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 Post subject: Need help as the Aztec
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:15 pm 
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I always play as the Aztec. Sometimes win, sometimes not. But recently, I always lose. It really frustrated me. I need help.

Common problem : I'm always outnumbered. I prefer steady strategy, so I always gather much gold(4 workers as fast as possible, and build additional workers steadily)and build many unit as possible. But in the end, I'm overwhelmed, even with the same Aztec. I don't know why. Am I missing something?

Viking : The biggest problem is Axe-thrower spamming. I tried everything. Early hornblower spam, steady horn blower+jaguar warrior, fast necromancer, fast giant, fast statue, etc. But every counter tactics were crushed by rain of axes&spells. It looks like the Viking has an infinite amount of mana. I understand what happened. In early stage, Viking doesn't need to spend mana, because axe-thrower spamming is enough to make enemy busy. As time goes by, Viking's mana will stack up, so they can spray the spell whenever they want. What should I do?

China : Swordman? No problem. Swordman with shield spell? That's problem. Necromancers are usually killed by terracota warriors(or arrows). Rocketeers are always in significantly large number - maybe the Yinyang. Skeletons and Giants are easily dispatched by pouring rockets. (Zen master or Ninja monkey are not much a problem. I simply sacrifice the unit caught by zen master and mind control him.)

Thank you for reading my whimper. Any tip will be appreciated.

PS : Is there any other forum about S&S? I want know more information and tactics.

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