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 Post subject: GuyBrush's dumb terrible Mafia ideas
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:57 pm 
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I spend a lot of time thinking about things. Not things like "What is beauty?", because that would fall within your conundrums of philosophy.
I think about dumb things. Things like "Would this work as the theme for a Mafiascum game?"
So here I am sharing some of the stupid dumb ideas I had:
CoTND x M Music Mafia wrote:
Crypt of the NecroDancer x The Metronomicon Music Mafia
Crypt of the NecroDancer and The Metronomicon are two games that, while I maybe can not refer to as "favorites", are certainly games that I'd recommend anyone to at least have a look at. They provide unique spins on the rythm/music game formula while also being very solid games in their own right. Oh and the music. I've always loved music, and the soundtrack to these games are amazing. I modded Scoop's theme to CotND's Zone 3-2 music, actually. And Metronomicon got Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence to do this amazing thing.

But I digress:
What would be unique about this theme?
Music! :scoop:
This is kinda a given, but this Mafia game would have a lot of musical elements. From simple things like a music bot in the Discord server (I will probably leave it open during the sign up time, but when the game actually starts I'll just kidnap it and spam music from the two games for your listening enjoyment.) To an "artist name" face-cop or a "song of the day" modifier to every in-game day. Something like
I Thought the Future would be Cooler
Everyone gets a cool new power tonight!
You can call for a Lie Detector check on any post. Only one lie detector per player.

Rythm Checks
I don't really know how I'd do this, but perhaps players could gain extra abilities by showing their ability to keep to the beat. A somewhat unrealistic way I could maybe do it is by having people PM me on Discord along with the beat of a song. (Just send me a 1 letter text repeatedly) While this is much more involved than most other Mafia games, I think it would really add to the theme of this one.

"Favorite Song" passwords
In a similar fashion to Wakka's first CPU Mafia, I think I could potentially give everyone a password that, if discovered, would allow certain roles to preform aditional actions to those players. But instead of cryptography, I would instead pick a song related to the player's character/role. So as an example if a player was Bolt from Crypt of the NecroDancer their song could potentially be possibly be something from the Sonic soundtrack.
I'd probably make a playlist with all the "password" songs on YouTube, along with some duds so you can't just brute force guess.
Armello Mafia wrote:
Armello Mafia
Great heroes carry their journey's burdens, not on their shoulders, but in their hearts.
Armello is a very unique, stylized game in which you do indeed play as furries. But in all honesty the world of Armello is deep and complex, and Armello's gameplay is simple yet involving. The community behind Armello is filled with great people, and in general it's a wonderful game to play.

But anyways:
What would be unique about this theme?
Similar to how it works in Armello, everyone would have stats based on their characters. Health, Fight, Wit, and Spirt. A player's fight would lower a player's health, and once a player's health reaches 0 they die and show up dead. This would help me adjust the power level of certain roles, such as a "ninja" role (Zosha) having very low fight and health (so that any "counter" character could instantly kill the ninja) to balance out the fact that they're undetectable. The Wit and Spirit stats would affect Gold and Magic, which are directly related to the Card system.

In a similar fashion to Armello, one will be given three random cards to be used as a one-time night time action. One card from the Item, Magic, and Trickery deck will be drawn, and the player can either pick a card to be used for that night or discard the cards if they don't want to/can't use them. Cards could include things like Wyldsap/Wyld Weed (restore HP), Hare's Halberd (+1 Fight, enemies attacking you lose 1 Fight), or Heavy Platemail (+3 Armor [absorb 3 attacks for the night] but increase your SNARF number so you go last)

Cards would be devided into three categories, as they are in game:
Items would cost gold, which would be earned every day cycle based on the player's wit (something like [2 + Wit] gold per day), and could be saved up for potentially bigger items. Items usually provide a bonus to the player using them (+health/armor/damage).
Spells relate directly to the player's Spirit stat, which is a flat number showing off what quality of spells they can cast. Spells can give boosts to the player (Regeneration - +2 HP for the next [X] nights) or allow you to interfere with other players. (Blizzard - -2 HP and player's SNARF speed is lowered by [X]) More powerful spells can be cast by players with more magic, dus allowing players playing characters with a low Fight stat to potentially turn the tides with powerful spells.
Trickeries are basically the opposite of Items. They cost gold, but usually exist to hamper the enemy. The Trickery deck could include cards like Spy Network (See where the chosen player goes), Sharpshooter (2 Damage - Can not be avoided but can be reduced by armor), or Sabotage (Player can't crit for the night)
Oh and on that note...

Armello uses a dice-based combat system to determine the outcome of battles. I do like the randomness of that feature, but it would probably be unfair to make it so that the Mafia's strongman could get boned by RNG and die to the 2 Fight town doctor. :lolstar: So instead I will role a single D6 for the player that can either critically hit (if its a 6) or critically miss (if its a 1). Crit will have different effects based on the role of the player. For example an investigator might get a handful of roles if they hit normally, but the exact role if they crit. Critical misses will likely just cause the night action to fail. :shrug:
DD Mafia wrote:
Darkest Dungeon Mafia
If only because I took the role of DD's Plague Doctor in the last Mafia game. :CocoWink: But really I love the world of Darkest Dungeon, and feel some great things can be done with it.

What would be unique about this theme?
Along with attacks that can kill the player, some roles can cause a player to go insane. When insane, a player's role will do something that goes completely against what they would normally do. (For an example a Bodyguard might kill the target they're guarding, or a cop might be given the opposite alignment to who their target actually is.) Both town and mafia would have players who could make other players insane, and all players would have an insanity debuff that would be unknown to them. At least, until they turn insane, that is. :ksenia:
EtG/BoI Mafia wrote:
Enter the Gungeon/The Binding of Isaac Mafia
I don't know which one of these to chose. I prefer Enter the Gungeon's universe but I know The Binding of Isaac is far more popular. Anyways: the only real reason I want to try this is for a derivative of the card idea I had for the Armello Mafia.

What would be unique about this theme?
Every night players will be given a random item. An item would be a one-time use power-up that could allow the player to preform aditional actions, such as the Medkit (EtG) allowing a player to heal someone else or My Reflection (BoI) to allow the player to see everyone who targeted them that night.

That's all I have for right now. Tell me what you guys think! :) I might add more or edit these ones as I get ideas and suggestions.

I was Chogi.
Emo Chapington wrote:
[Post brought to you by GuyBrush]
Alpha Z wrote:

Awesome :chucho: :sleep: [Femme :thumb: Fatal]
:LeonWink: (Chinese Ripoff Space Jam) Naut
Not a :glasses: :table:

Mafia stats.

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