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 Post subject: How to use the Bot editor on Mac: Tutorial
 Post Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:00 am 
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Hello everyone! I noticed that no method of running the Awesomenauts Bot Editor existed for Mac so I figured I'd make one! If you own a mac and want to make Bots in Awesomenauts, you're in luck! just follow my step by step tutorial and you will be all set!

Step 1: Find BehaviorTreeCreator.exe

In order to run the bot editor, we first need to find the file that launches the application on Windows. We will also need the file Blockdefinitions.xml but that is found right next to the launcher. The first thing you need to do is open your Hard drive in the finder. It should be right on your desktop. It looks like this.


If it isn't on your desktop, you need to change the setting of Finder. Click on the Finder tab and scroll down to Preferences


Once you open the Finder Preferences, set Hard Disks to be Shown in the General tab.


Once you open this folder, find the Awesomenauts data by using the following directory:



At this point, we may need to do a few things in order to see the data for Awesomenauts. There are a few ways to do this.

Method 1

Chances are, your operating system is hiding data libraries in order to stop the user from messing with computer and application functions. In order to enable seeing this content, we are going to need to mess with the terminal. The first thing we need to do is open the Terminal. Open any folder and click on the Applications tab in the folder sidebar. Then open the Utilities folder. The Terminal should be inside.


Once you've opened the terminal, type in the following command prompt and hit enter.

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

One of two things will happen, it will either suceed and repeat the first comand prompt, or it will prompt you to input the password of the computer's Administrative user in order to continue. If you have permission to remove the restrition, just input the password and hit enter afterward, you should be able to see library files. If you want to lock the library again, just put the following into the terminal and hit enter.

chflags hidden ~/Library/

Afterward, it should be restricted again. At this point go onto Method 2. If you are prompted for a password and are unable or not allowed to remove the restriction, I have a work around for that as well. Just skip ahead to Method 3.

Method 2

If you've already removed the library restriction in the terminal, all you need to do is right click the icon labeled Awesomenauts and select Show Package Contents


At this point, it should bring up the game's data folder which is labeled Contents. Open this folder and you will find the file BehaviorTreeCreator.exe within the BehaviorCreator
folder. Viola! We've found it!


Method 3

This is one last trick I know to get into the data logs for Awesomenauts, even if log files are restricted. If your not allowed to get into these files, you're in luck! Just follow this guide and we can get into the data files for Awesomenauts through the very game itself.

First, launch Awesomenauts.


Second, open the replays menu.


Third, Find and click on this button here to browse the replay folder.


You have now opened the replay folder on your desktop. Exit the game and find the replays folder. The folder should be in single folder format. Click the button on the right of the highlighted button on the top portion of the folder as shown below. The folder will now be in directory format. From here, we can open the BehaviorCreator folder to find the BehaviorTreeCreator.exe file!


Now that we have BehaviorTreeCreator.exe, it's time to get a program that will help us run it!

Step 2: Downloading and installing Wineskin Winerey

In order to run .exe files on mac, we need to download a program called Wineskin Winery. This will allow us to launch and run programs that shouldn't work on Mac. First, click the link below to download Wineskin Winery.

Click here to download!

Once it's downloaded, open the .zip file and drag the application out onto the desktop. It's easier to work with later if you put it on the desktop. You may also want to make a new empty folder and name it something you will remember such as Awesomenauts Bot Creator. And with that, We have successfully installed Wineskin Winery!


Step 3: Create a wrapper for the Awesomenauts Bot Creator

Next open Wineskin Winery. There are two things we need to do before we can use this to run the Awesomenauts Bot Editor.

First, we need to update the wrapper version. Just click the update button until the wrapper section looks like it does in the image below.


Next, we need to install an engine. Click the plus sign to add an engine. This will bring up the install screen. Click the button labeled Download and Install and then the Ok button to start the installation.


Now we should be ready to create a wrapper! The application should look like this.


Wineskin will prompt you to install Mono and Gecko when creating the New Blank Wallpaper. Go ahead and install them both. Once they have installed, Wineskin will prompt you with this screen.


Click on View Wrapper in Finder. The new wrapper should be in the folder that pops up! We are almost done! Now all we need to do is drag the Wrapper, Blockdefinitions.xml and the BehaviorTreeCreator.exe Into the folder we created earlier! Once We've done that, all we have to do is drag and drop BehaviorTreeCreator.exe on top of the Wrapper and the software will launch!


Now every time you want to launch the Awesomenauts Bot Editor, just drag and drop the BehaviorTreeCreator.exe on top of the Wrapper and the software will launch!


Well, that's it! Now you can run Awesomenauts Bot Editor on Mac! Some of these steps may vary from version to version of Mac OSX but it should work for most, if not all of them. If there is an issue or question you may have, feel free to post them below! :thumb:

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