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 Post subject: In the campaign, the corspe explosions feel too random
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:12 am 
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First and foremost, the campaign is a blast! Getting all the medals is fun and challenging, there is one thing however that makes me go insane :rocco: : the corpse explosions. :drone:

It's not necessarily the ability itself, I hate it yes, but it's fine and interesting. My problem with it though is that in the campaign in order to get medals (or win), it comes down to the RNG of when and where the corpse explosion strikes.

There is 1 case where I noticed this the most: Barbeardos

At the new base location, the split in the lanes makes a huge difference in if you're going to win or not. It is possible that the corpse explosion goes off in the lane your units are not taking, which is insanely better than wiping out your squad in the lane they are in. It also happens at the very start of the map, where sometimes the corpse doesn't explode in front of the first crypt, again, giving you a huge advantage.
Because of the fact that you need a dice roll to have a chance to win, makes Barbeardos fruststating to me.

This happens in other maps too, but it feels the worst in Barbeardos.

 Post subject: Re: In the campaign, the corspe explosions feel too random
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:23 pm 

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There's something about it

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