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 Post subject: UMA Winter Map Contest!
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:37 am 
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Join the UMA Discord here!

Welcome to the second edition of the UMA Map Contest! This time winter themed! Let's not waste time talking and let's see what that is all about:

If you had not guessed it yet, the theme of this contest is winter! So prepare yourself a hot chocolate and start brainstorming ideas!

The contest starts and ends as the same time as the winter season (22th of December 2019 to 10th of March 2020), giving you around 3 months to create something amazing!

Who can participate
Everyone is welcome! If you never heard about the map editor or never tried it, follow this quick tutorial to get started: ... c_Tutorial and join our Discord to ask any questions you could have, we will be happy to help you! If you already used the map editor, you could learn how to use the animation editor, particle editor and AI editor!

This year, we've decided to reward everyone who puts some effort into making a map with a Blue UMA Medal, we've also decided to reward everyone who invests more time in making their map by giving them a Gold UMA Medal (or green if you already have the gold one, or the blue one if you prefer it), this may be the last time we give them away so do not miss this opportunity!

If you don't want a medal, you can exchange the blue one for one skin of your choice or the gold one for two skins of your choice (except exclusive skins, e.g Cyber Coco or Roboscoop)


We do not want people to be disapointed with what they will receive so let's try to make our expectations clear:

- Blue UMA Medal: The map theme must be somewhat related to the winter season, it must not feel like it was made just to get a medal (e.g: copying an existing map and changing few elements, adding 20 jump pads and calling it a day, etc.) and must be playable.

- Gold UMA Medal: The map theme must be related to the winter season and feel polished to a certain extent, use custom textures (or good usage of existing ones), have custom animations (if applicable), have custom AI (if applicable), have bot pathing (if applicable), pushes the map/AI editor to its limits (if applicable), etc. If you submit an AI only, it must work well in all official maps.

Feel free to post your map on our Discord and ask what we think of it before the end of the contest!

- The deadline to publish your mod is the 10th of March 2020

- Maps made before the 22th of December 2019 are only allowed if significant work is done on them. Their chances of receiving a gold medal will be reduced a lot if they were already playable. Please PM the mod me before starting working on it.

- Your mod must have a thumbnail, a description and in-game screenshots

- Maximum 2 creators per mod, both creators actually have to work on the map

- You can only submit one mod. Don't forget mods can have multiples maps in them!

- No restrictions on gamemode (adventure maps are always welcome), you can even submit AIs!

- We hold the right to ban maps from the contest if they aren't in line with the Awesomenauts EULA

Submitting a map
You can submit a map by posting its link in the #contest-map-links channel or in this thread.

A UMA Map Festival will be announced near the end of the contest, during this festival we will play on all the contest maps who got a reward, and will announce which reward they got!

We will PM you either on Discord / official forum (depending on where you posted the link) to ask if you prefer a skin or a medal!

- UMA Discord:
- Creating a mod in 15min tutorial: ... c_Tutorial

We do not want this to be a competition as we do not have a limit on the number of winners and we hope to see a few really good new maps!

Help each other out there, and have fun making mods!

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More tools here!

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 Post subject: Re: UMA Winter Map Contest!
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:01 pm 
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I'm looking forward to being on the jury this time around after missing out on all the fun last time! Good luck to all of the entrants!

Make sure you don't forget to join and take part in the Map Festival that concludes the contest! At the map festival you will not only get the chance to have the map you entered into the contest played by yourself and others but to also get on the spot balance critique, advice, comments and compliments from custom map enthusiasts!


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