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 Post subject: Persistance of AI memory, and related
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:29 pm 
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Hi, so after finding the now fixed 'altered custom games' brawl exploit i got to thinking about saved and/or persistant lobbies. Unfortunately as one has to rejoin the match to reload ai and the map, this crossed out a self-rewriting ai which could dynamically rewrite itself and reload, without giving up its slot in the lobby. My thinking was to find a way to record steam ids pulled from the replay with other info to have saved 'profiles' and such.

Executing a separate ai file which gets changed appears to act the same.

So im asking, i guess, for clever ideas on how a dummy player might reside in a slot and 'remember' user info. How long after will it remember the wealth, xp, and such of a player, and how would the number of unique users affect things?

O and did the hashing thing go to user land too? Havent checked...

edit: further clarification; also what is maximum match length and length of an AI's variable (counter/boolean...) storage. also i guess if you could settle for even 2v2 a 'somewhat safe' revolving set of 2 dummy 'hosts' could work. also we need a good table for what does and does not work for single player vs. multiplayer and host vs. non-host cuz im struck with people-phobia and cant bother testing random map shtt with others

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