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 Post subject: 2 to Go!!!
 Post Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:32 pm 
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I have 2 achievments to go,and i need help.Firstly,i need help on survivla mode.I got to 22 min on chinese,but then i ran out of mana...So does anyone have any good strats for the survivla mode,and what faction to use?

Same on Berserker run.What spells should i pick?

 Post subject: Re: 2 to Go!!!
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:38 am 
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Survival: Chinese or Aztec are best.
While i was playing, gold wasn't a problem so with all that gold keep your towers up at all costs. Meaning, if the enemy forces destroy the first tower, build it again as long as the fog has not reached it, even if this means that it gets destroyed instantly, because of that the fog is further back again and you should be able to build a new tower when the enemy army has passed (at the first waves you probably can just build one tower when the army has passed since it is not that long).
This is even more important with the chinese since, buddahs mean mana. And secondly you can attack the enemy army very early with arrow rain or this acid stuff.
With the aztec you should not have mana problems since you can sacrifice units.

Units to build with chinese: Rocketeers all the way and Ninjamonkeys to help a bit, but rocketeers with their splash damage are the way to go. Zen Masters are nice if they have a couple units in front of them. So after let's say 5 rocketeers and monkeys you can start sending them out, if you have money left. Mostly i did not need them.

With aztec: Sun Giants and Dart Blowers. Followed by Necormancers for free skeletons.

In both cases you will do most damage with magic, emphasizing again why it is absolutely necessary to have the towers up. In most cases when the enemy army reaches my third tower it's just picking up the pieces.

Beserker Run:
I think there are a couple ways to go.
I chose lighting over the trap. It's a bit more work at the beginning, but it's worth it, since trap becomes uterlly useless at the end. Lightning aint much better, but at least you can take out units with it (Axe Thrower on Tower ftw).
I went with arrow rain and acid, also snow storm in favor of the terracotta army, to keep enemies at bay for a time (or in the middle of the first two damage spells).
Do not take ying-yang and sacrifice. Makes it just harder to watch all the beserkers.

Takes a couple of tries. But just play around with the spells and see what works best for you.

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