap backgrounds
- Added localization for button bindings
- Fixed that clicking on superunits overlapping with two-ways would only trigger the two-ways
- Fixed disappearing worker counter
- Fixed that units sometimes didn't show the attack animation
- Fixed crash in game loadingscreen caused by creating openGL context in different thread from window.
- Added switching to DirectX when OpenGL render context cannot be created.
- Fixed that a feared genie in wish mode would dash
- Fixed that scissorRects were incorrect on PC when using a Viewport that didn't fill the entire screen
- Fixed that leaderboards would sometimes show 16 entries instead of 15
- Fixed that leaderboard page for own rank would initially be incorrect sometimes
- Fixed that leaderboard pages for own rank would stop loading after page 7
- Fixed that leaderboards would sometimes show half-filled pages
- Fixed that the game end screen would look strange when ending the game with a superspell
- Made the in-game how to play menu consistent with the out of game one.
- Fixed that ranged units would walk up to demon portals instead of attacking from range
- Fixed that accepting an invite that was cancelled would place you in a permanent 'joining match' state

Beta update 2.1.2
23 October 2018

-During his Wish mode casting Dash on Genie will now make him dash much less far
-Fixed that Helga and Genie sometimes didn't animate anymore
-Fixed that holding down the shortcut button incorrectly triggered 'not enough gold' or 'on cooldown' sounds
-Fixed sacrificed units not counting towards 'units lost' statistic
-Fixed superspells staying active on surrender
-Custom game faction settings are now applied correctly (like increased starting Gold or reduced cooldown)
-Various minor other fixes and tweaks

Beta update 2.1.1
18 October 2018

-Fixed random crashes on startup
-Fixed various other random crashes (sometimes when clicking a map in map select, during gameplay or when making a screenshot)
-Fixed buttons sometimes not appearing
-Fixed various matchmaking/connection issues
-Fixed Behaviours and AnimationTemplates not being encrypted
-Fixed that when a Custom Game was set to high speed, superspells were not also accelerated
-Fixed that some error popups that mentioned Awesomenauts now correctly mention S&S2

 Post subject: Re: Update notes Steam
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:48 am 
Ronimo Team Member
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Added notes for update 2.1.4, which is live on Steam!

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