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 Post subject: Changes needed in Shawarmageddon version! Balance
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:30 pm 
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As I've been playing this on PS4 and I'm loving it so far! :) I've noticed that the factions are unbalanced. I don't mean one faction is OP necessarily, but the factions each have a different number of spells and units.

For example:

Vikings and Persians have 2 types of towers, Demons have 3

Vikings (Berseker, Axe Thrower, Electric Rider) and Demons (Spearthrower, Barrel Rider, Naga) have 3 units (aside from Genie and Helga) that you can summon. Persians have 4 (Shamshir Soldier, Desert Stalker, Fakir, Sand Witch)

With the Demons, the Skeleton tower NEEDS to be replaced by the Necromancer to balance the amount of units from 3 to 4 including Necromancer. It's a waste of a tower space to have to use Skeleton towers, and they always die automatically before they can travel any significant distance anyway :lol: adding them would give the Demons more of a Aztec feel, where they have weaker units but great numbers. Then, in order to give Vikings 4 units, let their normal roster have Master Chef also. This might require a bit of tweaking balance-wise with regard to the amount of health Master Chef can heal, but you guys can figure it out I'm sure.

ALSO...Demons only have 6 spells (including Call to Arms, which isn't even really a spell) The Meteor spell should be included in the tree for Demons.

Ronimo, I would love your response on this! As it stands, Persians are the most powerful just because they have almost their entire faction's tech tree at their hands by default.


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