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 Post subject: My idea about new faction - the Arabic Empire
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:43 am 
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I knew somebody already mentioned this, but my idea is quite different.

Just for fun :) .

Arabic(and little Turkish) Faction

Concept : Alchemy(=More GOLD!)

Leader : Calif MUHAMMAD ALI. The man who conquered every corner of middle east with his BARE HAND.

Enemy : Sultan What-Was-His-Name. Pathetic placed-second boxer from, eh, what was it, Ottoman? Where the hell is that?

Mana : Progress through loss. When your own unit died, you get a little amount of mana, except the Janissary.


Worker : Caravan. Camel with handler. Moves slightly faster, and cost slightly higher than other workers.

Basic Melee : Shield&Soldier. Armed with Sword&shield. Can block enemy's attack, melee and ranged both. Unlike swordman, He can't reflect anything.

Basic Ranged : Janissary. Turkish mercenaries with deadly musket rifle. Deals powerful damage with each shot, but need long reload time. Recruit cost is much more expensive than other faction's ranged units. Whenever he slayed, you can take the remaining contract money back. Remember, dead man don't need any money.

Special : Alchemist. Throw healing portion toward your own unit. Every friendly unit near the impact will be healed. Upon death, the alchemist gives you a large amount of mana. Alchemist also repairs the golem.

Ultimate : Golem. Slow but tough clockwork monster(The blueprint is plundered from Jews). It emits flame to the enemy, deals AoE damage. It is considered as a construct - So it ignore most of spells, and stun(not knockback). Sounds cool, huh? Golem is a cutting edge war machine - It consumes gold like a sponge.

Tower : Alchemy lab. With the alchemist inside, it creates small amount of gold over time. Not so durable against enemy attack, but it repairs itself slowly.


Assassination : Selected unit dies after a few second. Construct and giant units are immune. Mana cost is little high.

Black death : Crude oil spring from the earth, dye certain area&units black. The unit baptised by this unholy black goo will be slow down. It is similar to poison bomb, but it has no damage, but last longer. When golem attack them, they will burn. What? The black death plague? Already cured.

Sand storm : Create great sand storm. It protect every unit inside the storm from enemy ranged attack and spell. This spell cannot block the AoE spell.

Ultimate wish : Ultimate spell. Gold and gem rains from the sky, crushes enemy units below it. Of course, you will be wealthier than ever. WARNING : You can't cast this spell more than 3 times.

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