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 Post subject: Temple of the Bull Spitter (v1.0)
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:40 pm 

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This is my First Map



As you can see there is a lot going on here so i am gonna explain some the parts.

First up the Base



Once you leave the Drop pod you can go thru the Shop and get go to the Lanes.
To get to the lanes, you must take the portal directly above the base.
Droids will Spawn in the Landing Area and walk pass the base to the portal on the lower right.
Note that these are the only droids that will walk a path that can defend the base.
You can also take the Droid portal but it is slower and not really designed for that.

Above the Base are two rooms with Enemy Turrets and Enemy Walls.
Those Walls will disable when a Naut is in the room or when the Turret is destroyed.
Once the Turret is gone the droids can walk to push down the lane.
As a Team you have to focus on clearing this before the other team without leaving your lanes undefended.

The 2 Turrets protecting the drill are last line of defense for your base.
One is a normal Turret with the Highest HP and the other is an invulnerable Amp Turret that has no collision.
The Amp Turret will move forward when a Ally Nuat is nearby.

The Enemy can only enter thru one way and leave thru one way.
Once inside they can attack the base or take the long path to escape.
nearby by the droid portal is a Gank Path.
Enemies must take the narrow path to escape but allies can jump in front of them using the Gank path
Once pass the Gank Path, Enemies must take the Elevator to escape.
There are only 2 so make sure one gets left behind.
Allies can move freely in the elevator room and attack from safe team walls.
If Enemies reach the Portal they are safe and are shot out into the top lane.

Next the Lanes



After leaving the base you will shoot out from one of the portals or team walls on the edge of the picture above.
Falling down the pit on your side the map will bounce you to the to plane.

In the Middle of the Map, the Top lane has some cover while the Bot Lane is wide open.
The Jump-pads in the Bottom Lane will shoot the Bull Spitters Lair.
you cant go to the Bull Spitter by flying (cause of the NOFLYZONE NamedArea) so this is the only way.
Above the top lane, creeps will bounce pack in forth on their Creep-only Bounce Pad.
There are 6 in total.

In between the lanes are team only areas that contains a creep and a portal leading back to the base.
This portal is the only way back if you want to buy upgrades or do other base things.
Home Teleport wont take you to the base... :ksenia:

Also there is a button in the top lane that is suppose to spawn a Skree Totem in the Bot Lane to lock in Enemies if they attacking your bot lane back turret. It only spawns Froggies for some reason... :glasses:

Now here comes the cool part, The BullSpitter



This is a Boss Fight with a powered Up Solar Boss who can spit Bulls.
This Solar Boss has Crazy Regen and needs to be bursted down by multiple Nauts.
Lonestar can Kill by himself but it takes 70-ish Secs to solo it (at lvl 5 with 4K+ solar).
This is only the first version, I will add more to the Bullspitter once custom AIs come in future betas.
The Bulls that The BullSpitter Spits will try to push you into the 2 portals on the side.
These Portals will Send you to Jail.



The once you leave the Bull Spitters Lair you'll be sent to Jail.
Also, If you use home Teleport you will be sent to Jail.
The Jail is a Puzzle Room.
To get out you have to solve the puzzle.
The entire Jail is a Regen Area so trying to kill others will just be a waste of time.
work together and solve the puzzle to escape

Once there is at least 1 Naut (from any team) in a 60 sec countdown will begin.
When the countdown is over everything in the room will be killed.(its a worm with a long delay)

There are buttons (which don't have textures, sorry) that will push the jail creeps up.
push the creeps into the ceiling on the 2 sides first, then the middle last.
once done the portals will be unlocked and you can escape.
each portal is team only and leads back to the Top Lane.

Note that all of the Platforms and Jump-pads in Jail are Creep Only.

Lastly here is some Logic Stuffs



When making the Bonus Turret Rooms I found out that 1 Button can effect multiple Objects but Objects can only get a signal from 1 Button. (I don't know if i did it wrong or not.)

To fix this I create a workaround.
To make the room work I need that wall in front of the Turret to leave when a Naut is in the room OR when the Turret is Dead.
Once the Turret is Dead I just need to turn Wall Off
Nauts can come and go as they please so i need a way turn on and off the wall.
To do this I use the Fake Sentry creep.
They are whats needed because when they get close to each other they explode.
This makes it easy to clear out the Button when it needs to be cleared.
When a Naut enters the Room, 2 Fake Sentries (on different reams) spawn, one above the other.
A platform raises up to catch to catch the top one and stops it from clearing the bottom one.
Once the player leaves, the platform comes down causing both fake sentries to explode and clearing the button.
the is another platform for when the turret dies as well. It never comes down once it goes up, keeping the wall clear once the turret is gone.
This creates an effective OR gate without having to use AI.

Plans for the Map
    Adding Solar and HP pickups
    Creating a Drop-Pod Path
    Adding Team Only Creeps in the base for Healing
    More BullSpitter Shenanigans
    Improving the Lanes(I need feedback for this)

Please play and test my map and give feedback and suggestions.

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