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 Post subject: [WIP] Non-gimmicky? map concept
 Post Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:06 am 

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Standard map design, avoiding gimmicks... Haven't sent it to workshop yet as its incomplete and needs pathing support for bots. Also I know it's hard to conceptualize gameplay without...playing it but it's just here for the idea sharing


Following the general design principle of buckets/focus areas, since we have 3 players per team I'm aiming to provide roughly 4 areas of focus.

The principle behind this is too provide enough things that people have to move between to maximize gains, while not providing too many as that people end up just playing PvE and not engaging in team fights.

1) Boss area (top top lane)
2) Top lane
3) Jungle
4) Bottom lane

There are a few other principles that I'm trying to apply:

1) Boss area

I'd like to basically alter the solar boss to something harder. This area should provide roughly 30-40 PER PLAYER (ie a lot!) solar to clear, but it should require either 2 players spending a bit of time, or all 3 players engaging at once. The amount of time (though varying based on who is fighting) should provide the other team enough time to come and respond, assuming they've noticed (and are not dead). Kind of like dragon or whatever it is in League that's in bottom lane.
- a focal point to engage as a team
- a sub goal to pursue if the other team ends up stalling too much
- a midpoint goal you can use to come back with after taking out the enemy team if pushing further than mid is too hard
- can be stolen by other team

2) Top lane

Essentially a claustrophobic lane (prob needs tweaking) meant to be safe enough for a single player to stall/push. Back part is probably subject to work, but I didn't want to complicate things so it's just an open area with an easy drop escape (but drops into a hidden area).

3) Jungle

Probably providing another 30-35 solar in the jungle which is A LOT compared to any other map. The incentive here is that someone from your team should take the time to roam and collect the solar to keep your team at an advantage. Jungle contains 5 hiding spots though, so ambush is always possible. In general travelling through the jungle is dangerous even going between lanes, as I provide very little jump pad or speed movement options. Team walls on either side allow your team to at least get to 50% of the jungle solar in the case you're pushed back to the 2nd towers.

4) Bottom lane

Much more open than top lane, more gankable due to dropping from jungle. Supposed to be the lane that requires more presence to control, unlike the top lane. Has a death drop in the middle but I dunno who would actually fall in since it has 2 glass platforms to stop you. Back part only allows defending team to jump out of, so I guess it resembles ribbit here for the attacking team.

Other things

- Base provides an additional path below it for defenders only, which will be concealed.
- Area going from base to jungle will probably be concealed, but may not disable team wall when turrets go down (undecided?)
- Undecided where to put health packs and jungle critters
- No moving platforms at all
- All turrets accessible from start, and backs of front turrets accessible, but pretty much a death trap to go after in most cases
- Yes walls are thin so things like nuke and clunk explode can pierce walls
- (yes the blue base hasn't been updated yet)

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