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 Post subject: Re: Development blogposts
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:07 pm 
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IsoKoala wrote:
Uiomancant wrote:
EDIT: I didn't see Iso's message, and I couldn't disagree more. Once we get a solid group of players playing, games work flawlessly, and usually there's the same 4-6 people with good ping in every game, of which I prefer to the other option, which is getting repeatedly * by weird matches.

Well, thats good when you are on the winning side or the matches are fair. Nothing, nothing at all, is as annoying as seeing the same way above your skill level premade team third time in a row, knowing that you will lose to them 10-0 like you did in the past 2 games.

I'm alright with getting bodied. If I didn't I wouldn't exclusively use the random button. It's probably different for you since you play with people often, but soloqueue works fine for me and I occasionally bump into people who are better than me by about 90 times.

Plus you can always queuedodge them by waiting one cycle and checking watch tab to be totally sure.

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