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 Post subject: Time to gush
 Post Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:27 pm 
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I don't usually post on forums, tending more towards being a lurker, but I have been absolutely floored by this game so I figured I'd share this with the developers.

These posts tend to be pretty unpopular as I've seen, but if I can brighten just 1 dev's day by letting him know how awesome I think this game is then it was worth it to me.

There are three specific things I like about this game.

1. Perfect embodiment of Complex != Depth

Too often games seem to think that they can only achieve a deep and strategic experience by overwhelming the player with complex interfaces and mechanics, but this game nailed my favorite aspect of good game development. Keeping depth without sacrificing accessibility. The potential for tactical play in this game is at a very high bar, but anyone can pick it up and play it at a basic level. At least once they figure out that turrets win.

This game does more with 4 buttons than many do with 20, and I applaud that.

2. The decision to release it free to PSN+ users.

I don't actually know if this was a decision by the developers or some random occurrence with Sony, but it was a ballsy move and I feel it paid off. I'm a perfect case in point. I had never even heard of this game outside of the theme song during some of the initial press last year, but seeing it was free on PSN+ I decided to grab it. Then promptly bought it and have been spreading the word to as many people as I can to come buy it and play it with me. I also guarantee that I will be all over DLC if and when it comes (Dying for some news on that BTW :D)

3. The high level of polish and style

This one is a little more sketchy and down to a personal preference, but it's still worth mentioning. I'm a huge fan of the art style and the over-the-top corniness of the 80s cartoon vibe you've put into the game. I love the high level of variation in both the stage art and design, I love the diversity and design of the characters (Seriously, who came up with Yuri? He's beyond awesome in every facet), and I just love the general attention and care the game seems to embody.

TLDR: Awesomenauts is Awesome

PSN: Jabu354

 Post subject: Re: Time to gush
 Post Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 9:37 pm 
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Thanks man! You guys give us motivation to build the best games we can make. :monkey:

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