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 Post subject: Re: Patch Notes Steam
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:13 pm 
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Patch 2.9.4
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-Fixed that turning off chat message filtering did not work correctly for in-game chat because it was done by the sender rather than the receiver for in-game chat.
-Fixed that pain sounds always played the strong variation, even when you got only a little bit of damage. This happened because all damage had been multiplied by ten in patch 2.7, but the threshold for pain sounds had not. Pain sounds now again have a weak and a strong version like they did before.
-Fixed that there was always one loading screen hint missing

-Fixed that the sound of Clunk missiles in replays never stopped, not even when switching to a different replay. This caused a constant noise. (Also fixed for previously recorded replays.)
-Fixed that Raelynn’s Time Rift in combination with some other skills produced horrible sound in replays (triggering the same sound dozens of times). This happened for example with Derpl transformation and Ted Airstrike. (Only fixed for newly recorded replays.)

-Rubber band ball, removed the third stage and the movement increase on the orbs.
-Base movement increased from 7.4 to 7.6
-Space air max movement reduced from 1.6 to 1.4
-Fiery jawbreakers, removed the old attack speed upgrade on this item
-Added tip to loading screen that explains that Ayla’s Rage becomes stronger when more enemies (droids and Nauts) are near

-Fixed that game could crash if you quit or died while the speedup from the upgrade French Baguette was active

-Eternal flame now won’t apply the damage over time the first tick.
-Eternal flame second stage now correctly deals 150 damage over time.

-Fixed an issue where poolboy’s effect would not be turned off normally.
-Removed the health regen on anchor

Patch 2.9.3 (hotfix)
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Due to extreme graphical glitches in patch 2.9.2 we pulled that patch a few hours after releasing it. The patch notes for patch 2.9.2 are just below this one.

-Fixed collision issue with Skolldir’s throw introduced by the baby kuri mammoth upgrade
-Fixed graphical glitches introduced in 2.9.2 in OpenGL
-Removed the new optimisations that were in patch 2.9.2 since they were causing the graphical glitches. This will be reintroduced at a later patch when there is time for a real beta.
-Fixed missing and incorrect text for Ayla’s Angry Drawings upgrade
-Fixed Ayla Rage damage reduction description
-Fixed that Nibbs’ signed autograph upgrade is shown twice in upgrades list in scoreboard

Patch 2.9.2
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-Added options for enabling/disabling global and in-game chat
-Added optional profanity filtering for global chat, in-game chat and user names

-Switched default driver setting for new players from OpenGL to DirectX. OpenGL drivers from some vendors keep being buggy and are even getting worse. We advise everyone with weird graphics glitches and alt+tab problems to switch to DirectX.
-More Steam user names are now shown correctly in the game (we fixed that some text characters were visualised as a * even if the text character is available in the font).
-Added loading screen for Alienware Awesome Cup

Replays: fixes for newly recorded replays
-Fixed that Sentry’s Black Hole charge bar was not visible in replays
-Fixed that the lifetime bar of Gnaw’s Weedlings was not visible in replays
-Fixed that Nibbs frenzy bar and Penny charge bar disappeared in replays whenever the Nibbs or Penny was outside your screen during recording

Graphs in replays (also for previously recorded replays)
-Fixed that graphs in replays always showed the graph for the entire replay. This made them useless because they spoiled what was going to happen
-Added totalSolar option to graphs
-Fixed that in graphs damageDone, damageTaken, healingDone and healingTaken all showed the wrong values
-Fixed that graph lines for teams often contained missing parts, especially in the left half of the graph
-Fixed that the time of team lines was off compared to the time of individual player lines
-Graph lines are now a bit thinner (looks better)

General gameplay
-Accounts now level 25% faster
-Fixed that after rejoin you wouldn't automatically rebuy all previous upgrades
-AI Station 205: moved some glass platforms down a little bit to make it easier for droids to get to the top lane
-Baby kuri mammoth now also reduces knockback effects
-Fixed that bullet detonation didn’t break stealth (e.g. Coco’s Ball lightning, Derpl’s Nuke, etc.)

In an attempt to make Ayla’s skills more complementary to each other and fix builds where she was strong in rage mode against single targets as well as multiple targets we had to make some drastic changes in 2.9. In the days after release of the patch we seen some unforeseen issues with how the new system works and feel she was underpowered with those changes. With some additional changes in patch 2.9.2 we hope to give her more sustain and prowess in team fights, but weaken rage a bit more in 1vs1 fights, to push players towards a more active play style in combination with chain whack and evil eye.
-Hungry Zurian description changed from ‘add’ to ‘increase’
-Evil eye can now be used while chain whacking
-Blue three wheeler reverted to old speed up effect (price 180 Solar)
-Rage now deals a flat amount of 33 damage to self
-Rage damage reduced from 70 to 63
-Rage lifesteal replaced with a shield against incoming damage -25%
-Rage now deals 15% more damage for every extra target in range (max +75%)
-Rage now gains 15% more shielding for every extra target in range (max +75%)
-Rubberband ball price reduced from 135 to 115
-Reduced the cooldown for turning rage on and off to 0.5s
-Rip apart bear now reduces self damage by 5 per stage ( 2 stages)
-Angry drawings damage reduced from 22 to 19
-Angry drawings added a third stage
-Fiery jawbreakers now lets you pull enemies towards you when you turn on rage after using evil eye

-Fixed that Coco’s Ball lightning didn’t show an explosion graphic for other players when exploding on timeout. It did do damage so this is purely a graphical fix

-Fixed that Gnaw's bite sometimes couldn't hit Skree's totem of power

-Beryl scale cloak increased pull
-Chilas wax candle, fixed an issue where Nibbs could stunlock her enemies
-Eternal flame damage increased from 50 damage over 3 seconds to 150 over 6 seconds
-Eternal flame price reduced from 215 to 180
-Autographed picture of Voran damage reduced from 10 to 7
-Autographed picture of Voran now has a third stage
-Fire breath naut damage reduced from 18 to 17
-Fixed an issue where the cooldown reduction didn’t work correctly and firebreath was unavailable

-Fixed that if with Swiggins you spammed the Anchor Drop button quickly you could pick up the anchor immediately while it actually should have chained someone

Patch 2.9.1 (hotfix)
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-Fixed that when invisible, Scoop could use his Hammer while remaining invisible
-Fixed that when invisible, Genji could use his auto-attack while remaining invisible
-Fixed that when invisible, Vinnie & Spike could use skills while remaining invisible
-Fixed that when invisible, Nibbs could teleport back to base while remaining invisible
-Fixed that Nibbs’ boots upgrade made her always immediately cancel invisibility
-Fixed that Leon’s clones did not jump correctly anymore, which causes them to often get stuck against low walls
-Fixed that quickly rotating with Nibbs’ Fire Breath skill produced a lot of noise in replays
-Fixed that sound for picking up Swiggins’ anchor did not play anymore
-Fixed that description of Chilas Wax Candle was missing
-Fixed that global chat member count was incorrect after playing a match
-AI modding: fixed that the isInNamedArea block checked self instead of target when target was selected

Patch 2.9
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NEW Naut: Nibbs
Nibbs is part of the Starstorm DLC.
Nibbs is a dragon warrior in service to the Sisterhood of Coba. This demonic group was bound to the Omicron dimension who, as soon as the Starstorm ripped a hole in the continuum, started an invasion of conquest.

Right after going through the portal, Nibbs's ship landed on the space station. Scouting around, she mistook Gnaw's tail for a juicy piece of fruit. After he was bitten, the startled Gnaw led her right back to the Awesomenauts who managed to convince her to stay with a wide variety of exotic treats.

Orb of Omicron
Send out an orb to which you can teleport with a second press.

Fire breath
Hold your position and unleash your fiery breath on your foes.

Dragon frenzy
Strike with your claws. Each hit will give a stack of frenzy, increasing your attackspeed.

NEW premium skin: Battle Nibbs and the Hu-Zurian
For Graygrowl! Battle Nibbs is here! Clad in fiercesome armor, and with freshly-brushed fur, she pounces onto the battlefield with the most powerful Zurian in the Universe! The hunt for Skreeletor is on!
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set

NEW skin: Roboscoop
In the dystopic and crime-ridden Omicron dimension, a terminally delicious cop returns to the Awesomenauts as a powerful Gelati cyborg haunted by submerged dreams of long lost chocolate… The Killer Koala’s expand their formidable team once more with the arrival of RoboScoop. Are you ready?
This skin is exclusive for give-aways, so it cannot be bought on Steam. Come visit us at our PAX East booth to get it! Can't make it to PAX? There will be other opportunities to get your hands on this awesome skin, also at some online events!

NEW announcer: Wraithlord Scoop announcer
What do you do when you're an immortal warrior, doomed to pursue your own unending thirst for vengeance? That's right! You get a hobby! Tremble, mortals! For Wraitlord Scoop has picked up the mic and is taking to the airwaves to comment on thine matches! He's not the most cheerful fellow of the bunch, but none of the other Awesomenauts have had the nerve to tell him that.
This is a paid DLC

NEW: Custom Games Settings for everyone
Custom Games Settings are now available for everyone, instead of just to owners of the Starstorm DLC. This includes the special game modes Randomnauts and Team Deathmatch. The reason we are moving this from the DLC to the main game is because we think the current situation is too confusing and limiting. More information here.

Bots and AI modding
-The Vinnie & Spike bot has been removed from the game, as it was not playing well enough and had a significantly lower win rate than any of the other bots.
-Updated bots with new versions made by the community: Ayla, Clunk, Derpl, Leon, Lonestar, Penny, Raelynn, Scoop, Skree and Yuri
-Fixed that a couple of pathing nodes had wrong or duplicate names

Global chat
-Removed all language-specific rooms, as well as the ‘Looking for game’ room
-Automatically join ‘General Chat’ room on startup
-Minimized chat now displays latest 3 lines of chat

-Added new sound effects to the menu
-Shortened usernames in various places so they don’t break UI anymore
-Character names in stats screen character selector are now sorted alphabetically
-Fixed that the game would sometimes accidentally select characters adjacent to the one under the cursor in the character select menu.
-Fixed that in the character select menu some character animations stopped after you had selected the character
-Fixed that sometimes the leaderboards said ‘you are not ranked’ while you were
-In announcer dlc menu, added ticks to indicate that dlc has been purchased
-Switched headers in Russian font to the same cool font as is used for headers in other languages
-Fixed that interface elements and tooltips in replays always showed English texts, even when set to a different language

-Fixed an issue in splitscreen where some in-game menus required player 1 to navigate even if another player had opened the menu
-Fixed conflicting default control schemes when using both ‘Keyboard and mouse A’ and ‘Keyboard B’. Also fixed vice versa for ‘Keyboard and mouse B’ and ‘Keyboard A’.
-Fixed flickering ‘Open’ button in control schemes menu when using an XBox360 controller
-Fixed that in the lobby there was an invisible ‘configure controls’ button in each party slot that could be clicked
-Static controls (e.g. ‘down+jump’ for ‘drop down’, ‘enter’ for ‘open chat’, etc) can now be switched between their default value and disabled, effectively allowing use of a custom key through the alternate key column.
-Fixed ordering of buttons for controller/keyboard input in the in game menu.

General balance and gameplay
-Humming bird droids health reduced from 550 to 400, this also includes the humming birds from Genji (The last Pieridae Transformae) and Raelynn (T-800 dome)
-Removed the shield on hummingbird droids including on the ones of Raelynn and Genji
-Fixed an issue where wraithstone would not work correctly
-Fixed that teleporting onto a healthpack wouldn't give any health.
-Fixed that you could get stuck while downjumping through platforms and the Skree totem
-Fixed that you could get hit by bullets in the path between the teleport enter and exit positions.
-Muting a player in-game now also mutes attack/defend/help commands
-Fixed that the items Solar krab burgers and med-i’-can varied in location in the store.

These changes are intended to make Ayla’s playstyle more active and more interesting. These changes are not intended to be a nerf or a buff, just to make her play differently.
-Chain whack now has 20% lifesteal on base
-Chain whack range increased from 2.5 to 2.6
-Hungry Zurian lifesteal reduced from 30% to 20%
-Rage damage increased from 60 to 70 per hit
-Rage now deals 10% of total max health as damage per second to self instead of a flat amount of 64 damage per second to self
-Rage now deals a flat amount of lifesteal instead of a percentage of the damage (15 lifesteal instead of 33.3%)
-Angry drawings no longer adds additional self damage
-Fiery jawbreakers: removed increase in self damage
-Rubberband ball’s effect replaced and will now let Ayla leave a blood trail, which she can pick up after rage has ended, healing her for 20 per stage and increasing her movement speed (3 stages 135 per stage)
-Blue three-wheeler’s effect replaced and will now reduce selfdamage by 1.5% hps per stage (2 stages 155 Solar per stage)

-Health reduced from 1300 to 1250
-Blaze slow power reduced from 20% to 10%
-Syphon disruptor slow power increased from 20 to 25% (this is not a buff: the max slow power remains the same since the base slow is reduced)
-Disruptor slow power increased from 7% to 8.7% per stage
-Silver coating speed increase reduced by 10%

-Hollow point bullets price reduced from 220 to 195 Solar per stage
-Deployment pads price reduced from 160 to 120 Solar
-Solid fist missiles price reduced from 225 to 200 Solar
-Brim force field price reduced from 290 to 260 Solar
-Sweet syrup bullets price reduced from 195 to 175 Solar
-Siegemode gatling fire range increased by 10%
-Nuke will no longer home in on targets
-Grid trap snare duration increased from 1.5 to 1.6
-Empowered grid snare duration increased from 0.5 to 0.6
-Reduced the collision size of gatling bullets to fit their graphics better

Froggy G
-Tornado now deals half damage per tick (83 damage) but ticks twice as fast
-Mutant worms: Limited Ninja edition now also triggers on the groundpound effect of hammer pants
-Ice cubes slow duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
-Hammerpants will now receive the effect from ice cubes
-Tornado damage increased from 75 to 83

-Caterpillar King Statue collision box of the returning healing shot is now consistent with the other projectiles part of this shot
-Fixed that humming droids created by The last pieridae transformae sometimes spawned way below the cocooned sawblade droid.

These changes are intended to make Gnaw’s playstyle more active and more interesting. These changes are not intended to be a nerf or a buff, just to make him play differently.
-Weedlings now live for a limited time (30 seconds)
-Weedlings base health increased from 400 to 450
-Weedlings attackspeed increased from 66.7 to 74.1
-Fertilizer effect replaced and will now increase weedling life time by 100% when fertilized by acid spit
-Removed body collision on weedlings
-Weedlings damage increased from 70 to 75
-Corrosive spores now deal normal damage
-Spit can now fertilize and heal weedlings for 20% of max hitpoints
-Bag of seeds effect replaced and will now increase damage of weedlings by 50% when fertilized by acid spit
-Drip and spit projectiles collision boxes increased to fit their graphics better
-Feather ball effect replaced and will now increase weedling healing by 10%

-Dummies will now automatically attack
-Agressive AI chip replaced with French baguette which increases movement in stealth when a wounded enemy (below 50% health) is near (+3 movement).
-Basic AI chip and French baguette switched places in the shop
-Clover of honour now also works on turrets.
-Hungry sword now lifesteals a flat amount of 25 health per hit and dummies lifesteal 12.5 per hit
-Spiked tongue piercing damage reduced by 10%
-Morning star piercing damage reduced by 10%
-Clover of honour now displays the correct Solar price
-Dummies will now jump less when there is no higher spot to reach

-Energy pulse’s amplify damage effect won’t increase anymore with more charges, but is now a flat amount (10%)
-Chicken in lunchbox, amplify damage increase won’t increase anymore with more charges, but is now a flat amount (+5% per stage)
-Death lens damage reduced from 150 to 125 per stage
-Herring snack badge price increased from 160 to 175
-Herring snack badge healing reduced from 60 to 40

-Timerifts no longer affect other timerifts

-Hammer of frost collision size reduced by 10%
-Fixed a bug where Halberd of justice healed for double the amount

-Black hole sun stored damage will now decay after 10 seconds, however base and flat damage will not be affected.
-Health increased from 1500 to 1550
-Black hole sun gravitational pull increased by 10%
-Bug detector gravitational pull reduced from 35% to 25%
-Blackhole sun minimum and maximum damage increased by 50

-Fixed bullet collision inconsistencies with Skree Totem.

-Anchor hook will now show when the hook is hooked in the skilldock
-Anchor hook is now a lot more stable and a whole bunch of issues with it should now be fixed
-Teleporting away, when stuck to Swiggins anchor now breaks anchor.
-Anchor hook stun duration decreased from 0.2s to 0.1s
-Resolved an issue where poolboy could be triggered twice in succession
-Cooldown when anchor is destroyed increased from 10s to 15s

Ted McPain
-Grenaide pour homme stun duration increased from 0.2s to 0.4s
-Sniper toothbrush movement speed increased from 25% to 30%
-Wheelbarrow with ammo price reduced from 210 to 180 per stage
-Double rpg price increased from 170 to 190

-Happy thoughts now increases the max healing of healing wave (heal 25 per stage)
-Euphoric thoughts now increases the healing of healing wave when fully charged (70 extra healing)
Note: These are just some last changes to try to keep his current healing wave, but we are working on an overhaul of Voltar’s other skills. We feel we tried everything to keep him as close as possible to his original self, but time has come and he needs some major changes to avoid him becoming too strong in coordinated premades and not useless in solo battles.

Patch 2.8.4 (hotfix)

-Fixed that Valentine art had black boxes in all levels
-Removed Awesomecup loading screen (note that a new tournament is coming, but we don’t have anything to announce yet)

Patch 2.8.3
Discuss here!

-Changed the Christmas background back to the original
-Added Alienware Awesome Cup banner

Patch 2.8.2

Global Chat
-Added help button

-Dreams of greed now only works when Heal Wave is fully charged
-Heal Wave charging now works exponential, making healing stronger if you charge longer
-Heal Wave minimum heal reduced by 10 and maximum heal increased by 10
-Reverted Euphoric Thoughts to 80 max heal from 70 max heal

-Fixed an issue where Ornamented Pipe would cause Totem of Power to fall through the ground

-Fixed a bug where Leon’s damage would change with certain combinations of items and conditions

Fixed performance issue introduced by global chat, this is in the menus and in game
Fixed that in the tutorial the mud was sometimes hard to remove from the turret.

Patch 2.8.1
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Global Chat
-Fixed crash when displaying too many different characters
-Disabled multiline messages which broke chat layout

General improvements
-Fixed missing shop icon in character select for voltar and clunk
-Fixed issue where with Randomnauts you can circumvent the random pick
-Fixed missing league in menus
-Fixed matchmaking issues due to unknown league
-Fixed that Derpl was not CC immune when sieging in
-Fixed Wraithstone
-Fixed that Gnaw spit couldn’t pass through platforms from below

-Fixed camera issue in TDM games when closed off map option is turned off
-Fixed minimap player icon bug in replays with leaving players

Patch 2.8
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NEW Premium skin: Loninator (Sheriff Lonestar)
Hailing from an even more distant future than 3587, the Loninator has come to wrangle the Bovinion who would one day stop the rise of the Genetically Engineered Cowboy Overlords.
This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Coco
Coco Nebulon takes the mic as she tries to stay focused on the battle at hand. She will probably be distracted all the time by all the shiny lights and her girlfriends calling her on her cell.
This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Wildlife documentary
Zork Industries Broadcasting Corporation presents: Awesomenauts, the Documentary. Let this retired explorer take you on a journey the likes of which you have never seen. The Wildlife Announcer will turn every Awesomenauts match into a documentary in which the circle of life continues ever onwards.
This is a paid DLC

NEW song: Sirens Before The Storm
In the depths of the Starstorm station the Awesomenauts discovered an ancient intergalactic-space-composer-bot. He had used the formula for the intersonic quantum barrier to come up with beats so awesome that they are still used today as the Sirens before the Storm.
This song is part of the Starstorm DLC

NEW language: Russian
Thanks to the great help of the community the entire game has now been translated to Russian!

NEW: Global chat
Looking for a Deathmatch custom game, discussing the newest trending tactics, speculating about items in Voltar’s Vault, it’s all possible in-game with Patch 2.8! With various chat rooms such as General Chat, Gnaw’s Spam Bukkit and Looking For Game to help you find the right people to talk to about whatever you want! The upcoming patch will bring the first version of the Global Chat system, with updates and changes coming in the future.

NEW: Background main menu
We changed the background to something more festive, merry Christmas to all!

AI modding Tools
Added settings to allow bots to aim more like a human to the ActionAimStickAtTarget block.

NEW: added more bots made by the community
If you encounter any issues with these, please report them in their respective topics!
-Derpl by TheMesp
-Penny Fox by Flawlesshair
-Raelynn by Veanko (The previous Raelynn bot has been replaced by this new, better one.)
-Scoop by Nailcliper
-Sentry by Ignotis
-Skølldir by HarryButchers and hurleybird
-Yuri by Ignotis

NEW features
-Naut icons visible on the minimap, know exactly who’s where at a glance.
-Healthbar and name are now hidden from enemy players in hide areas
-The scoreboard now shows a timer for players that are dead. This timer does not include the droppod time.
-Added option for auto camera in replays to follow only one team instead of both teams (accessible by clicking the autocam button again)
-Split up SFX volume into voices, announcer and other sfx in options menu

NEW achievements
We added 8 new achievements. We also added some character specific achievements to make sure you get a taste of all the Awesomenauts. We are hoping to create more character specific achievements in the future. Can you guess all the cartoon references? :)
-Bouncing bear juice - Become AWESOME.
-Snorkle pipe boost - Kill the Solar boss before the 2:10 minute mark.
-Clunk: No might can stop this oil can! - Get the maximum possible health with Clunk (3800).
-Clunk: Part robot, part human. Mostly robot. - Kill Ted Mc Pain as Clunk.
-Coco: Swiftly through the forest - Race from Solar Drill to Solar Drill in less than 12 seconds on Sorona.
-Coco: Befriending a red bat - Win a game together with Skree.
-Gnaw: Wrecking Wilson's garden - Feed the weedlings to the worm 10 times.
-Gnaw: Attack of the botanic army! - Place 100 weedlings.

Colourblind improvements
-There is now a colourblind functionality setting that will turn healthbars red and blue. Neutral creeps will retain their original green colour when this setting is turned on.
-Changed DoT (now purple) and Damaged (now off-white) colours on the healthbar to be better compatible with newly implemented colourblind functionality

General improvements
-Gnaw, Raelynn and Ayla are now available right from the start and don’t have to be unlocked any more (only relevant to new players or players who had not unlocked them yet).
-Fixed that things like grenades and anchor collided with the sides of glass platforms
-Fixed that damage increase icon (sword) was still visible when in stealth
-Added a visual countdown for the Eye of Aiguillon invisibility buff
-The Core’s damage state had a date with Nicola Tesla for a more shocking visual effect.
-Capped profile name in main menu to 16 characters
-Improved anti-aliasing on text for better readability, and making it less pixely
-Added a visual indicator on the HUD for the following skills with a secondary press interaction: Coco’s Ball Lightning, Raelynn’s Snipe, Derpl’s Nuke, Swiggins’ Anchor Drop, Sentry’s Black Hole Sun, Skree’s Saw blade.
-Improved the auto camera feature in replays to better choose the coolest moments (improvements around kills by droids, the start of the match and large amounts of damage).
-The bot for Genji has been removed from the game. Its win percentage was well below that of other bots so getting him in your team was too big of a disadvantage. If the community can create a better Genji bot he might be brought back later on.
-Fixed a freeze issue some users were experiencing during startup and game quit
-Added language setting to ingame options menu
-Fixed that AFK timers had accidentally been set back to 90 and 150 seconds in patch 2.6. These were increased to 120 and 180 seconds in patch 2.5.6 and were supposed to still be that way.

Polished sound
-Lonestar’s gun has a new more awesome sound
-Added impact sounds for whenever someone is hit by anything. We already had pain sounds for hits but there is now also a sound that represents the hit itself. This sound differs with whether the character is a metal or flesh character.
-The SUSI announcer got some extra voice lines.

Polished attack graphics
-Skølldir’s earthquake now looks approximately 3.14 times cooler
-Froggy G’s Fish Gun impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
-Lonestar’s Blaster impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
-Lonestar’s Blaster bullet graphic now slightly scales bigger for each tier of Eagle Bullets and Crystal eagle bullets.
-Lonestar’s and Derpl’s rocket impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved.
-Leon’s Sword attack now shows an impact graphic on enemies you hit.
-Voltar’s Healing wave charge-up graphic has been slightly improved
-Derpl’s Turret attack impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved.
-Derpl’s Turret attack bullet graphic now slightly scales bigger for each tier of Hollow point bullets.
-Clunk’s Missiles bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
-Added anti-aliasing to skill icons (in the skill dock at the bottom of the screen during gameplay) to make them look better on lower resolutions
-Added a small lightning spark to Ayla’s rage ability
-Improved teamcolour on Sentry’s shot and abilities.
-Added fidelity to the heal aura on Voltar’s healpod ability.
-Healpod visual has been scaled down.
-Improved teamcolour on Ted’s Airstrike.
-Froggy’s Dash and Whirlwind have improved teamcolour.
-Coco’s Ball Lightning has improved visuals and teamcolour.

Wraith Stone
We realized the item we created to replace Solar Tree wasn’t used by many players. We are trying to find a useful yet balanced solution. During the beta we tested out a new upgrade called Zork’s Barrier. From the feedback we got we found out that some players prefer Wraithstone (+heal from critters) and some others prefer the shield. We tried to fit the items to the classes who would have most use out of each. Resulting in the following changes.
-Wraith Stones effect is replaced by Barrier magazine which provides a passive damage absorbing shield of 5% per stage (110 Solar per stage, 2 stages) for Clunk, Coco, Derpl, Genji, Lonestar, Scoop, Sentry, Skølldir, Skree, Swiggins, Voltar.

-You can see the cooldown of Evil Eye while in rage

-When you have the Salvo Value Pack and/or The Juggernaut “Fat Pete” and/or Missile Barrage items, your Missiles icon in the skilldock will now change with every type of missile.
-Fixed a bug where Explode damaged enemies when cocooned

-Coco’s Shock attack graphic now no longer snaps to 45 degree angles, but instead rotates freely like the actual gameplay effect itself. This only changes the visuals, the gameplay already had free-aiming.

Froggy G
-Fixed a bug where Froggy G would slide further than intended when trying to stop moving

-Fixed a bug where Genji would slide when trying to stop moving

-Enhanced Muscle Fibers was renamed to Sharp Edged Razors because Skølldir patented on this item name

-Fixed a bug where Penny would slide further than intended when trying to stop moving

-T-800 Drone now dies 5 seconds after Raelynn dies

-Binding of Justice’s damage also gets cancelled when cocooned

-Circuits of Time decoy’s now die 5 seconds after Sentry dies
-Reduced health from 1650 to 1500

-Bash now deals 75% damage against turrets
-Earthquake now functions more reliably

-Totem of Power, fixed an issue where the totem would spawn when hitting a wall
-Totem of Power, now drops less through glass platforms

-Wraith stone replaced with solar krab burgers

-Swiggins no longer falls when starting Anchor hook
-Swiggins resets knockback when activating Anchor hook
-Improved the arc of Swiggins’ Anchor Drop
-Reduced the base length of Anchor Drop’s chain by 15%
-Removed a stage of Aquarium Pump
-Aquarium Pump’s attack speed is increased from 10 to 15% per stage
-Aquarium Pump’s cost is increased from 135 to 160 solar per stage
-Energized Hook’s cost is reduced from 180 to 175 per stage
-Reduced the price of Pneumatic Spoon from 190 to 165 per stage
-Slighty increased Swiggins’ jump height
-Improved the accuracy of Swiggins’ Ink Shot
-Swiggins now has a 0.6 second delay when picking up his anchor (to punish people running around with their anchor on the ground)
-You can now see Anchor Hook’s cooldown while not having your Anchor
-Swiggins now has an animation when picking up his anchor

Ted Mc Pain
-Ted’s shotgun shell system was reverted to 2.6, it shows 1 damage number now.
-While using Stimpack, Ted is no longer stunned (he can’t use skills while using Stimpack, but he can move)

-Healwave minimum heal is reduced by 5
-Healwave maximum heal is increased by 5
-Happy thoughts, reduced healing from 20 to 17 per stage
-Euphoric thoughts, reduced healing from 80 to 70
-Decreased the size of Healbot’s heal/damage/knockback area
-Weaponised Hull’s description no longer displays it only damages Awesomenauts
-Hyperdrive second stage now works again
-Fixed a bug where Voltar’s healbot would randomly knock people down
-Slightly increases acceleration and increased gravity to improve movement
-Healbot won’t heal Voltar anymore, only other friendly targets
-Solar krab burgers, price reduced from 200 to 100 Solar

AI Station 205
-Increased the amount of time between the fire areas by 33%
-Minimap now shows appropriate number of health-orbs and their location

Patch 2.7.5
Discuss here!

-Fixed that saving and loading could freeze the game for a few seconds
-Added Alienware Awesome Cup loadingscreen and banner
-Added Cook & Becker Awesomenauts Art Prints banner

Patch 2.7.4 (hotfix)
Discuss here!

A number of speeds were still wrong, we changed and tweaked more numbers to change the speeds back to intended (This was mostly noted on Penny and Vinnie, but also in effect on Clunk, Gnaw, Froggy G, Genji, Ted and Coco.)

The following values are fixed
-Penny’s speed with and without boots
-Penny’s speed with The Nine Tail Badgeddd
-Froggy G’s speed with and without boots
-Froggy G’s speed with Turbo Tape
-Ted’s speed with and without boots
-Ted’s speed with Sniper Toothbrush
-Clunk’s speed with and without boots
-Genji’s speed with and without boots
-Genji’s speed with Gettin’ Out Of Da Hood
-Coco’s speed with and without boots
-Coco’s speed with Silver Coating
-Vinnie & Spike with and without boots
-Vinnie & Spike with Withered Presidents Mask
-Gnaw’s speed with and without boots
-Gnaw’s speed with Rabbit Teeth

-Penny’s jump and fall speed
-Froggy G’s jump and fall speed
-Ted’s jump and fall speed
-Clunk’s jump and fall speed
-Genji’s jump and fall speed
-Coco’s jump and fall speed
-Vinnie & Spike’s jump and fall speed
- Gnaw’s jump and fall speed

-Fixed that there was a spot where Yuri would sometimes glitch through terrain

-Increased the melee droid health regeneration by 20% (hopefully this will make tower pushing easier and decrease average game time a bit further)

-Reduced the max health Weedlings gain over time by 10%

-Fixed a bug where Leon would deal full Chainsaw damage on droids when coming out of stealth, while this should only deal this much damage on other Nauts

-Healbot’s heal is reduced from 55 to 50 per tick

Patch 2.7.3 (hotfix)
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General Fixes
-Fixed that a number of stats were not updated correctly in the profile screen: max kills, max deaths and longest killing spree
-Fixed that sometimes a fast ticking noise would be audible on PC, especially when playing Ted McPain or Penny.
-If an ally or enemy makes a triple kill, it no longer displays “Source” instead of his name
-Fixed a bug where the leaderboards history showed the old and new menu background at the same time
-Fixed flickering icons when clicking checkboxes and volume icons in the settings menu

General gameplay
-Turrets now have 15% reduced health. (Since patch 2.7 matches have been taking longer than before because of all the droid changes, which was not intended. Reducing turret health will reduce the average match duration.)
-Fixed a bug where super droids would fall off their first platform in Aiguillon
-Fixed a bug where Vinnie & Spike bot (with cheats) shot too many bubbles
-Fixed a bug where crit numbers appeared on low numbers. Also this gave the blood effect while it should not

Game Speed
A number of speeds were accidentally increased in patch 2.7 and are put back to their intended values now
-Fixed Froggy G’s and Gnaw’s jumps, which were higher than intended
-Fixed a bug where Clunk and Vinnie & Spike would fall and walk a lot faster than intended
-Fixed a bug where a number of other Nauts would fall and walk a tiny little bit faster than intended: Penny, Coco, Genji, Ted McPain, Froggy G and Gnaw

-Fixed a bug where Clunk’s Salvo damaged for 100% on turrets
-Clunk’s Power Converter now heals 400 like shown (instead of 393)

-Fixed a bug where Leon’s tongue dealt 118 damage on the first hit

-Fixed a bug where Lonestar’s bull wouldn’t tank the turret if droids were tanking

-Changed the stat description of Double Licker Sword. It now shows the increase of lifesteal instead of the total lifesteal.
-Fixed a bug where Scoop sometimes had a double voiceline making him very loud

AI modding
-Modded Skølldir bots now have increased damage on Bash depending on bot level

Patch 2.7.2 (hotfix)
Discuss here!

General fixes
-Fixed that game sometimes froze on exit and sometimes failed to upload the stats of the last match (both related to the Profile screen)
-Made some changes that hopefully fix the error 51 bug that some people were getting, and the issue that some players had their exe removed by their virus scanner
-Fixed that sometimes the main menu and profile screen showed the wrong rating (“10000” instead of the real rating)
-Increased resolution of some of the fan-art in loading screens on Low graphics quality to make them look sharper
-Fixed a bug where Scoop’s Frozen Hammer wouldn’t trigger sometimes if spammed
-Fixed that turrets sometimes targeted Nauts when they should have been targeting droids
-Fixed a bug where Ted could have a double airstrike if it would hit something at the max range

Droid Health
Our goal with droid changes was to reduce the time of games. We found that because of reverting some of our changes in the beta, we reached the opposite of our goals. We now give the droids some more early game health to give people the opportunity to make plays early on in the game (like turret pushing).
-Droid base health increased from 700 to 850 health
-Droids bonus health per 5 minutes played reduced from 150 to 100 (stacks up to 3 times, so the late game max health is still the same as before)

Killing Spree Ending
We increased the combined bonus Solar that a team gets for killing someone that's on a killing spree (3 kills without dying). The killer gets a bit less and the rest of the team gets more as it is mostly a team effort to take down such a strong opponent.
-Killing Spree bonus gold given to killer is reduced from 40 to 20 solar
-Killing Spree bonus gold now also goes to teammates, 20 solar for each teammate

We tackled a lot of Awesomenauts but we didn't touch Lonestar. The Cowboy destroyed his enemies a little too hard and it was time to give him a minor adjustment without taking away any fun in playing this Awesomenaut. We will see if this is enough or if we’ll have to balance him out some more.
-Dynamite now deals 175 damage instead of 200 damage per charge

While improving the precision of our Jump Height stats we accidentally changed some settings.
After some extensive testing we found the bugged jumps and fixed them as a result.

-Fixed a bug where Penny's jump was higher than intended (with boots and without boots)
-Fixed a bug where Coco's jump was higher than intended (with boots)
-Fixed a bug where Clunk's extra jumps were higher than intended
-Fixed a bug where Genji's jump was higher than intended (with boots and without boots)

Patch 2.7.1 (hotfix)
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-Fixed that scoreboard icons (prestige, Koalas, Ducks, etc.) were not shown during the first match of a session
-Fixed that the game would crash if Scoop died from damage-over-time while Binding Of Justice was active and Scoop had the Holy Cup upgrade (cleansing).
-Fixed that droids floated in the air when they started attacking while in the air
-Fixed that with some skills if you used a skill right after jumping you would get a small extra jump after the skill
-Droids will now only attack when they are on the ground
-Droids will now fall down again when attacking in air (this could happen when you push them off a ledge while they are attacking)
-Fixed that sometimes Taunts, Double Kills and Triple Kills would be triggered quite long after they were actually performed

-There is known bug in the game that sometimes it freezes endlessly on exit. We have not been able to fix this one yet and need your help to investigate this further. If you get this bug, terminate the game after at least 30s and then send your logs to Dennis, as is described here so that we can analyse how this bug happens

Patch 2.7: The Frozen Frontier
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NEW Awesomenaut: The Scoop of justice!
Scoop is a brave Gelati knight. The Gelati are brilliant craftsmen famous for their delicious Castle Ice Cream. The gelatinous knights gather snow and ice from different planets and mix them with sweet candies and fruits. Although cocoa trees haven't been seen for ages and they are thought to be extinct, the Gelati see it as their holy duty to find a real piece of chocolate and create the ultimate flavour of ice cream: stracciatella. Scoop was assigned by the lords of his house to aid the Awesomenauts in protecting the universe from the new Omicron threat.

Scoop’s skills are as following:

Wrapping of justice
Wrap yourself in healing bindings which heal you and damage your enemies.

Frozen hammer
Throw out a hammer of ice that snares multiple enemies. The longer it flies, the more damage you deal and the longer the snare lasts.

Sword strike
Hold attack button to alternate between a direct stab and a sweeping cleave attack that heals you.

Recently we managed to reach the kickstarter stretch goal containing the level editor for Awesomenauts! To celebrate this huge achievement, we at Ronimo have decide to make the 6th Starstorm naut Scoop a free character available to everyone with the base game. Also we’re still working on the 5th Starstorm-naut and you will hear more about her soon!

NEW skin: Wraithlord Scoop
Once an avatar of Justice itself, Wraithlord Scoop is the twisted resurrection of a once benevolent warrior. On his new dark path this once noble spirit has now been consumed by an unending vengeance.
Ancient prophecies have been discovered that speak of the Wraithlord's legendary dark weapon, Doomblade. It is said that unless a being of pure spirit exorcises this Doomblade, the dark powers within it resurrect the Wraithlord each time he is slain...

NEW: Beginner missions
We have added a new structure for beginning players that will ease them into the gameplay more smoothly.

NEW main menu
We have redesigned the main menu for more awesomeness, to make certain things more clear and to make room for new and coming features (like the beginner missions).

NEW menu music
The menu music has been extended for much more awesomeness!

NEW: Damage multiplied by 10!
We multiplied all the damage numbers by 10. Apart from Clunks hitting badass numbers like 1000, this decision was made so we could do more fine balance changes. When an attack hits 2 per second and we want to nerf it, it would be nerfed by half. Now we can nerf things with 10-100%

Rewards for kills
The reward for killing someone felt too weak for us, we increased the bonus amount for a killing blow from 30 to 40. Also killing someone with a killing spree now gives you a bonus 40 solar instead of 20. Also the player dying now loses more: from 30 to 40 Solar. Bots will still drop half the amounts.

Removal of solar items
Some Solar items have been removed from the game because they felt unfair and didn’t require the player to play the game like they should be playing. Items replaced are: Flashy Glasses, Solar Magnet and Solar Tree. Read more at the specific upgrade note.

-Fixed an extremely rare bug that sometimes after landing with the droppod you couldn’t walk anymore, except for a few pixels per press.
-Most bots have been updated with various fixes and improvements. Most notably, fixed that Ted McPain did not shoot at all on the lowest difficulties. Bots are created and maintained by community members. Please report any issues with these bots directly in their topics.
-Shop music now starts at a random position in the song for more variation
-The game now communicates to Nvidia Optimus that the Nvidia videocard should be used instead of the slow onboard Intel graphics chip. This only applies to laptops with Nvidia Optimus and should result in much better framerate for users who had not set this by hand. If desired you can overwrite this using the Optimus settings.
-Particle forces have been tweaked to make particles move less far. This especially fixes particles blowing several screens away after Coco’s Ball Lightning explosion.
-Removed Roflnauts Easter egg from tutorial because it crashed some computers. Roflnauts can still be played by running it directly from your hard disc.
-Fixed that the full-screen red flash when you are hit was always shown twice
-Fixed that droids did damage too early in their animation (while their saw was still behind them instead of at the moment they actually hit you)
-Fixed that the Solar Boss achievement did not work at all any more

-Tweaked throttling and turned it back on. It turns out that the number of network errors increased significantly when we turned throttling off, so we are putting it back in. (Throttling is that Awesomenauts temporarily sends less if a player’s connections cannot handle the bandwidth.)

AI modding
-Modders can now make bots for Team DeathMatch. Just turn modded AIs on to load any available bots in a Team DeathMatch game. Turn on “Allow same Naut on team” to prevent normal bots from also spawning this way.
-Host migration now won’t happen automatically any more if modded bots are enabled in Custom Games. Host migration will still happen if the host actually leaves. Modded bots are not migrated correctly so this fixes issues with those matches breaking if a slow host was automatically migrated during gameplay.
-Counters, booleans and messages are no longer case sensitive, so for example “myCounter” is now the same thing as “mycounter”.
-Fixed that if the canPayUpgrade block was true, it elso executed the false part. This also made it never work in AND and OR blocks.
-Added pathing through the burn area on AI Station 205. These paths have very low priority, so they will usually only be chosen in team deathmatch when area walls are enabled, or when a bot already happens to be halfway through.
-Improved flyer pathing in the jungle in Ribbit IV

General balance
-Turrets will now hit droids instead of Nauts when they are bunched in front of a turret. You can still tank the damage of the turret but you need to actively walk into a turret to do this.
-The scoreboard now takes into account when a player has lost Solar due to being killed. Previously the scoreboard would show a too high Solar amount because Solar loss on death was ignored there.
-Minimum respawn time increased by 3s (8s total now with 5s camera movement )
-Maximum respawn time reduced by 5s (25s total now with 5s camera movement)
-Droids will now move faster and will start combat faster without pushing each other
-Fixed an issue where droids would not spawn on the same location to form nice droid waves

Solar Tree
-Solar Tree is replaced by Wraith Stone
-Wraith stone costs 155 solar
- Wraith stone increases healing by critters by 200

“What we tried to do with Leon is amplify his dueling potential while removing some of his “All Round” powers. Now tongue deals less damage against droids and his Chainsaw no longer works on droids and towers, Leon has to think about his build and playstyle. While staying an excellent Assassin.”
-Solar Magnet is replaced by Spectacles magnet piercing
-Spectacles Magnet, price increased from 60 to 190 Solar
-Spectacles Magnet, blinds enemy Awesomenauts on hit
-Chainsaw Addon, damage now only works against enemy Awesomenauts
-Cloaking Skin, can no longer be used to de-stealth while the skill is active
-Clover of Honour, price increased from 165 to 200 Solar
-Morning Star Piercing, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

”Raelynn is one of the characters that didn’t cost a lot of effort but was always strong in the midgame. We are giving her more of a roll decision, she could be a pusher or fighter. Giving the players the choice to play her the way they want. We reduced some prices since she can no longer get solar from Flashy Glasses”
-Flashy Glasses now increases the damage of Snipe by 20% and reduces the range by 8
-Flashy Glasses, increased the price from 50 to 230 Solar
-Pump rifle, reduced the price from 200 to 175 Solar per stage
-Laserpointer, reduced the price from 160 to 140 Solar
-HC-Bomb, reduced the price from 215 to 200 Solar
-1.21 Gigawatt Battery, reduced the price from 190 to 160 Solar
-Fixed an issue where Higgs Grenade’s tooltip said it increases the height by +1 while it increases by +2 per stage
-Pump Rifle, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Cattle Rebooter, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar

Froggy G
-Hydro Smash, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Boom Box, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Fixed an issue where Mutant Worms gave too much attack speed
-Bio Fuel Cells, now has 3 stages
-Bio Fuel Cells, price reduced from 130 to 90 Solar per stage
-Bio Fuel Cells, reduced duration 0.6 to 0.4 seconds per stage
-Boom Box, price reduced from 220 to 200 Solar
-Twister Tweeters, price increased from 185 to 210 Solar

-Fixed an issue where Voltar couldn’t heal when standing against the wall
-Suicide Drones, tooltip now clarifies that you can shoot your drones that get spawned by Voltar
-Voltar’s, health is reduced from 1350 to 1200
-Energy Drink, no longer increases the longevity of the healbot
-Energy Drink, price is reduced from 205 to 170 Solar per stage
-Healbot, heals is increased from 40 to 55 health per second
-Healbot, cooldown is increased from 14 to 17 seconds
-Healbot, duration is increased from 6 to 7 seconds
-Weaponised Hull, extra damage now only applies against Awesomenauts

-Fixed an issue where Swiggins his anchor would be in his hand, but the recall skill would still be active
-The Anchor Drop recall now shows the Anchor Drop description
-Fixed an issue where Krill Biscuits still gave 20 max health
-Fixed an issue where Krill Biscuit’s tooltip said 1 / 2

-Laser, damage against turrets is increased from 40% to 50%
-Fixed an issue where Instant Charge Battery gave too much attack speed
-Giant Monocle, price increased from 160 to 180 Solar
-Gave him a little bit more acceleration while jetpack is on
-Uranium Spikes, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Fixed an issue where The Last Pieridae Transformae would spawn droids if you shoot near droids but miss them
-Bronco Yeast, now has 3 stages
-Bronco Yeast, price reduced from 155 to 130 Solar per stage

-Penny, her base health is increased from 1200 to 1250
-Pounce, stats now show the base damage aswell as the damage per charge
-Claw, damage against turret is increased from 80% to 100%
-Energy Pulse, now deals 100 damage per charge
-Energy Pulse, changed the description to only state the added amplified damage per charge

-Fixed an issue where Chattering Teeth gave too much attack speed
-Fixed an issue where Flex Neck gave too much attack speed
-Rotten Teeth, damage is reduced from 100 to 75 per stage
-Rotten Teeth, price is reduced from 230 to 210 Solar per stage
-Corrosive Spores, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Now has Solar Crabs instead of Solar Tree

-Shock, damage is increased against turrets from 80% to 100%
-Fixed an issue where Blaze was cancelled if you detonated Ball Lightning with the Heavenly Fire upgrade active
-Voltage Amplifier, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Ted Mc Pain
-Shotgun, damage against turrets is reduced from 60% to 50%
-Wheelbarrow with Ammo, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Power Converter, heal over time increased from 150 to 200 health per stage
-Thermonuclear Cleaner, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Rubberband Ball, tooltip now displays Movement Duration instead of Duration, to clarify what time is bound to what effect
-Ion Blowtorch's, tooltip now explains you deal extra damage if enemy Awesomenauts with 40% health or less are close, instead of saying wounded Awesomenauts
-Now has Solar Crabs instead of Solar Tree

-Hydrocollision Lava Lamp, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Vinnie & Spike
-Fixed an issue where Mammoth Socks with Holes didn’t give the described 2.5s of stealth
-Chrome File, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Disguise Moustache, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Alien hula girl, slowtime increased from 0.5s to 1s
-Alien hula girl, slowpower increased from 12,5% to 15% per stage
-Steeldrum, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Fixed an issue with the jump pads not being equal

-Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be pushed out of the droid spawning area at blue side

AI Station 205
-Fixed an issue where droids walked to the wrong lanes
-Fixed a glitch where you could get behind the first top turret

Melee Droids
-Melee Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids

Flying Droids
-Flying Droids, now turn the way they shoot
-Flying Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids

Super Droids
-Super Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids

-First Turrets, health is increased from 7000 to 9000 health
-Second Turrets, heal is increased from 13000 to 14000 health
-Turrets, now deal reduced damage against droids

Patch 2.6.4 (hotfix)

-Fixed that the Solar Boss was invisible in the tutorial (DOH!).
-Fixed that some subtle impact particles for the shot of the Solar Boss were missing. This logged errors which might have decreased framerate slightly for some users during his shooting.
-Fixed that on Low graphics quality there were still some outdated loading screens randomly shown.
-Fixed that the game customisation menu looked broken for players who don’t own the Starstorm DLC.
-Note: even without the Starstorm DLC you can set the bot difficulty in custom games! It is the top setting in the customisation menu. This was already fixed a year ago, but few people seem to know this.

Patch 2.6.3 (hotfix)

-Fixed crash if you used alt+F4 during the loading screen
-Fixed an extremely rare random crash that could happen in several points in menus and after matches.
-Fixed that tutorial missed some screens near the end
-Prepared game for the Free Weekend that starts today on Steam

Patch 2.6.2 (hotfix)
Discuss here!

-Fixed missing texture on spit

AI Station 205
-Fixed that the inferno device could be active without being visible

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Patch 2.6.1 (hotfix)
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-Fixed crash when exiting game

-Added a document describing how to make custom recommended builds (‘RecommendedBuilds/_Make your own builds.txt’)

-Fixed that some data was tracked incorrectly

-Clover of honour, now works correctly with clones (it will no longer work on turrets for them)
-Clover of honour, now won't work on turrets anymore
-Steel false teeth, lifesteal reduced by 50%

-Energized hook, price increased from 155 to 180 per stage
-Anchor recall icon now shows correctly when anchor is dropped
-Fixed an issue where the anchor swing stays while the anchor is dropped
-Pool boy, resolved an issue where the icon of anchor swing would not be visible
-Chain no longer interrupts Leons Tongue and Swiggins Hook as long as you stay in within the max range.

-Not so serious tank, reverted all changes
-Black hole sun, damage absorption from the inferno device, Solar boss and turrets is halved

-Gettin'out of the hood, resolved an issue which caused it to last for 4s instead of 3s

-Again made it harder to leave the map via the dropzone area with rage on (AYLA! STOP BREAKING THE RULES%@$@#!)

AI Station 205
-Resolved an issue where droids could get stuck in the top neutral area
-Fixed that the inferno device was active but didn’t deal damage at the start of a game
-Fixed that the inferno device would make a lot of noise
-Fixed that the inferno device would make even more noise in replays
-Fixed that the inferno device didn’t function properly in replays (only for new replays)

Patch 2.6 Reloaded
28-8-2014 (19:00 CEST, Amsterdam time)
Discuss here!

NEW: Removal of the loadout and introduction of ZORK’S MEGA SHOP!

At Ronimo we love to criticize our own work and improve where we can even if it means making large changes. Making Awesomenauts a better game is our #1 priority!

For a long time now we have evaluated the loadout system and recently we came to the conclusion that the game needed something better.

From a design perspective the loadout system was meant to increase item build options, but what we found was that it actually works quite the opposite. With the ever increasing size of the Awesomenauts team, new gameplay, situations, added mechanics and with no information on enemy team composition or selected level players were forced to pick the best items for every situation before the battle. This limited options, effective builds and created frustration when the situation in game was not optimal for your chosen build and reduced overall fun.

So we made the radical decision to remove the loadout completely and came up with something better and what is better than a loadout you ask?... ZORK’S MEGA SHOP that’s what’s better!

With a completely new interface and expanded shelves, you now have 6 options in the shop per skill row. You still can buy 3 items per row, but you will have all the items available to you to choose from during the game. This will give you more control over your build, allows for situational items to become a lot more interesting and hopefully we’ll see more items being picked..*cough*baby kuri mammoth*cough*! We are certain you are going to enjoy this major overhaul! :)

NEW: AI Station 205
This is a revised version of AI Station 404 with two lanes, a new hazard and pimped graphics. The original AI Station 404 is still playable in Practice and Custom Games, but will not be selected anymore in online public matches. Stats are not actually recorded during the beta because you cannot play public matches in the beta!

NEW: Bots made by the community!
A whopping nine new bots have been added to the game, and the four existing ones have been improved! These are:
-Ayla by Veanko
-Coco by nailclipper
-Genji by thesilverskull190
-Gnaw by Veanko
-Raelynn by Pirate-Rob
-Skree by Veanko
-Swiggins by hurleybird
-Ted McPain by Gatronix
-Vinnie & Spike by TheMesp
-Clunk by Veanko
-Froggy by gmfreaky
-Leon by Veanko
-Lonestar by Veanko
Online bots now use difficulty level 3, which means they cheat half as much as they did before. In Custom and Practice modes you can still set bots to difficulty levels 4 and 5 to make them cheat more for extra challenge.

NEW: Profile screen BETA
In the new profile screen you can keep track of many more stats than before, including lots of information per Naut. (Note that this feature is still in beta for the moment, so it might contain some bugs. We store these stats on a Ronimo server and this might give some problems at first.)

NEW premium skin: Grim Genji

NEW ultimate skin: Magma/Jotunn Skolldir

NEW skin: Leon Legionnaire

NEW: Removed Rematch option after public matches
Since only part of the players in a match used the Rematch option, this resulted in lots of half-filled matches. We expect matchmaking will function better if instead all of these players just enter the matchmaking pool again, giving the matchmaker a chance to put them in the matches that fit their location and rating best. This also removes the irritating timers from post-game chat.

NEW: modded AIs can now spawn new characters using the new SpawnCharacter block. This makes all kind of cool mods possible, including awesome defence mode mods.

[b]NEW: Autocam and graphs in replays

-Replays can now show graphs of things like kills, damage and Solar.
-Replays now feature a new camera mode that automatically follows the action. This is now the default camera when a replay is opened

NEW: Added tooltips for purchased upgrades in the in-game scoreboard and to the skill dock

Replays (also for previously recorded replays)
These fixes also affect replays that were recorded before this patch
-Fixed that replay menu become very slow when there were many replays in the list
-Fixed that scrollwheel made very big jumps when there were many replays in the list
-Fixed that the camera would sometimes stutter when following a player
-Tooltips have been added for the replay buttons, showing keyboard shortcuts
-Button to customise shortcuts for replays has been added to the replay browser menu (keys could previously already be configured through the normal controls configuration menu)
-Fixed that character glows, when hit or healed, would stay unnaturally long
-Replays menu now shows whether a match used modded AIs
-Added an option to hide names and healthbars of players
-Replays now show an error when opening a replay that was recorded with a newer version of the game (this can happen when switching from beta back to normal game)

Replays (newly recorded only)
These fixes only affect newly recorded replays
-Fixed that moving platforms were not positioned correctly in the replay anymore after five minutes
-Fixed that Penny’s combobar was not shown
-Fixed that most status effects lacked visuals (stun, snare, silence, slow, DoT)
-Fixed that “reconnecting” icon was not shown
-Fixed that in replays overlays recoloured with damage/heal/blackhole (they don’t in-game either)
-Fixed that when Genji shot a neutral creep, the impact graphic would look like a white square
-Fixed that when anyone shot an enemy, the impact graphic would have the colour of the enemy instead of the damage dealer’s own colour
-Fixed that Ravishing Raelynn and Bionic Raelynn had an extra arm floating half a screen in front of them during the start and end of a snipe
-Fixed that glows on Sentry’s arm were in front of Sentry while the arm was behind him (this probably also fixed tons of other depth bugs in replays)
-Fixed that Ted McPain’s arm+gun sometimes disappeared
-Chatlog now also shows events like kills and such (similar to the in-game chatlog)
-Fixed that replays also skipped the first 10 seconds of the match when Droppods were disabled in Custom Games

AI modding
-Made many fixes and improvements to the path graphs of the levels, mostly based on AI modder suggestions. Check these two lists for all changes: here and here.
-Path nodes now also show their ID number. This is only relevant for the new spawnCharacter block.
-Jumppads that are only accessible for one team are ignored in the path finding of the other team now.
-Fixed that AIs sometimes chose the waypoint they were already standing on as the next waypoint to walk towards, which would cause them to get stuck. This specifically happened in Ribbit IV when a bot for a tall character (like Raelynn or Voltar) was standing at the healthpack on the glass platform just behind the front turrets at top lane.
-Fixed that AIs failed to load if root node had a comment
-Fixed that if if you played the same class as a modded bot and had Allow Same Naut On Team enabled, the game would destroy and recreate all bots every frame.
-AI editor is now also included with the game on Linux (there is no Linux port so this requires Wine to run)

-Fixed that host migration failed if the new host left the game during host migration (host migration can still fail for other reasons, like if players don’t have a connection with the new host)
-Important gameplay data (like bullet creation info) is now sent twice, greatly reducing the impact of packet loss on gameplay. This increases bandwidth by around 5%. (Explanation: if a packet is lost it takes a while before the game can know this. The game waits with resending until it knows the packet is likely lost, which results in lost data on a really bad internet connection getting a very high delay. Now important data is immediately sent twice, so even if the packet is lost, another packet comes in immediately after that also has the data.)
-Improved throttling

Design notes on bots:
We want to remove as much bot cheating as possible, with the new improved AI’s the bots are a lot smarter and don’t need to cheat that much anymore, so we have removed most of the cheats and in some leagues the bots won’t cheat at all and in the lowest leagues they even get negative cheats. So this is quite the improvement. The full breakdown on botcheats is as following:

Practice/custom games
-Difficulty 0: really dumb, 3x as high cooldowns, items 3x more expensive, 15 seconds OtherSkillCooldown, never buy utility items, don't buy any upgrades in first 5 minutes (bothandicap1+2)
-Difficulty 1: much less smart, 2x as high cooldowns, items 2x more expensive, 5 seconds OtherSkillCooldown, never buy utility items, don't buy any upgrades in first 3 minutes (bothandicap1)
-Difficulty 2: less smart
-Difficulty 3: maximum smartness, 19% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2)
-Difficulty 4: maximum smartness, 35% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2+3)
-Difficulty 5: maximum smartness, 55% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2+3+4)

-Leagues 7-9: maximum smartness, 2x as high cooldowns, items 2x more expensive, 5 seconds OtherSkillCooldown (bothandicap1)
-Leagues 5-6: maximum smartness
-Leagues 3-4: maximum smartness, 10% lower cooldowns (botlevel1)
-Leagues 1-2: maximum smartness, 19% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2)

OtherSkillCooldown means that if a bot uses skill 1, skill 2 goes on cooldown, and the other way around. So Froggy cannot do tornado and dash immediately after each other.

-Bot difficulty changed see design notes above
-Bots don't respawn quicker anymore
-Bots don't deal increased damage against turrets anymore
-Bots don't receive extra max health

Design notes on game length:
Games tend to take quite long at the moment, a bit too long for our taste, we are aiming at 15-20 min per game. Sorona is by far the most time consuming map, because of the length the droids needs to bridge to get to the turrets, so we reduced the health of the front turrets a bit as well as an increase of sawblade droid hp and sawblade droid regen. These last two will also help to reduce gametime on the other maps

-Reduced the health of both front turrets on Sorona by 10%

-Five skins permanently reduced in price (officerlonestar, grandmaster splash, coco mcfly, double o yuri and bionic rae)
-Can now keep page up/down pressed to scroll through chat quickly (also in replays)
-Fixed that game crashed when joining a game from practice mode
-Removed ‘How to play’ menus from the game
-Adjusted scroll speed for all scrollable UI elements in the game
-Fixed an issue with the hints not showing correctly
-Fixed an issue where droids could get stuck on Ribbit and Aquillion
-Blind has been changed.

General balance
-Air max values of Ayla, Gnaw, Derpl, Swiggins are now showing the correct value in the description
-Killing spree bonuses for killing Penny, Vinnie, Genji, Swiggins, Ted McPain, Skree and Sentry now work
-Super droids, will now be affected by blind
-Fixed an issue with super droids getting stuck above enemy team jumppads
-Sawblade droids, health increased from 60 to 70
-Sawblade droids, health regen increased from 120 to 150 health per min.

Design notes on Ted McPain:
Over the past few patches we have tried to make stimpack better, but overall the skill was lacking enough uhmpf to get picked over shot upgrades and airstrike. This is the reason why removed the self inflicting damage on stimpack to remove the downside of the skill, obviously this made the skill a no-brainer with the short cooldown, so we increased the cooldown so give players more choice when to use the skill, instead of just activating it after every cooldown. With the longer cooldown it made sense to bring back the full clip angel wing toilet paper and to balance the removal of selfdamage on ammo weekly we increased the price a bit. Armpit shaving cream could not stay the damage reduction obviously so we went with a shield instead. Puffed spider eggs was an underused item and doesn’t really fit shotgun ammo theme so instead went with an extra shell to increase your burst with the shotgun and with the side effect of increasing the stimpack duration while holding the machine gun, to make stimpack work better with machinegun mode and reduce the pain of having to wait on the gun switching animation. Grenaide pour homme, was one of the worst items in the game, very underused and we did a revamp as well to a short stun pulse to give ted either a better escape or a great opener.

Ted McPain
-Stim pack, removed the self damage
-Stimpack, changed the description of stimpack
-Stimpack, removed the healthrestriction on stimpack
-Armpit shaving cream, now adds a damage reducing shield for the duration of stimpack, 2 stages 10% damage reduction per stage
-Armpit shaving cream, price increased from 135 to 165 Solar per stage
-Machine gun, increase base range from 6.4 to 7.5
-Puffed spider eggs, replaced the reload time reduction with a max ammo increase +1
-Puffed spider eggs, price reduced from 190 to 135 Solar
-Slightly increased the acceleration on Ted's boots
-Sniper toothbrush, price reduced from 220 to 200 Solar
-Ammo Weekly, removed the old selfdamage stat
-Ammo weekly, price increased from 160 to 175 Solar per stage
-Fixed an issue where holding airstrike while firing your machinegun would cancel the movement penalty for shooting
-Added ammo setting to base stats shotgun
-Double RPG, cooldown between airstrikes reduced from 2s to 1s
-Angel wing toilet paper, now fully reloads shotgun
-Grénaide pour homme, now emits a stun of 0.2 seconds
-Grénaide pour homme, price reduced from 185 to 160 solar
-Ted McPain now spawns with machine gun so you can use the extra movement speed to get to the action
-Switching stance icon now shows the right cooldown 0.6s

Design notes on Sentry:
Basically Sentry is one of the strongest nauts in the game at the moment and he excels at being a tank, in our opinion his sustain was a bit too much with the lifesteal on tactical vest, that’s why we nerfed it a bit also the damage reduction shield of microfilm was a bit too much. The idea of Sentry was to make him tanky but his main survivability must come from his teleport beacon, which requires skill to time correctly instead of just plain health/shield/lifesteal. So we buffed the cooldown of beacon by 25%. On also reduced his main shot damage a bit with not so serious tank, he did a bit too much damage as well combined with his tankiness. The same reasoning goes behind the nerf on circuits of time. Lastly we did some changes to counter intellligence cross, although we liked the original idea on paper, practically it felt clunky and gimmicky to detonate the mines. With the turrets being able to counter outranging we did some changes to long range attacks counter intelligence is one of them, but you will find other changes in the patchnotes,machine gun range for instance that got buffed for to the same reason.

-Tactical vest, lifesteal reduced from 20% to 15%
-Dog tags, attackspeed reduced from 20% to 15% per stage
-Dog tags, price reduced from 190 to 170 solar
-Not so serious tank, removed a stage
-Not so serious tank, damage increased from 1 to 2 per stage
-Not so serious tank, price increased from 145 to 180 Solar
-Counter-Intelligence cross, removed the detonate, mines will now automatically start homing after time out
-Counter-Intelligence cross, price reduced from 295 to 200 Solar
-Counter intelligence cross, homing bullets now also deal aoe damage
-Counter intelligence cross, homing bullets now also deal 50% damage to turrets
-Counter intelligence cross, homing bullets will now fly to same direction as they are shot in, when no target is found
-Circuits of Time, removed a stage
-Teleport beacon, cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s
-Microfilm, damage reduction reduced from 15% to 10% per stage
-Microfilm, price reduced from 160 to 140 Solar per stage

Design notes on Vinnie & Spike:
Overall Vinnie & Spike have been the character(s) with the highest winrate in the game for a long time now. We think he is not overpowered though but there were some concerns that the pricing of his items were a bit too cheap, giving him early access to endgame strength, this is the reason why we nerfed a bunch of items we think were a bit too cheap and did some small damage nerfs here and there. Also the range of his main gun was a bit too much, and made poking at enemies a bit too easy. Mammoth sock was worthless at 1 stage so we combined that one into 1 item and last but not least, the beloved double dive found its way back. This time we replaced the rigged casino games with something more appealing the double dive, big difference with the old double dive is that this one reduces the damage of both dives with a flat amount to be able to make it not too strong.

Vinnie & Spike
-Spike dive, cooldown increased from 7s to 8s
-Sharky & Remora, range reduced from 4 to 3
-The Codfather, damage reduced from 3 to 2
-The Codfather, price reduced from 175 to 150 Solar
-Smoke screen, will now hit faster, which should counter some issues where players would be able to do skills even while they should be silenced by Red bandana
-Antique machinegun, price increased from 160 to 175 Solar
-Alien abduction kit, lifesteal increased from +25% to +30%
-Red bandana, price increased from 185 to 220 Solar
-Rubber mask, price increased from 70 to 100 Solar
-Withered president mask, price increased from 150 to 185 Solar
-Rocketeer, now also increases duration by +1s
-Mammoth sock with holes, removed a stage
-Mammoth sock with holes, duration increased from +1.2s to +2.5s
-Mammoth sock with holes, price increased from 175 to 235 solar
-Rigged casino games, removed a stage
-Rigged casino games, now adds a second Spike Dive 2 seconds after the first for -20 damage
-Rigged casino games, price increased from 125 to 225 solar

Design notes on Swiggins
Swiggins is definitely the ‘naut with the most changes this patch, and you probably going to love the complete overhaul on the way anchor drop now works. A lot players complained about not being able to pick up the anchor when you want instead of the automatic return of the anchor after a set amount of time. With the new system you can decide when you want your anchor back, creating new ways for Swiggins to play instead of the hook & drop combo. You can throw down your anchor and get the movement speed increase to get into the action, wait for the best opportunity to get your anchor, recall it and hook, and if you planned it correctly you can drop right after that. Also losing the anchor to get away and don’t have to worry about a returning and slowing anchor you can safely run away and recall your anchor when needed. Treasure lotery map was a really crappy item and with debuff immunity on it, hopefully will make it more attractive in fights against strong teams with cc’s. Bovinian skimmed milk now adds amplify damage which is going to make teamfights a lot more interesting, we put the old speed increase from Bovinian skimmed milk on Krill biscuits, because we liked the upgrade but it fits better in that row, it should also give some incentive to divert from the cookie cutter damage build. Last thing, the double glazed royal porcelain was an upgrade we didn’t find very suiting for Swiggins, so we went with a chain utility item for it instead.

-Drop anchor, duration of the chain reduced from 4s to 3s
-Royal toy castle, damage reduction reduced from 12.5% to 10% per stage
-Treasure Lottery Map, now adds debuff immunity for 1 second after hitting an enemy 'naut with Anchor Hook
-Treasure Lottery Map, price increased from 80 to 175 solar
-Ancient octant, fixed an issue where it wouldn't trigger when both anchor drop and hook were used at the same time
-Anchor drop, fixed an issue where it dealt double damage
-Bovinian skimmed milk, now adds damage amplification of +10% per stage for the duration of Anchor Drop (2 stages)
-Bovinian skimmed milk, price increased from 145 to 160 Solar per stage
-Krill biscuits, now has the old effect of bovinian skimmed milk where it increases movement speed when not holding Homboldt
-Magnetic Anchor, damage increased from +3.3 to +5 per stage
-Double Glazed Royal Porcelain, now reduces the lenght of the chain by 25%
-Drop anchor, base range of chain increased by 10%
-Not seeweed, increase blind duration from 0.2s to 0.4s
-Inkshot, Slightly increased the collision size of the inkshot bullets
-Anchor drop, the anchor will now stay on the floor until the cooldown has run out. After that you get a new skill (anchor recall) that when activated returns your anchor to your hand. When you touch the anchor when anchor drop is on cooldown the anchor recall skill becomes directly active. If you pick up the anchor before the end of the cooldown you will still need to wait until the end of the cooldown to throw another anchor drop.

-Weedlings, health reduced from 45 to 40
-Weedlings, max health gained during the course of a game, reduced by 6
-Weedlings, health regen reduced from 240 to 200 per min.
-Aggressive acid, removed the additional lifetime
-Aggressive acid, increased the spawnrate of drips (3 drips total)
-Tentacle Soup, slow power reduced from 20% to 15% per stage
-Fertilizer, stats now show the correct amount of max health (32)
-The health of weedlings increase over time during a game, there was an issue where the timing wasn’t correct for some of these increments, they have been altered to trigger at the correct times (300s.-600s.-900s.)
-Weedlings, fixed an exploit where weedlings could be used to block droids
-Fixed a double text in Gnaw's backstory in French
-Fixed a text issue in Gnaw's backstory in English

-Hungry Sword, lifesteal reduced from 25% to 20%
-Changed the outward travel speed of tongue from 80 to 60
-Tongue can be used out of stealth again
-Party mask, price increased from 140 to 160 solar per stage
-Clover of honor, now works on the 2nd hit instead of the third
-Clover of honor, damage reduced from +6 to +4 per stage
-Clover of honour, removed damage reduction against turrets

-Chuck's board, removed a stage
-Super conductor, attackspeed reduced from 200 to 160
-Super conductor, price increased from 170 to 180 Solar per stage

-Trap, lifetime increased from 9s to 11s
-Hollowpoint bullets, added a stage
-Deployment pads, added a 0.1s stun to the pulse (staat niet in de tooltip)
-All Derpl skins now have teamcolour glows on their traps

-Gryc Lubricator, removed a stage
-Casettedeck Magazine, reduced cooldown reduction from 1.5s to 1s per stage

-Euphoric Throughs, price reduced from 360 to 250 Solar
-When being cocooned by Genji, your drones will not die anymore
-Suicide drones, removed the text about the detonation of the drones

-Lightning rod, using the rod will now slow your movement by 20%
-Steeldrum, price increased from 160 to 190 solar per stage
-Air Freshener, price reduced from 185 to 140 solar per stage
-Mask of Fear, range increased from 8 to 10
-Saw blade, collision size is now correct with the animation
-Spare blade and air freshener's particles now work together

-Claw, now has a very small unnoticable knockback, which will allow Penny to deactivate flying enemies, same way as other melee nauts can
-Chicken in lunchbox, price reduced from 180 to 145 Solar per stage

-Earthquake, reduced the duration of particles when they hit the floor

Froggy G
-Mutant worms: limited ninja edition, whirlwind will now also increase the damage of your next shot for 5 sec

-Fixed an issue where you could use rage to fly out of the landing area

-Removed delay on shooting cocoon

Patch 2.5.6
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-Removed network throttling entirely. "Throttling" means sending less if the connection is bad. Although throttling reduces network errors it seems like it also makes the game feel more laggy, so we are removing it now to see whether this makes characters warp less. We also think throttling might not be relevant anymore now that general bandwidth usage has been reduced so much in patch 2.5.4.
-Reverted the decrease of maximum packet size from patch 2.5.5: we don’t understand why but our metrics say that this has slightly increased the number of network errors.
-Increased AFK timers from 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes for not pressing any buttons and from 2.5 to 3 minutes for not interacting.

Patch 2.5.5
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-Fixed that Reconnecting icon was triggered too quickly for players with low ping but high packetloss
-Decreased maximum packet size (MTU), hopefully decreasing the number of connection problems on joining a match and during host migration.
-Fixed a theoretical crash in our netcode (we think this one might accidentally have never happened in the real world though)

Patch 2.5.4
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-Massively reduced bandwidth and packet count used by the game. The exact results vary depending on the gameplay situation: the less opponents are in view, the stronger the effect. Bandwidth has been reduced by between 35% and 50%. Packet count has been reduced by between 20% and 65%.

Patch 2.5.3 (hotfix)
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-Fixed that some players had short freezes every couple of seconds
-Fixed that all sounds were started a little bit too late, randomly by up to 0.1 seconds
-Improved network throttling algorithm

Patch 2.5.2 (hotfix)
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-Fixed a rare crash with Skree lightning and really bad network connections
-Fixed that Skree could push enemies through geometry with Totem
-Improved performance of Sawblade when hitting an enemy
-Slightly improved performance of Skree lightning
-Fixed that Cocoon reacted weirdly to Totem
-Fixed that Skreeletor button linked to Sentry store item instead of to Skreeletor
-Improved visual readability of Skreeletor’s cape

-Fixed a rare situation in which the game would be stuck in character select forever, sometimes also causing other players in the match to wait forever in “waiting for host to select loadout”
-Fixed a bunch of translations that were too long in Brazilian Portuguese

-Fixed that icons for damage and heal stats were Solar cubes
-Fixed that some replays would not show up in the menu. Note that this is not fixed for those replays that had this problem and were recorded in patch 2.5.1. You can fix broken 2.5.1 replays by hand by opening the replay.info file and removing any weird characters from the steamId fields (like 〈 or Ø).
-Fixed that replays sometimes claimed chatlogs were corrupted when this was not really the case
-Fixed that in some rare cases scrolling by holding the cursor at the side of the screen did not work
-Fixed that on Low and Medium graphics quality you could see beyond the borders of the graphics on AI Station, Sorona and Ribbit.

AI modding
-Pressing alt+F9 now moves the selected AI to the camera position instead of the player.
-Search areas are now shown in front of the foreground level graphics instead of behind them.

Patch 2.5.1 (hotfix)
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-Fixed that sound was completely broken or slightly broken for some players. The rare subtle ticking bug that we had tried to fix is back now, but few people had noticed that one anyway, so we will fix that later
-Increased the delay before a turret becomes invincible again after shooting from 0.5s to 1s
-Fixed that replays sometimes claimed the chatlog was corrupted when this was not really the case

-Fixed that Skree’s lightning attack had less range when aiming at someone behind the player
-Fixed that Skree’s Sawblades remained in the level when the Skree player had already disconnected
-Unlocks of Skree’s items now have their appropriate icons
-Spare blade, the second saw blade now has a small delay before it can be pulled back (0.3s)
-Spare blade, added size to description
-Soul connectors, now displays the correct value
-Lightning rod, added explanation about the damage to secondary targets
-Mask of fear, added size to description
-Voodoo Doll, added size to description
-Trial elixir of knowledge, added size to description

Patch 2.5
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NEW character: Skree
Skree, the powerful but superstitious techno shaman!
-Shoot lightning from your mechanical rod!
-Summon a robotic wall that blocks movement!
-Shoot a spinning blade, that stays in one position for a limited time. You can place it and pull it towards you!
-Skree floats on a swirling set of blades, by holding the jump button he can stay on the same altitude in air!

NEW: AI modding
The AI editor is now distributed with the game. All platforms can load modded AIs, but the AI editor itself is only available on Windows. This also includes our AI debugging tools (the “F4 editor”). Check this topic for a basic guide on how AI modding works: AI modding guide

NEW: Brazilian Portuguese language support
Thanks to the help of the awesome Brazilian community all texts in the game have been translated to Brazilian Portuguese.

Replays (also for previously recorded replays)
These fixes also affect replays that were recorded before this patch
-Fixed an issue where some replays wouldn’t show up in the replay browser.
-Deathmatches now lock the camera correctly between the arena bounds instead of allowing you to see the complete level
-Clicking on the minimap will now move the camera to the clicked on location
-Alt-tab will no longer pause the replay
-Upon a player disconnecting, the statistics will no longer show their data or duplicate other data
-Upon a player disconnecting, their character portrait will now disappear accordingly
-Replays now start with a hidden playdock (so that you are not spoiled on the length of the match if you don’t want to know it).

Replays (newly recorded only)
These fixes only affect newly recorded replays
-The replay menu now indicates which players are bots by showing a bot icon on the character icons
-New statistics have been added: Damage done/taken, DPS and Healing done/taken
-Fixed that if host migration happened twice shortly after each other, bases and turrets would sometimes disappear from the replay for up to ten seconds.
-Replay files are now stored 30 seconds later to avoid abuse

General fixes
-Improved framerate at bottom lanes of Aiguillon, Sorona and AI Station. This is most noticeable around the bottom turrets of Aiguillon. Results will vary per computer, but especially on older videocards the framerate might in some cases go up with as much as 50% in these areas.
-Shop will again close automatically when the droppod is launched.
-Decreased volumes of low health warning, shooting turrets, damaged turret electric effect, turret under attack alarm.
-Fixed that some sounds would sometimes have a fastly ticking sound added to them.
-Fixed that game would crash at the intro video when no audio device is present
-Fixed that announcer lines “first blood” and “double kill” often were not played

General gameplay
-Turrets no longer receive damage when they are not shooting
-Turrets stop taking damage while firing if they haven’t been able to hit a target for 3s
-Fixed an issue where characters that can float would sometimes not be able to jump when standing on a platform that was moving down
-Improved jumping responsiveness when already pressing jump just before actually hitting the ground
-Fixed that bullet detonation did not work anymore if you had been stunned after firing the bullet
-Fixed that the flying droid created by Genji or Raelynn would very rarely become invisible and invincible for other players

-Weedlings already planted, now gain any upgrades bought directly instead of replanting them
-Health reduced from 140 to 135

-Drones already in play, now gain any upgrades bought directly instead of resummoning them

-Deployment pads, fixed a bug where it could be triggered multiple times

-Bug detector, gravity reduced from 75% to 35%
-Photon mines, lifetime reduced from 2.5s to 2s
-Interrogation answering machine, description now shows the correct value
-Teleport beacon, fixed an issue where multiple beacons could be placed after death
-Disguise moustache, price increased from 185 to 225 Solar per stage
-Not so serious tank, added a third stage
-Not so serious tank, price reduced from 210 to 145 Solar per stage
-Not so serious tank, damage reduced from 2 to 1 per stage
-Black hole sun, reduced the gravity by 15%

-Fixed a text error in Penny’s movement description
-Pounce, stun reduced from 0.65s to 0.4s
-Claw, damage reduced from 10 to 9
-Sentient rock, price increased from 95 to 135 Solar per stage
-Reduced health from 130 to 120
-Reduced the explosion range of pounce slightly

Ted McPain
-Shotgun, damage against turrets reduced by 20%
-Ted Mc Pain figurine, shotgun damage reduced from 5 to 4 per stage
-Shotgun, attackspeed reduced by 20%
-Stimpack, attackspeed increased by 5%

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Patch 2.4.2 (Hotfix)

-Fixed that due to a broken Steam function the game could not figure out anyone’s league anymore for matchmaking, making matchmaking much worse. Rating was still taken into account, but not as well as it should. Things are still not optimal until Steam fixes their bug: the game now always searches as if there are few players only, so less tight than it should on busy hours.

Patch 2.4.1 (Hotfix)
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Sentry X-58 balance
- Not So Serious Tank, price increased from 175 to 215 Solar per stage
- Tactical Vest, reduced lifesteal from 25% to 20%
- Tactical Vest, price increased from 180 to 205 Solar
- Dog Tags, increased price from 145 to 190 Solar per stage
- Disguise Moustache from 10 to 8 dmg
- Bug Detector from 100% to 75%

Sentry X-58 looks and sounds
- Improved description of Circuits Of Time
- Made team colour of Black Hole Sun more clear, as well as team colour for characters in the Black Hole Sun
- Made bullet graphics for standard attack a bit less millions-of-bright-explosions-in-your-face-cluttering-the-entire-screen
- Made voice lines for skills only audible when you are near Sentry, and play less often in general
- Reduced volume of jump sound
- Fixed teleport animation towards Beacon

Ted McPain
- Commando Ted Figure, price increased from 175 to 190 Solar per stage
- Made voice lines for skills play less often and less loudly

Penny Fox
- Made voice lines for skills play less often and less loudly

Patch 2.4
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NEW character: Sentry
This character is part of the Starstorm DLC, so you need to own Starstorm to play Sentry yourself. Everyone can play against Starstorm characters.
Sentry is a robot built for infiltration, fooling enemy troops by mimicking anything from an umbrella to a phone booth. After re-activating aboard the Starstorm and finding it overrun by hostile mercenaries, Sentry chose to join them undercover. Biding his time to exact revenge, gathering enough Solar to buy a very serious tank. One with a shark printed on the front!

Skill: Black Hole Sun
Enables a damage collecting black hole that can be placed with a second press, pulling enemies toward it and dealing the collected damage.

Skill: Teleport Beacon
Sentry deploys a beacon to which he can teleport. Sentry deals a damage dealing pulse at arrival.

Basic attack
Warbots from the X-58 line come with a high powered photon mine launcher.

Standard warbot energy thruster, for short leaps in combat.

NEW: replays
The game now stores your matches on your hard disc so you can watch them back! With an awesome interface for looking around, zooming in and out, slow motion, rewind, and many more features! To share, rename or remove replays, click the Browse Replays button in the replays menu. Each folder is a separate replay, so you can rename and delete folders, and you can send replay folders to friends.

The replay player recognises files that are newly added to the replay while playing. This can be used to make a real-time spectator mode with a friend by mapping a folder on your hard disc to someone else’s replay folder on another computer. This is pretty technical but it is possible using for example DropBox.

NEW: Particle forces
Certain skills will now affect certain particles around them. For example, Ayla’s rage bubble will now pull sparkles and smoke towards it. Effects have been added to: Sentry black hole, Froggy dash, Clunk explosion, Derpl nuke explosion, Ted McPain shotgun, Ayla rage, Yuri timebubble, Vinnie & Spike dive, Penny pounce and Coco ball lightning.

-Tweaked league sizes to fit current playing patterns. Leagues 2 and 3 have been made 15% smaller, leagues 4-7 have been grown.
-Starting the next season league sizes will be dynamic to match the changing playing patterns during the first few weeks of a new season.
-Fixed that the spawn sound of stealth orb on Aiguillon was not audible throughout the entire level

General balance
-Droids will now slowly heal over time
-Baby Kuri Mammoth now also affects amplified damage
-Power pills, health reduced from 15% to 12%

-Butterfly shot returning butterfly will now return to Genji’s staff instead of the location it was shot from

-Fixed an issue where Ayla’s evil eye would hit targets behind her instead of the front

-Pinot noir, now correctly heals +100 hp per minute in combination with med-i’-can

Ted McPain
-Jump height slightly increased
-Space air max now shows the correct speed increase
-Shotgun, spread and range slightly reduced
-Baby Kuri mammoth replaced with Starstorm Statue
-Angel wing toilet paper, price reduced from 195 to 145 Solar
-Angel wing toilet paper, reload reduced from 4 to 2 shells

-Space air max now shows the correct speed increase

-Weedling parts now keep regenerating after completing the first weedling

Penny Fox
-Energy pulse, damage per charge reduced from 10 to 8
-Energy pulse, cooldown increased from 6s to 7s
-Energy pulse, base amplify damage effect reduced by 5%
-Pounce, removed invincibility during pounce
-Increased collision box slightly
-Heartshaped net, price reduced from 165 to 115 Solar

-Fixed an issue where continuous firing of suicide drones would block the skill completely after having max drones

-Deployment pads, fixed a bug where derpl could pulse multiple times in siegemode

-T-800 Dome, droid health reduced from 60 to 40
-T-800 Dome, price increased from 145 to 200 Solar

Patch 2.3.1 (hotfix)
Discuss here!

-Fixed that Blind caused headaches instead of blind
-Fixed some issues in our new network metrics
-Fixed cursor going behind popups
-Tweaked league sizes based on measurement of player activity per league. League 2 is now smaller and leagues 5 and 6 have been grown. This also means that the thresholds for reaching leagues 2 to 5 have all been slightly increased
-Fixed that 2.3 banner pointed at 2.4 Vault

-Fixed that Energy Pulse sometimes hit twice
-Energy Pulse, base amplify damage reduced by 5%
-Herring snack badge, fixed an issue where it would trigger the first stage of amplify damage on Penny
-Claw strike animation slightly changed to correspond with the collision box
-Fixed that combo points bar was positioned in the wrong spot while cocooned
-Fixed that Pounce threw players back when you stood with your back to them and dashed away
-Updated Energy Pulse for Desperado and Cheerleader skins
-Visual error with Desperado Penny, when her bullets ricochet, the graphic of the bullet flips around, making the bullet go with it's rear part first

-Fixed that small jumps were not possible anymore due to a bug in our code

-Fixed that Grenades made too much noise

-Added a little bit of stun to Anchor hook to make it feel more similar to how it was before 2.3
-Fixed that Anchor health upgrade only updated max health, not actual health

Patch 2.3
Secrets of space
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NEW character: Penny
Honorary Star Scout Penny Fox is on a personal quest to rid the galaxy of all evil. In pursuit of these lofty goals, she has traveled all over the worlds to collect weird aliens and put them in jars for her private collection. During her latest travels her scooter broke down in the Raki system, forcing her to scour for spare parts on the nearby starstorm station. It is there that she found a mysterious robotic claw, which would lead her to the adventure of a lifetime!

Her skills are as follows:

Consume all charges to charge forward, knocking back enemies you come in contact with. Each charge increases range and damage.

Energy pulse
Consume up to 4 charges to shoot a piercing energy pulse that amplifies damage. Each charge increases the damage.

Penny strikes with her claw awarding a charge when hitting an enemy. Max 4 charges.

Being super agile, Penny can leap up and perform a double jump.

NEW skin: Cynical Vinnie & Total Spike

NEW skin: Desperado Penny

NEW skin: Cheerleader Penny

NEW song: “I'll Make You a Star, Baby” (only in Starstorm)

NEW Rejoin improvement
-When rejoining a match the player will be forced to play with the same naut, loadout, bought items and amount of Solar. Plus a small Solar bonus depending on how long it took to get back in the game.

Tweaked the sizes of the leagues
-After analysing metrics it turned out that the leagues sizes improved last patch but could be better.
-The new league sizes will be in between the sizes of pre season 9 and the current season, but closer to the current.

General changes and fixes
-Projectiles now move along with moving platforms
-All boots speed reduced by 0.2
-Base speed of all characters increased by 0.2
-All ‘nauts now have a small healthregen from start (60 health per minute)
-Med-i'-can, health per minute reduced from 100 to 70
-Med-I'-can, price reduced from 120 to 90 Solar per stage
-Piggybank, put some extra Solar coins in the bank from 115 to 130 Solar
-All pills now are now percentage based instead of a flat health increase (15% health per stage)
-Power pills light and companion replaced with power pills turbo
-Slow automatic health increase during the match changed from +30 health to +30% health
-Slightly changed the colour of various in-game texts, such as in-game notifications, character names, and the K/D counter(experimental)
-Intensified the shine on solar
-Decreased the size and duration of in-game notifications. The in-game notification box now can also hold 3 notifications. This should solve the announcer desync to a degree (experimental)
-Increased the resolution of healthbars
-Networking metrics added so we can get a better understanding of occurring network errors

Polish week improvements
-NEW! Whenever you receive solar from any effect the amount will pop up at your character (solar pickups, kills, specific item effects etc).
-Damage number sizes have been overhauled, tweaked and resized and are now anchored to the world instead of the affected character.
-Fixed an issue where damage numbers would become unreadable when a lot of instances of damage were dealt.
-Damage numbers will now show damage blocked (Indicated by a shield icon).
-Various effects that cause your next hit to be improved (such as Swiggins’ Poolboy) now also cause the affected skill’s icon to change until the improved hit is done.
-Blind effect has been visually overhauled.
-If you try to use a skill while silenced, the game now plays a sound to indicate that it does not work.
-Amplify Damage effect has been visually overhauled.
-Most Lifesteal effects have been visually overhauled.
-Improved the visual effects of the droppod sequence.
-Added a spawn animation for critters.
-Bots’ nameplates are now a different colour and have an icon before their name and level.
-Names of in-game DLC-store objects should be more clear on all visual settings.
-The name and skill for which you unlock an upgrade when levelling should be better visible.
-Fixed the depth of a specific platform on Ribbit IV so characters no longer walk behind its edges.
-Added a pickup, respawn and despawn animation to health orbs and improved the visuals of health orbs.
-Silver Solar coins now leave silver particles when picked up.
-Added a spawn and despawn animation to silver and gold Solar coins.
-Character icons in the Character Select screen now respond more directly to mouse-overs.

-Ted McPain’s Airstrike has been visually overhauled.
-Fixed various graphical issues caused by Adlez Princess Phonenumber.
-Ted McPain’s Shotgun now has improved graphics.
-Party boy McPain's Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting grenades now have a little more party added to them.

-Leon’s Tongue Snatch icon will no longer disappear whenever Leon enters stealth, instead it is now marked as unavailable (you can see tongue cooldown while in stealth).
-Leon and Ghost Leon's swords got more shiny and have a new particle effect/trail.
-Leon and Ghost Leon's Slash attacks have new effects.
-Gnaw has a new Acid Spit bullet and now sizzles a bit more actively when on the ground. Spit puddle now also has a vanishing animation.
-Gnaw's Bite attack has new effects added.

-Fixed an issue where Voltar’s Suicide Drones explode animation would misalign with the effect.
-Voltar now plays an animation when shooting his Suicide Drones.

-Yuri now looks in the corresponding direction when he’s flying up or down.

-Swiggins' Ink Spray has a new inktrail and has a vanish animation when no one is hit.

-Ayla's Evil Eye attack has some new glow effects and now vanishes properly when no target is hit.

-Raelynn's Protoblaster has a new impact animation plus shots now vanish properly when no target is hit.
-Overhauled Raelynn’s Denny’s Boots sprint effect graphic.

-Improved the visual look of Froggy G's Splash Dash.
-Froggy G's idle animation has a more sparkly watertank.
-Froggy G leans a bit less while shooting.

-Derpl's cats now vanish in a puff of teamcolour.
-Derpl's Siege Mode Shot has a new impact and vanish effect.

-Genji's Butterfly Shot now has an impact effect when it passes through a target.
-Genji's Butterfly Shot now returns to the staff instead of his hand.

-Vinnie & Spike's Bubble Gun now disappears in a small poof of bubbles and shows an impact effect when passing through targets.
-Vinnie & Spike's Bubble Gun no longer shoots in the ground when idling.

-Lonestar’s Blaster has a new shoot effect which also fires a brand new bullet featuring new impact and vanish effects.

-Clunk's missiles got a little polish and are now a bit sleeker with more teamcolour friendly effects.

Balance changes

Froggy G
-Viridian eel cartridges, price reduced from 140 to 90 Solar
-Bio fuel cells, price reduced from 150 to 130 Solar
-Golden watch, cooldown reduction increased from -0.6s to -0.7s per stage
-Golden Watch, price reduced from 110 to 100 Solar
-Clock necklace, cooldown reduction increased from -1.2s to -1.4s
-Clock Necklace, price reduced from 200 to 190 Solar
-Twister Tweeters, price increased from 150 to 185 Solar per stage
-Hammer Pants, price increased from 150 to 160 Solar per stage
-Hydro Smash, price increased from 280 to 300 Solar

-Ribbit snail slime, slow duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
-Mature ribbit snail slime, slow duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
-Booming Bullets, price reduced from 190 to 180 Solar
-Crystal eagle bullets, price reduced from 360 to 300 Solar
-Crystal eagle bullets, damage reduced from 4 to 3
-Eagle bullets, price increased from 200 to 215 Solar per stage

-Med-i’-can, doesn’t apply to weedlings anymore. Previous added regen to weedlings is now added to the base
-Weedlings now gain 15 hitpoints more over time
-Base spit damage over time increased from 25 to 30
-Spike slime, damage over time reduced from 8 to 7 per stage
-Overcharged metabolism, second stage now actually works
-Feather Ball, price reduced from 145 to 125 Solar
-Split Spit, price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar

-Health reduced from 145 to 135
-Aerial Spring, price reduced from 140 to 110 Solar
-Carpet Bombs, price reduced from 175 to 145 Solar
-Time Primer, price reduced from 130 to 120 Solar per stage
-Chrono Rift, price reduced from 210 to 190 Solar
-Regeneration pod, heal reduced from 7.5 to 6 per second
-Regeneration pod, price reduced from 180 to 170 Solar per stage

-Health reduced from 170 to 160
-Improved Mighty throw consistency
-Crankin' Dumbbells, price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar
-Iridium Bricks, price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar
-Enhanced Muscle Fibers, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
-Stone twins, price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar
-Throw, reduced size of hitbox
-Backwards earthquake range with stone twins increased, the graphic and damage area’s are not more similar to the front earthquake

Ted mcPain
-Fixed that he didn’t speak on death
-Increased jump height slightly
-Fixed an issue where the graphic of the airstrike would not be consistent with the damage area
-Wheelbarrow with ammo, price increased from 150 to 210 Solar per stage
-Wheelbarrow with ammo, damage increased from +5 to +8 per stage
-Armpit shaving cream, now reduces the stimpack self damage by 15
-Ammo Weekly, now has the correct +15% increase per stage
-Shotgun, now shows the correct reload time
-Shotgun, range reduced by 20%
-Stimpack, damage reduced from 19 to 15
-Stimpack, now has the correct +30% increase
-Tedris ville, price increased from 200 to 280
-Can O'Juice, range increased from 2 to 2.4
-Fixed that the mines of ted would rapidly spin on the floor
-Shotgun shoot animation changed + collision changed of damage area
-Airstrike, on button down you get a marker to indicate the range of the airstrike
-Ted McPain’s Airstrike can now be aimed, hold the Airstrike button to aim, release to fire.
-Ted McPain’s Triple RPG has been reworked: Triple RPG now allows you to shoot Airstrike twice, before activating cooldown. Damage = 20 and is called double RPG.
-Hamburger phone health orbs heal 30% less when double RPG is active.
-Double RPG, price reduced from 180 to 170 Solar

-Health reduced from 155 to 150
-Bag of gravel, is now called energized hook
-Fixed that Anchor Swing would be in slow motion when swinging right after using Anchor Hook
-Fixed that the Anchor Hook would sometimes pull an enemy towards Swiggins
-Double glazed royal porcelain, heal increased from 10 to 15 per stage
-Not seeweed blindtime increased from 0.1s to 0.2s
-Fixed that Swiggins could fly after an Anchor Hooked naut that just teleported to the base.
-Fixed that Swiggins couldn't pick up his anchor instantly when the anchor was trapping a naut that was
-Homboldt now gains 15 hitpoints over time
-Double glazed royal porcelain, fixed an issue where heal wouldn't work after picking up the anchor instantly after shooting it

-Health reduced from 130 to 125
-Leon won’t uncloak anymore after being hit by a friendly smoke screen with the upgrade mammoth sock with holes
-Fixed that Magnet Piercing wouldn't get solar from a killed target
-Clover of Honour, price reduced from 175 to 165 Solar
-Tongue stretcher, price increased from 145 to 175 Solar

-Warpgate overdrive, cooldown reduction increased from -1s to -1.5s
-Healthpack surprise, price reduced from 180 to 160 Solar
-Happy thoughts, now increase the min and max heal
-Happy thoughts, removed one stage (2 stages now)
-Euphoric thoughts, heal increased from +6 to +8
-Euphoric thoughts, price reduced from 380 to 360 Solar
-Base min heal increased by 1
-Base max heal increased by 3
-Twisted nightmares price reduced from 200 to 125
-Fixed an issue where drones would disappear by rapidly clicking the skill button

-Health reduced from 135 to 130
-Flashy glasses, price increased from 60 to 120 Solar

-Health reduced from 195 to 180
-Siegemode gunfire base range increased by 1
-Siegemode gunfire damage reduced from 10 to 9
-Sniper bullets, replaced with Sweet syrup bullets, that adds slow to gunfire with 20% slowpower for 0.5, price 195 Solar
-Split Cats, price reduced from 230 to 190 Solar
-Longcat, price reduced from 160 to 145 Solar
-Trap, reduced the lifetime of trap fom 10s to 9s

Vinnie & Spike
-Health reduced from 130 to 125
-Red bandana silence increased from 0.38s to 0.39s this should fix that in some laggy cases characters would still be able to break out of the silence
-Red bandana, price increased from 155 to 185 Solar
-Yakoiza, now gives +4 instead of +3 damage
-Yakoiza, price increased from 160 to 170 Solar
-Rigged casino games , price reduced from 135 to 125 Solar
-The Godfish, is now called the Codfather
-The Godfish, extra damage now only applies to enemy 'nauts

-Health reduced from 205 to 190
-Improved Homing Sensor, price reduced from 110 to 60 Solar
-Reactor Cooler, price reduced from 200 to 180 Solar
-Universal charger price reduced from 170 to 160 Solar
-Quick'n Cleaner, price reduced from 155 to 145 Solar
-Power converter, price reduced from 150 to 140 Solar per stage
-Fix jump exploit that would make it possible to fly very high

-Health reduced from 135 to 130
-Evil eye, collision reduced to match graphic
-Rubberband ball, price reduced from 200 to 180 Solar
-Blue three wheeler, price reduced from 220 to 180 Solar

-Health reduced from 140 to 130
-Blaze, cooldown increased from 7s to 8s
-Hoover hands, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
-Wave raiser, price reduced from 145 to 125 Solar
-Flashing lights, reduced from 160 to 150 Solar

-Health reduced from 135 to 125
-Butterfly shot, base damage increased from 5 to 6
-Plastic praying beads, one stage removed
-Moon nectar, price reduced from 200 to 175 Solar
-Prefab cocoon, price reduced from 205 to 190 Solar per stage
-The last pieridae transformae, price reduced from 200 to 185 Solar
-Spiritual cooking, now lasts until death
-Cocooned targets can not be pushed anymore

Patch 2.2.1 (hotfix)
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Tweaked the sizes of the leagues for the next season
-After analysing metrics it turned out that players in leagues 2 and 3 play so much more than players in lower leagues, that leagues 2 and 3 should be much smaller. They already were smaller for this reason, but even more so now.
-League 1 is unaffected and maintains its fixed small size of 250 players.
-The old league 2 will be spread out over leagues 2 to 3.
-The old league 3 will be spread out over leagues 3 to 6.
-The old leagues 4 to 9 will be spread out over leagues 6 to 9.
-This change influences only the next season, starting 1 April.

Patch 2.2
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-The game now collects balancing metrics to help us do better balancing patches in the future. We only store aggregated anonymous data, so no private data or data-per-player is stored
-Improved anti-cheat
-Option for ”Allow join without invite” in Custom Games is now visible for clients (but not editable)
-In the character select non-Starstorm owners can now properly see if Ted is selected by another player
-Added botnames for Kickstarter backers (Thorium Tier and up)
-Added Special Thanks to credits for Kickstarter backers (Gold Tier and up)
-Added Very Awesome Thanks to credits for Kickstarter backers (Awesomantium Tier and up)
-Added the instrumental version of the Awesomenauts theme song to the soundtrack DLC (karaoke GOGOGO!)
-Fixed a couple of text errors in the menus

Various gameplay
-Fixed that the joystick crosshair for player 2 was also visible on the screen for player 1
-The infamous “sliding bug” is fixed (This is the bug that in some cases nauts could drag other nauts, creeps and droids along with them.)
-Fixed that for some characters (probably Voltar, Genji and Swiggins) downjump and jump would sometimes not work when standing on a platform that moves down.
-Bots now take 20% less damage on every difficulty instead of an increasing percentage per difficulty.
-Fixed an issue where Vinnie could tank the top turrets in Aiguillon without taking damage.
-Killing a Solar boss now gives 500 hp instead of 2000 hp

Froggy G
-Fixed that dash would end instantly when standing on the floor dashing forward or slightly down on Linux
-Whirlwind description now states movement instead of speed
-Turbo Tape description now states movement instead of speed
-Right Back At Ya! description now states “most projectiles” instead of “fire”
-Thornfish now works with Viridian Eel Cartridges
-Thornfish now works with Swirling Octopus Cartridges
-Swirling Octopus Cartridges now increases the range of shots by 75%

-Fixed a health regeneration bug
-It’s now possible to activate skills at any time while auto attacking melee
-Tongue damage description now states correctly “x2”
-Hungry sword lifesteal increased from 20% to 25%
-Pinot noir now shows the correct amount of regen 100 instead of 300

-Rubberband Ball description now states duration and life time
-Jail food damage over time duration increased from 3s to 4s
-Jail food first tick of damage over time is not applied on impact anymore
-Explosive neckband price reduced from 260 to 220 Solar
-Blowtorch price reduced from 190 to 175 Solar

-Main attack now automatically recharges
-Psychokinetic Repulsion and Twisted Nightmares now work better together
-Psychokinetic Repulsion now only works on max charge
-Healing Wave description now states the charging of the heal
-Healing Wave description now states +3 healing to allied Awesomenauts on min heal
-Healing Wave description now states the base solar/heal percentage
-Suicide Drones now show the correct cooldown (4s)
-Dreams of greed solar/heal reduced on heals from 10% to 5%
-Base heal reduced to 1 min and 7 max with +2 to friendly ‘nauts
-Twisted nightmares droid damage increased by 2
-Twisted nightmares min damage reduced by 1
-Twisted nightmares max damage reduced by 7
-Weapon clip-on removed one stage (2 stages now)
-Drones are smarter now and won't shoot, when they couldn’t hit anyways.
-Drones now also explode when they reach their maximum range (previous animation was too big and not working at all)

-Amplify Damage now shows the correct damage to everyone
-Weedlings now show their starting health and health regen
-Rabbit teeth description now states movement instead of speed

-Stormdrum glitch where two clouds would spawn is now fixed
-Main attack glitch where you would be able to hit 3 times is now also fixed
-His character select description now states that he can hover after jumping
-Jagra eggs, Heal effect when cocooning an enemy now only triggers after purchasing jagra eggs
-Cocoon, Increased projectile speed and range
-The last pieridae transformae description now states information on the hummingbird droid

-Reloadtime of shotgun increased from 1.7s to 2s
-Shotgun shells cap reduced from 5 to 4
-Shotgun shells now also reload during machine gun mode stance
-Many bugs related to switching between weapons and using Stimpack in combination with Shotgun have been fixed
-Airstrike and Stimpack descriptions now state when they are available
-Shotgun description now states the base knockback
-Machinegun base damage increased from 3 to 4
-Stimpack's animation lenght reduced by 0.2 sec

-Collision size of Ink Shot bullets slightly increased
-Magnetic Anchor description now shows the dps instead of the total damage
-Ancient Octant price reduced from 240 to 160 Solar

-Denny’s Boots description now show the correct speed increase value and the out of combat value
-Time Rift description now shows the attackspeed
-Retro Spaceship description now states “slowing power +” instead of “slowing power”
-Snipe description now states the arming time and knockback
-Power pills turbo replaced by power pills light

-CC immunity now activates directly when switching to siegemode and ends after having fully unsieged
-Siegemode description now state the denonate on nuke and debuff immunity
-Solid Fist Bullets description now state their homing value

-Power Gloves description now states ‘structure’ instead of ‘turret’ damage
-Thunder Striker description now states the stun duration it provides
-Wave Raiser description now states the cooldown increase
-Power pills turbo replaced by power pills light

-Fixed that on Linux, Mines would sometimes end up in a different position than on other platforms (this only happened very rarely)
-Laser description now states the pulling effect on pickups
-Laser description now states the charging time to next damage value
-Space time continuity device cc immunity now only works for Yuri
-Toaster timer time reduced from 4s to 3s
-Flash forward price increased from 180 to 220 Solar

Vinnie & Spike
-Antique Machine Gun description now states radius instead of range
-Godfish description now states the range in which it looks for wealthy enemies

-Iridium Blocks description now state damage over time instead of just damage
-Flaming fist range reduced from 3 to 2
-Homeless gnome damage reduced from 25 to 20
-Electric hammer price increased from 180 to 220 Solar

-Missiles now deal damage in the same range as bullets with Booming Bullets upgrade
-Booming Bullets description now state bullets as well as missiles in the description
-Missiles description now state their homing value

-Vacuum Bite description now states the range

Patch 2.1.2
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NEW: Valentine themed levels

Patch 2.1.1 (hotfix)
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General fixe
-Fixed an issue where SuSi could not be selected when you didn't have the Starstorm exclusive announcers
-Random loadout is now more random :think:
-Added cats for the AWC champions
-Credits have been updated

-Increased range of cocoon

-Can't shoot through turrets anymore

-Changed text about rabbit teeth to state all enemies
-Damage over time of spit increased from 15 to 25 damage
-Direct damage reduced from 10 to 5 damage
-Spike slime damage over time increased from 5 to 8 per stage
-Spike slime direct damage reduced from 5 to 2 per stage

Patch 2.1
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NEW: SUSI announcer DLC

NEW Custom games features:
-New game mode: Randomnauts (a combination of all the below settings)
-New option: random character
-New option: random new class on death
-New option: allow same class in team
-New option: random loadout
-New option: autobuy random upgrades
-New option: override solar prices (one price for all)

General balance
-Aiguillon stealth duration reduced from 30s to 20s
-Power pills light health increased from 15 to 18
-Power pills light price increased from 120 to 130
-Power pills turbo health increased from 20 to 25
-Power pills turbo price increased from 120 to 130
-Power pills companion health increased from 20 to 25
-Power pills companion price increased from 120 to 130
-Droids won't heal anymore when being pushed out of turret range, only if they would be killed by the health decrease they are given 25% of their health back (15hp).
-Solar tree coin regen reduced from 20 to 17 per minute
-Baby Kuri Mammoth debuff resistance increased from 20% to 25% per stage

Ted McPain
-Fixed that Ted McPain weapon switching did not function correctly when pressing the shoot button at the same time
-Removed a Spanish text from the French text of Ammo Weekly
-Shotgun shots are now separated into 3 projectiles each dealing 8 damage
-Commando Ted Figurine shotgun damage reduced from 5 to 2
-Base health increased from 130 to 140
-Reduced time Ted McPain’s mine stays on the ground from 8s to 6s
-Triple RPG now also increases the cooldown of airstrike by 4s
-Machinegun Stance now increases movement speed slighty
-Minimum jumpheight is now lower, this should provide for more jump accuracy

Coco Nebulon
-Melee movement slowdown increased from 50% to 75% of normal slowdown (so she is slower while shooting than before)

-T-800 Dome now spawns a hummingbird droid instead of a sawblade droid.
-T-800 Dome removed one stage, droid spawns with 100% health
-T-800 Dome price reduced from 180 to 145 Solar
-Nuclear Warhead now increases the attackspeed of timerift (250% per stage)
-Base damage of timerift increased from 1 to 2
-Base attackspeed of timerift reduced from 600 to 150
-HC Bomb now deals X3 damage for 215 Solar

Froggy G
-Can't Touch This is now a flat damage shield with 40 hitpoints
-Hammer Pants price increased from 130 to 150 Solar per stage

Derpl Zork
-Empowered Grid Trap price increased from 115 to 150 Solar
-Lead Casing price increased from 150 to 180 Solar
-Fixed that pressing the Siege Mode button during cooldown would have weird effects

-Rubberband Ball speedup time increased from 3s to 5s

-Placing weedlings delay reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s
-Placing weedlings cooldown reduced from 1s to 0.3s
-Fertilizer extra health reduced from 15 to 8
-Weedlings now grow stronger during the course of the game, placed and new ones (every 5 min +7hp, max +21hp)
-Weedling base health reduced from 60 to 45
-Weedling health regen reduced from 4hp/s to 2hp/s
-Medican now also increases the regen of weedlings (+1hp/s per stage)
-Spike Slime dot damage reduced from 10 to 5
-Spike Slime now also increases the direct damage of spit by 5
-Spit dot damage reduced from 30 to 15
-Added direct damage to spit: 10 base damage
-Tentacle Soup slow time increased from 1s to 1.25s
-Rabbit Teeth duration increased from 1s to 1.5s
-Rabbit Teeth now also work on creeps and droids
-Overcharged Metabolism now adds a negative debuff to direct hit enemies where they take 10% more damage for 4s (+10% per stage, 160 Solar per stage) (at the moment only the damage receiver can see the extra damage, we will fix this in a future patch to show the damage to everyone)

-Drone explosion radius slighty increased
-Drones now directly explode when they hit a wall
-Drones can now be detonated with a second press
-Removed the delay on shooting suicide drones
-Turret addon price reduced from 230 to 200 Solar
-Healthpack surprise price increased from 140 to 180 Solar
-Twisted Nightmares now add damage to healing wave (+3 min damage and +15 max damage for 170 Solar per stage, deals 3 damage less on droids, 2 stages)
-Happy Thoughts price reduced from 200 to 160 Solar per stage

-Plastic Praying Beads added a stage (3 stages)
-Plastic Praying Beads damage reduced from 2 to 1
-Plastic Praying Beads price reduced from 230 to 120 Solar
-Hidden Leaves price increased from 155 to 175 Solar
-Jaggra Eggs price increased from 150 to 175 Solar
-Bronco Yeast price decreased from 185 to 155 Solar
-Spiritual Cooking duration increased from 20s to 30s
-Shooting a cocoon now has a 0.1 delay
-Cocoon bullet collision size slightly decreased
-Cocoon bullet speed slightly decreased
-Monarch Blessing duration reduced from 4s to 3s

-You can now go out of stealth by clicking cloaking skin while stealthed

Patch 2.0.4 (hotfix)
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-Fixed a crash bug. This is very likely the crash that players have regularly been reporting during the last month.

Patch 2.0.3 (hotfix)
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It seems Ted McPain had underestimated the coldness of deep space, so he went to the Happy Bullets factory on the moon to craft an armor as hot as a thousand suns!

-In our designs we like to pay homage to things we like, but Titanium Ted was too close to some of the inspiration, so we have changed him to avoid copyright issues.
-Fixed that Titanium Ted didn’t say anything anymore when he was selected from character select.

Patch 2.0.2 (hotfix)
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Getting ready for the fight on the Starstorm, Titanium Ted geared up and got himself a new deepspace armor suit with integrated heating system to withstand the elements! Hope you like it!

Patch 2.0.1 (hotfix)
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-Fixed that the intro did not play anymore on Windows
-Reduced time Ted McPain’s mine stays on the ground by 2s
-Fixed that Derpl did not have CC immunity anymore at all in Siege Mode
-Fixed that Ted McPain’s tracer was audible over the entire level (instead of only when near)
-Fixed that in the Seasons History screen the bottom buttons overlapped
-Fixed that if you do not own Starstorm, you could not set bot difficulty any more in Custom/Private matches

Patch 2.0

Release of Starstorm (early access)

The first parts of the Starstorm expansion will go live with this build. Including custom games, Ted Mcpain and the menu overhaul. The Starstorm expansion is available for purchase on Steam as early access.

New Naut: Ted McPain
Ted McPain was one of the great heroes of the first AI Wars, a long time ago. Long after his eventual heroic demise, he lived on as he became the star of various video games: Ted McPain I through XVII, Ted McPain: Zombie Blast, Ted McPain vs. Evil Ted McPain and Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting. Now Voltar managed to re-materialize Ted. The Ted McPain that appeared, though, was missing his pants for unknown reasons.

Ted McPain has the following skills:

Call in an ion cannon airstrike for maximum damage.

This stuff hurts, but stimpacks make Ted go berserk, enhancing his attack speed.

Ted can alternate between his shotgun and machinegun.

Also two skins are part of the Starstorm release:
-Party boy McPain (Ted McPain)
-Titanium Ted (Ted McPain)

New icons: Killer Koala icons
-Special icons for in the Leaderboards and Scoreboard
-These are only for Kickstarter backers in the Silver tier and above (keys have been emailed already to Kickstarter backers; Paypal/Humble backers can find their keys in their Rewards page)
-Players who already had a special icon (like a Golden Duck, a Tentacle or a Lensflare Cat) will see both now

Custom games
Custom games are now only available for Starstorm owners.

-New game mode: Team deathmatch (Nauts will not be rebalanced for this, so some classes are stronger than others for this game mode)
-Turn on/off turrets
-Turn on/off droppods
-Turn on/off random respawn positions
-Turn on/off shopping everywhere
-Turn on/off team deathmatch walls (to create smaller levels)
-Turn on/off extra Solar pickups in levels
-Turn on/off extra health pickups in levels
-Turn on/off losing Solar on death
-Modify starting Solar
-Modify and turn on/off respawn timers
-Modify droid and creep counts and turn them on/off (use at your own risk: if you set this too high, you can completely destroy your framerate and internet connection)
-Decrease bot count and turn them on/off
-Note that Achievements are turned off in Custom Games to avoid abuse (non-customised Private Matches still get achievements like before)

Menu overhaul
-The Awesomenauts menu now has some brand new colours smacked onto it!
-The main menu now features a carousel that highlights new DLC, trailers and community events.

General fixes
-Fixed that on Linux, the music would stop and start a new song if you opened the shop
-We think we have fixed the issue where very rarely Clunk would get continuous regen after a successful Bite. This would not stop until he died, making Clunk nearly invincible. Since this bug is extremely rare and we could not reproduce it, we cannot be 100% that we fixed it, so please report it to us if you still encounter it!
-Removed golden Solar coin in mid area Sorona
-Spawning and movement of creeps on AI Station 404 and Ribbit IV is mirrored so both teams have the same chance to kill them
-Fixed an issue where the sound and screen would glitch when jumping through the glass platform on Aguillion and on Sorona.
-Removed the creeps in the bottom tunnel on Aiguillon and replaced it with a healthpack
-Reduced healthdrops of creeps from 30 to 25 health
-Added two moving glass platforms to middle area Sorona
-Improved Custom Games interface
-Characters can’t shoot through terrain anymore (except for area of effect damage) e.g. Gnaw’s weedling placement through teamwalls
-Fixed an issue on Aiguillon where characters from team blue would be unable to jump while standing on the teamwall in the neutral zone of team Red.

Vinnie & Spike
-Vinnie & Spike Bubble gun now states "attack speed" instead of "attackspeed"
-Red bandana silence time increased slightly, this should prevent buttonbashing to still do skills during silence
-Blind duration on smoke cloud increased from 0.375 to 0.38 to prevent flickering of enemies on minimap

Leon Chameleon
-Both Leon's slash attack and enhanced muscle fibers now show the correct amount of attack speed
-Leon can't use tongue pull anymore while cloaking skin is active

-Cocoon doesn’t shut down damage reduction shields (Royal Toy Castle, Force Field and Brim Force Field)
-Removed a comma in the flavour text of misfortune cookies
-Fixed a bug where the extra health of spiritual cooking would be removed quicker than normal

-Mammoth sock with holes stealth won’t affect Ayla anymore when she is in rage.
-Fiery Jawbreakers text now also states the 50% self damage increase

-Fertilizer now increases in strength over the course of a game. 15hp for the start and an extra 15hp every 5 min with a max of 60hp at 15min
-Increased Gnaw’s collision box slightly (width and height)

-Removed a stage of HC bomb and fixed triple and quadruple damage bugs.

-Siegemode text now also states the debuff immunity it provides
-Clicking really rapidly on siegemode won’t mess with the cooldown anymore
-Fixed an issue where you could teleport while going out of siegemode

Froggy G
-Resolved a bug where Froggy wasn’t able to shoot when being pulled out of whirlwind by a tongue pull of Leon

-Positioned his health bar a little lower so he can hide better in the bushes

-Changed the description of missiles to not state that they are guided anymore

-Speed reduced of conducting gel from 1.4 to 1.2
-Explosion radius of lightning ball slightly reduced

Patch 1.25
Discuss here!

New skin: Mels
-Added a special charity skin for the Make A Wish Foundation: Mels
-All proceeds from this skin until 31 December 2013 will go to the Make A Wish Foundation. After this date the skin will remain on sale, but income will go to Ronimo as normal

New song: Spanking Stars
-Added a new song to the soundtrack: Spanking Stars
-Everyone can temporarily hear this track now, but starting patch 1.26 it will be part of the Starstorm-DLC

New announcers: Pappa Gnaw and Voltar
-Added new announcers: Pappa Gnaw and Voltar
-These two announcers are only available to Kickstarter backers in the Bronze Tier and above
-The Humble Store folks have not updated the rewards page yet, so Paypal backers will get their keys as soon as they are added there. Kickstarter backers should have already received their keys through email

-Removed the Halloween decorations from the levels
-Added Autumnauts winners to the droppod landing areas in the levels

-Fixed a bug where a Leon with Pinot Noir would keep regenerating health after going out of stealth by keeping the attack button pressed
-Fixed a bug where Voltar’s drones became visible again during invisibility from the Aguillion stealth powerup
-Clunk will not be able anymore to be stealthed while exploding
-Raelynn will not be able anymore to be stealthed while sniping
-Removed the accidentally added extra gold Solar cube above the Worm button in Sorona (it is still around when “Extra Solar Pickups” is enabled in Custom Games)
-Fixed that when being kicked for being AFK, the game would spam enormous amounts of the same line to the logs

Patch 1.24
Discuss here!

New: Custom Games!
-Customize gameplay in Private Matches
-Available for everyone until the Starstorm DLC releases with Ted McPain. After that only Starstorm owners will be able to host Custom Games, while everyone will still be able to join them.

Custom Games options
-New game mode: Team deathmatch (Nauts will not be rebalanced for this, so some classes are stronger than others for this game mode)
-Turn on/off turrets
-Turn on/off droppods
-Turn on/off random respawn positions
-Turn on/off shopping everywhere
-Turn on/off team deathmatch walls (to create smaller levels)
-Turn on/off extra Solar pickups in levels
-Turn on/off extra health pickups in levels
-Turn on/off losing Solar on death
-Modify starting Solar
-Modify and turn on/off respawn timers
-Modify droid and creep counts and turn them on/off (use at your own risk: if you set this too high, you can completely destroy your framerate and internet connection)
-Decrease bot count and turn them on/off
-Note that Achievements are turned off in Custom Games to avoid abuse (non-customised Private Matches still get achievements like before)

New features
-New skin for Derpl: Ahrpl
-The return of the magical Halloween themed levels
-New updated menu design
-Automatic AFK kicking (only in public matches)

General fixes
-Fixed that invisible Leon had massive regen when he had both Pinot Noir and Health Regeneration (these upgrades still stack now: before this fix they did much more than stack when combined)
-Fixed that on Linux and Mac, some joystick axes and dpads didn’t work
-Fixed that in Private match on the lower bot skill levels, red bots were better than blue bots
-The ingame description of Ayla’s evil eye now states the right amount of slowing power (7.5%)
-Fixed that Ghost Leon’s teleport sound was audible over the entire map

-Reduced startup loading time by up to 40% (actual amount varies strongly per computer)
-Reduced peak memory usage by 100mb [PC/Mac only]
-Made the game ready for adding more voices (premium skins and announcers) without increasing loading times and memory usage with each new voice set [on Linux peak memory usage is not decreased by this]
-Reduced peak videomemory usage by another 8%
-Improved framerate in the in-game item shop
-Reduced CPU usage of the main thread during gameplay by approximately 5%. For those for whom the processor is the bottleneck, this will improve framerate by 5% and make gameplay smoother. However, for most players the videocard is the bottleneck and they will not see much effect from this

Patch 1.23.2 (hotfix)

-Fixed that AI Station 404 didn’t have a background on Medium graphics quality
-Fixed a theoretical crash bug in scoreboard ping visualisation (we didn’t get any reports of actual crashes caused by this bug, but in theory it could cause crashes)

Patch 1.23.1 (hotfix)

General fixes
-Fixed that if a match became full after two minutes, it would not automatically start unless someone pressed space
-Power Pills Companion third level description fixed so that it mentions itself as 3/3 instead of 1/3
-Fixed that it looked like you owned the Coco McFly and Double O’ Yuri skins even if you didn’t
-Reduced maximum texture memory usage by 5%
-Added the new Golden Duck icon owners that we forgot in 1.23

Vinnie & Spike
-Dead Sea Horse head now shows the correct damage percentage
-Red Bandana doesn’t disappear anymore when purchasing in the shop
-Mammoth sock with holes invisibility time reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s

-HC Bomb can no longer cause random amounts of double damage bullets
-Resolved a bug which would spawn double damage when purchasing Nuclear Warhead

-Cloaking Skin cooldown is now correctly displayed in the loadout

-Power Pills Companion now works correctly for Swiggins

Patch 1.23
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Kickstarter skin keys will be sent out throughout the coming days. That’s a lot of emails, so please be patient! We still need to set some things up, so the first keys will (hopefully) be coming on Friday.

Big new features
-Dual stick controls
-Ghost Leon skin (exclusive for Kickstarter backers)
-Cyber Coco skin (exclusive for Kickstarter backers)
-Digital G skin (free for Kickstarter backers, purchasable for everyone else)

Smaller new features
-If two minutes have passed and the game is still not full, it will continue to wait for more players until either the match is full or any player presses space to veto the extra waiting
-The taskbar icon for Awesomenauts now flickers when the match starts
-You can now set Private Matches to be only joinable if you receive an Invite, instead of also being joinable by clicking a friend.

General fixes
-Players with low bandwidth should now have a smoother online experience in Awesomenauts (they send less packets)
-Fixed some issues with ping calculation
-New players who win a lot of matches now take twice as long to reach the higher leagues
-If the 4-players-in-a-team bug happens now, they will all be visible, instead of having one invisible player all the time. This is a temporary workaround until we have actually fixed the problem that there are too many players in the match in the first place
-Fixed that sometimes the menu cursor would permanently be shown over gameplay
-Fixed that crosshair/cursor was sometimes invisible during gameplay

Minor fixes
-Added subtle anchor graphics to Swiggins’ Royal Toy Castle shield
-Fixed that the Kage Genji skin missed some voices on skill usage
-Fixed that blue Coco didn’t have a belt in some of her animations
-Fixed that Leon’s Tongue graphics were broken when Morning Star Piercing was bought
-Fixed that Ravishing Raelynn skin didn’t play Timerift charge-up sound
-Fixed shadow under character when standing inside a teamwall/turret (would be positioned too high)
-Improved team colour of Coco McFly skin

General gameplay
-When you are blinded you cannot see players on the minimap anymore
-All power pills that gave health to summons are now changed to power pills companion (Gnaw and Swiggins)
-Mass (pushing power) has been increased and changed for all characters based on health
-Fixed a few text errors
-Changed the moving platform between the bottom turrets on Aguillion to a static one
-Fixed that when you jumped down through a glass platform that was very close to the floor, you couldn’t jump up again until you stopped touching the glass platform with your head

-Fixed that lifesteal laser didn’t work continuously (it had little gaps in between)
-Spacetime continuity device now also provides debuff immunity for your allies
-Time primer now increases the time warp’s slow, 5% per stage for 140 Solar instead of size increase
-Chrono rift slow reduced from 15% to 10% price reduced from 250 to 210
-Flash forward speed increased from 20% to 25%

-Fixed that drop Anchor could chain a player for a long time when Swiggins is in “reconnecting” state.
-The health increase for Homboldt after purchasing power pills turbo now works correctly

-Removed homing on suicide drones
-Increases movement acceleration
-Increased jump height

Froggy G
-Ice cubes now slow instead of stun the target for 15% per stage for 2s, price 150 Solar
-Can’t touch this now is a shield percentage (25%)
-Turbo tape is now split into 2 stages each increasing speed by 4, price 140 Solar per stage
-Base splash dash cooldown increased from 7 to 7.5s

Sheriff Lonestar
-Cattlerebooter cooldown reduction reduced from 2s to 1.5s.
-Transfusion grenades lifesteal fraction increased from 25% to 30%

-Missiles now deal 75% damage against turrets
-Universal charger charge-up time decreasement reduced from 0.7s to 0.5s
-Universal charger price reduced from 200 to 170 Solar
-Screamer engine snaretime reduced from 0.7s to 0.6s per stage

-Cheese & garlic mints silence time reduced from 1s to 0.8s
-Tonguestretcher range reduced from 2.4 to 2.2
-Cloaking skin cooldown increased from 8s to 10s
-Replica dummies now live 2 longer

-Weedlings regen health 25% slower now
-Weedlings now also gain health from Power Pills Companion
-Weedlings now gain extra health over the course of a game (max extra health 9)
-Rotten teeth price reduced from 245 to 230 Solar

-Increased base speed of lightning ball
-Voltage amplifier price reduced from 180 to 170 Solar
-Conducting gel price reduced from 180 to 165 Solar
-Silver coating speed increase reduced from 3.4 to 3 per stage
-Static gloves removed one stage (2 stages)
-Fixed that if you have the blaze trail on lightning ball and shoot through landscape, the trail would be on top of the landscape instead of inside it
-Electrify will now slow Coco’s movement 50% less than before
-Blaze doesn’t deal damage against turrets anymore

-Snipe chargeup reduced from 0.7s to 0.65s
-Gryc lubricator divided into 3 stages, each increases range by 4 for 120 Solar
-Time rift now deals one stage of nuclear warhead damage as base
-One stage removed from nuclear warhead (2 stages)
-Nuclear warhead price reduced from 175 to 165 Solar
-HC-bmb now increases the amount of double damage dealing bullets after deploying time rift (2 stages) -HC-bomb price reduced from 130 to 115 Solar
-Joe doll price reduced from 175 to 160 Solar
-Receding ponytail price reduced from 310 to 300
-Fixed that if you have the damage upgrade for Time Rift, the damage area would sometimes not be in the same spot as the Time Rift itself

-Flaming fists price increased from 160 to 190 Solar
-Chunk of salted meat price reduced from 180 to 170 per stage
-Pale mead price reduced from 380 to 350 Solar

Vinnie & Spike
-Slighty reduced the radius of spike dive and dead sea horse
-Chrome file price increased from 190 to 210 Solar
-Dead seahorse head divided into two stages each providing 20% damage for 140 Solar
-Antique machinegun radius reduced from +1.4 to +1.2
-Red bandana silence reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s
-Withered president’s mask speed increase reduced from 100% to 80%

-The cat pillar heal reduced from 12 to 10 per stage
-Spiritual cooking health buff now lasts for 20s
-Glow bracelets divided into 3 staged each providing 10% attackspeed
-Misfortune cookies health cut reduced from 15% to 10%

-Evil eye base slow reduced from 10% to 7.5%
-Evil eye extra slow per health stage reduced from 10% to 7.5%

-Reduced collision size of Homboldt and chain activation range

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Patch 1.22.6

-Removed banners for the Kickstarter campaign and last week’s skin discount.
-Fixed a rare crash when a player respawns in an online match.
-Fixed that the sound thread used the processor excessively unnecessarily on Windows and Mac. On the computer we measured on, processor usage by Awesomenauts reduced from 75% to 50% (!). This should reduce battery usage on laptops and might also improve framerate on computers with two cores or less. We’d like to know to what extent this influences framerate, so If you notice a difference in smoothness of the game with this new patch, please post it in this topic.

Patch 1.22.5

-Added Cyber Coco Kickstarter skin info to main menu.

Patch 1.22.4 (hotfix)

-Fixed that Froggy’s Groundpound upgrade didn’t work anymore
-Fixed that Froggy’s Dash didn’t stop when hitting a wall
-Fixed that Shaolin Ayla didn’t use all of her voice lines when using her skills (now fixed for real, we hope…)
-Some character height changes had already been done in patch 1.22.3 but were not noted in the patch notes there. The height changes are: Swiggins went from 0.13 to 0.12, Froggy from 0.085 to 0.09 and Gnaw from 0.075 to 0.085

Patch 1.22.3
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General fixes
-Fixed the very rare bug that sometimes the base would keep exploding without actually going to the winning screen, causing everyone to get a loss, despite that one team had clearly already won
-Fixed that the Quit-countdown would also appear when using the “Join better game” button.
-Changed turret bullet graphics to make their visuals fit their homing behaviour better
-Improved framerate in in-game shop a little bit
-Fixed some minor text errors

Admiral Swiggins
-Palladium Teabag Chain now works correctly
-Med-i-can second stage now works for Swiggins
-Fixed that Royal Toy Castle didn’t show its shield graphics
-Fixed that Royal Toy Castle would break if it were bought before buying the Anchor Drop skill
-Fixed description of Treasure Lottery Map to describe what it actually does
-When Krill biscuits have been purchased and Swiggins respawns he will have full health
-Fixed that with Pool Boy the increased damage didn’t end after one attack when hitting the base
-Fixed that the anchor could chain a cocooned enemy
-Fixed that sometimes when an enemy was captured by the anchor while flying through a jumppad, he would instantly die
-Fixed that Swiggins used only one of his lines for being selected in the character select menu
-Fixed that some small graphics disappeared while teleporting

Vinnie & Spike
-Rubber mask now correctly gives 1 Solar per second

-Derpl can push others a little bit better again while out of siegemode

-Fixed that the Shaolin Ayla skin didn’t use here extra voice lines for when attacking and using skills

-Fixed that a cocooned enemy would block Leon’s Tongue

-Fixed a bug where the return butterfly wouldn’t spawn after buying Wool shawl with glow bracelets
-Fixed that Butterfly Shot sometimes didn’t return, cause damage to be halved when this happens

Patch 1.22.2 (hotfix)

-Fixed crash caused by Steam update not removing old files

Patch 1.22.1 (hotfix)

-Fixed that Power Pills for Swiggins had no effect.
-Fixed that in the main menu the voice of Abyssal Swiggins played every 10 seconds, regardless of whether you were hovering over the Swiggins trailer button or not.
-Fixed that Swiggins would die if he used Anchor Hook on the worm hatch while it was closed.
-Fixed that at the top jumppads on Sorona, Ayla would automatically turn off here Rage mode at the top of her flight. (It still turns off if you don’t press any buttons, but if you give normal input it works fine now.)
-Fixed that one of Gnaw’s upgrades was always unlocked, even when at too low a level.
-Fixed that Abyssal Swiggins sometimes used voicelines from standard Swiggins.
-Fixed that blue Abyssal Swiggins had visual holes in his anchor chain.

Patch 1.22
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New 'Naut
Admiral Swiggins
(voiced by Myndflame)

Admiral Swiggins, commander of the Royal Fleet of Titan, is known for his brutality and command in war. With his trustworthy anchor “Sweet Homboldt” he violently smacks his foes off deck but after each victory he nibbles on a shrimp & krill biscuit and calmes his senses with a nice hot cup of tea.

Slow/medium speed, initiater, tank.

Anchor Hook
Swiggins hurls Homboldt forward, if he hits an enemy or an wall he will fly to the target.

Drop Anchor
Swiggins throws Homboldt out, if he hits an enemy Awesomenaut he will be chained to Homboldt.

Anchor Swing/Ink spray
Admiral Swiggins swings his trustworthy Homboldt or sprays corossive ink.

Squid jump
Flinging himself upwards, Admiral Swiggins can perform a second thrust in the air by shooting out ink.

New features
-League icons are no longer visible in the scoreboard.
-Added a delay timer on the quit popup when quitting from a QuickMatch or Battle, to make you rethink whether you really want to abandon the other players.
-Added the Roflnauts soundtrack to the soundtrack DLC.

General fixes
-Optimised loading times and download size. Startup loading is now up to 25% faster (results vary greatly per computer, this is the highest we measured). The game is also about 5% smaller now, but you won’t notice this because Swiggins was also added in this patch, making it bigger again.
-Made some changes to hopefully fix the problem that on Linux sometimes the sound effects would stop playing altogether until the game was restarted. Please let us know if this still happens!
-Teamwalls in neutral area Aquillion are now thicker, this should prevent some ‘nauts to shoot through it.
-The text “teleporting” has been removed when teleporting.
-Fixed that sometimes the Kickstarter popup would be enabled when quitting the game, causing the game to open a browser window with the Kickstarter page even when players didn’t click it. Sorry for the spam!

General balance and gameplay

-The mark of Sonic listening device will now last forever, making it easier to ‘give’ marked creeps to other players.
-Ayla now doesn't need to jump anymore to activate floating while enraged
-Ayla now doesn't drop like a brick when hitting a jump pad
-Rubberband ball speedup now applies 1s longer
-Ayla rip apart bear shield reduced from 15% to 12,5%
-Collision of rage is little bit smaller and should be more in line with the graphic
-Ayla base hp increased from 125 to 135

-Gnaw now regens weedling parts 2s faster

-Derpl traps lifetime reduced from 12s to 10s

-Magnetic piercing price reduced from 100 to 60 Solar
-Magnetic piercing Solar gain reduced from 2 to 1 per hit
-Clover of honour and surprise mask now work correctly are disabled against structures
-Electrifier slow reduced from 15% to 12,5% per stage

-Podpack with banana should now be more reliable

-Monarch Blessing base shielding reduced from 30% to 25%
-Hidden leaves shielding reduced from 10% to 7.5%
-The cat pillar heal reduced from 14 to 12 per stage

-Snipe now charges up 0.1s faster
-Pump rifle price reduced from 220 to 200 Solar per stage

Sheriff Lonestar
-Dark matter grenades text now correctly states the right amount of stages

Froggy G
-Removed a stage of turbo tape
-Turbo tape price increased from 140 to 160 Solar

Vinnie & Spike
-Rubber mask Solar gain reduced from 2 to 1 Solar per sec.
-Rubber mask price reduced from 120 to 70 Solar.
-Yakoiza price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
-Mammoth sock with holes stealth time reduced from 2s to 1.5s per stage

-Drone army text now correctly states the right amount of stages
-Weaponized hull doesn't increase the range of the explosion anymore
-Weaponized hull is now divided into two stages of 180 Solar +3 damage per stage

-Derpl can’t be pushed anymore*

Patch 1.21.2 (hotfix)

Added Starstorm Kickstarter banners to the game.

Patch 1.21.1 (hotfix)
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General fixes
-Gnawbot skin for the red team is improved.
-Sound effects volume settings fixed
-Pirate leon has been captured by Gnawbot and he has received 1.000.000 croissants, unfortunately he doesn't like croissants, because he is a robot. :GnawShock:

General balance and gameplay
- Bot's now provide full Solar rewards when killed in practice mode.

-Healing wave now takes 2.2s to fully charge
-Healing wave base healing increased by 1
-Psychokinetic repulsion now activates after 0.85s. instead of at max charge

Patch 1.21
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New skin
-Gnawbot skin for Gnaw (premium skin with new voice acting)

General fixes
-Ear blasting loadingscreen Ronimonkey had been punched in the neck and his volume is reduced to 25%
-Decreased volume of in-game volumes (except for the very loudest setting: this has remained the same).
-When suiciding the text now states "[NAME] made a huge mistake" instead of "[NAME] killed himself"

General balance and gameplay
-Turrets won’t shoot at the neutral creeps anymore on Ribbit IV
-Fixed some text errors
-Backdooring the bottom turret on AI station 404 with a small character without getting hit by the turret isn’t possible anymore
-Med-i-can healing reduced from 120 health per min. to 100 health per min.
-Baby Kuri mammoth effect increased from 17% to 20%
-Bots now drop 30% of the usual Solar for a kill, this includes team Solar
-Bionic family now works for all the new nauts
-Starting Solar increased from 200 to 235
-Piggy bank Solar reduced from 150 to 115 Solar
-Solar tree Solar regen reduced from 23 per min. to 20 per min.
-Solar tree price reduced from 75 to 50 Solar
-Back turrets health increased from 1000 to 1200 hitpoints
-Turret bullets now have increased homing
-Power pills price reduced from 135 to 120 Solar per stage (turbo and light)
-Power pills turbo health increased from 18 to 20 per stage
-Jumppads at the base are now color coded and can only be used by the hometeam

-Fixed a bunch of issues with combinations of slash upgrades not adding damage, slow and lifesteal

-Power converter now works when using it while under the effect of the stealth orb on Aguillon
-Power converter healing reduced from 20 to 15 per stage
-Base health reduced from 225 to 205
-Base explode damage reduced from 60 to 50 damage
-Base explode self damage reduced from 40 to 30
-Blueprints container now reduces incoming damage by 40%
-Blueprints container price reduced from 255 to 200 Solar
-Thermonuclear cleaner damage increased from 20 to 25 damage per stage
-Titanium hard hat damage to self reduction reduced from -20 to -15 damage per stage
-Fragmentation shells explosion size increased from 3.2 to 3.4

Sheriff Lonestar
-Base health reduced from 135 to 130 hitpoints
-Homing missiles now deal single target damage instead of explosion
-Booming bullets now also affect homing missiles

-Hover cat replaced by fat cat, which adds an explosive cat to your main cat shot dealing 20 damage for 185 Solar
-Catcat replaced by split personality cat, which splits cat bullets into two lesser bullets (35% damage) on impact, which will fly out on the opposite side of the target
-Solid state missiles homing starts after 0.5s
-Nuke explodes now after reaching max distance

-Cat pillar works again on Genji himself.
-Plastic praying beads price reduced from 250 to 230 Solar
-Bronco yeast price reduced from 215 to 185 Solar

-Drone explode can now be aimed, homing is reduced
-Drones now also explode after max distance reached
-Healing wave now has a charge up, with a base of 1 and max of 9 (+3 extra on other nauts)
-Psychokinetic repulsion now only works on max heal charge
-Voltar doesn't get slowed down anymore while healing
-Cortex tank now does a pulse on creation
-Cortex tank now does a 0.1s stun on hit
-Euphoric thoughts and happy thoughts now add their healing to the max of the heal
-Removed a stage on overheal potion (2 stages now)
-Dark matter shots now also apply to suicide drone explosion
-Solar gain reduced from 20% to 15%

-Flashy glasses now give a flat amount of Solar (3)
-Flashy glasses price reduced from 115 to 60 Solar
-Snipe now takes 0.3s longer to arm
-Base snipe range reduced by 1
-Sprinting now activates slower (2s after combat)
-The sprinting activation time now also works after sniping but if wait for the whole charge-up and use the autofire you will get sprint directly after the snipe as a bonus
-T-800 dome price increased from 110 to 130 Solar
-1.21 gigawatt battery duration reduced from 3s to 2s
-Base slow on time rift increased by 5%
-Retrospace ship time slowing reduced from 10% to 5% per stage
-Retrospace ship price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar

-Time bubble slow increased from 25% to 30%
-Baby yeti slow reduced from 25% to 20% price reduced from 225 to 185 Solar
-Spacetime continuity device now grants debuff immunity to you while being in the time warp for 200 solar, duration on warp is removed.
-Pod pack deluxe is now pod pack deluxe with banana and grants Yuri lifesteal on his laser while time warp is active (65% of damage)
-Pod pack healing increased from +5 to +7.5 per stage, price increased from 140 to 180 Solar
-Time warp duration increased from 3s to 3.5s
-Time warp cooldown reduced from 11.5 to 10.5

-Stealth from Vinnie’s mammoth sock upgrade will now correctly work with Ayla’s rage
-Lifesteal on fake family picture removed

Vinnie & Spike
-Dead sea horse head now does 40% of the damage of normal spikes
-Antique machinegun range reduced from 1.8 to 1.4

Froggy G
-Thornfish price increased from 280 to 300

-Base health regen reduced from 352 health per min to 300 health per minute
-Gnaw now regens one turret part every 12 sec.
-Base spit damage reduced from 35 to 30 damage, duration from 10s to 9s

Patch 1.20.3

-Added Costume party pack II banner to the shop, loading screen and main menu
-Added Clunk miniature banner to the main menu

Patch 1.20.2 (hotfix for the hotfix)

- Fixed that Clunk’s Power Converter upgrade gave him practically infinite regen, making him near invulnerable.
- Fixed that Ayla’s Rage did not turn off when she picked up the Stealth Orb on Aiguillon. This allowed her to damage enemies while remaining invisible.

Patch 1.20.1 (hotfix)
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Major fixes
- Solar per game doubled! You now level your account twice as fast, unlocking ‘Nauts and loadout items faster

Minor fixes
- Fixed some text errors
- Fixed some error printing that might have caused framedrops for some players

- Rip-apart bear now works correctly
- Rage now shows an icon when killing enemies
- Reduced size of rage in line with her animation
- Fixed that Rage would sometimes not trigger completely
- Fixed that Ayla did not have an icon in the in-game menu

- Withered President Mask now adds a speedup effect 100% speed increase for 2s for 150 Solar

- Medical Pump now works again

- Jaggra Eggs now work again
- Fixed that Monarch's Blessing would remain too long on Genji himself (duration on other characters was already correct)

- HC Bomb now does the correct amount of damage in combination with other damage upgrades

Patch 1.20
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New features
New playable ‘Naut: Ayla!
This devious little girl is voiced by Ashly Burch!

Major fixes
- New players now get a lower rating and league in the leaderboards, so that they start in league 9 (or sometimes maybe league 8) instead of in league 5. This rating decrease gradually disappears in their first 30 matches. This counts total matches finished in ALL seasons, not per season.
- NEW SEASON STARTED! Since this changes the scores of all new players, a new Season is started, making the previous Season extremely short!
- Matches now update their league based on who is in the match. So if a match is started by a league 3 player and then a league 1 player joins, the match changes into a league 2 match, instead of remaining a league 3 match as before.
- Made some improvements in Season transition code, hopefully fixing the issue that some people were shown in the leaderboard as if they had played a very large number of matches and had a very low win percentage.
- Fixed that an incorrect leave penalty was sometimes applied.
- Fixed that anti-cheat code would sometimes incorrectly think there was a speedhack happening and would then quit the game.

Minor fixes
- Fixed some text errors
- Roof thickness of the core on Aiguillion is now the same as on the other maps
- When the bottom turret on Aiguillion gets destroyed you will no longer be shoved to the side when standing above it in the neutral zone

General balance

- Snipe and Timerift buttons won’t slow down the run of Raelynn when they haven’t been purchased yet
- HC bomb second stage damage increase reduced from *4 to *3
- 1.21 gigawatt battery duration reduced from 4 to 3

Vinnie & Spike
- Smoke screen can not interrupt a dash anymore
- Smoke screen red bandana should not be interrupted anymore while being in the smoke
- Spike dive base damage increased from 30 to 35 damage
- The godfish damage increased from +2 to +3
- Spikedive cooldown reduced from 8s to 7s
- Withered president mask cooldown reduction reduced from -2s to -1.5s
- Rigged casino games cooldown reduction reduced from 1.5s to 1s
- Bag of goldfish now activates when the player has 150 Solar
- Bag of goldfish price increased from 100 to 150 Solar
- Alien abduction kit is now 25% of damage dealt and works in the spikes instead of the dive

- Fixed an issue where Genji wouldn’t receive his own blessing
- The Last Pieridae Transformae doesn’t have a delay on the droid spawn anymore
- Prefab cocoons won’t randomly drop through glass platforms anymore
- Healing shots won’t be reflected anymore by friendly Froggy’s

Froggy G
- Damage against turrets after activating mutant ninja worms should now be the same as normal damage instead of less
- Ice cubes stun duration reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s per stage
- Thornfish damage reduced from 3 to 2
- Thornfish price decreased to 280 Solar

- Lifebite cooldown increased from 4.5s to 5s

- Cocoon works normally on clones now
- Leons own stealth now works better with the stealth powerup on Aiguillon
- Clones now show the stealth icon when killing an opponent
- Clones now show the right animation when doing a clover of honour hit
- Fixed that Clover Of Honour extra damage would not give additional lifesteal.

- Can’t perform knockback pulse when cocooned any more
- Can’t shoot through the barrier anymore on Ribbit IV to hit the turret in toplane
- Traps now need 0.6s to arm

- Dynamite cooldown increased from 5s to 6s
- Mr TNT price increased from 110 to 130 per stage

- Rubber ducky stun duration reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s

- Weedling planting damage can’t be reflected anymore

Patch 1.19

New features

If you own the game on Steam, you can now also download and play it in the Linux version of Steam! Windows, Mac and Linux players all play together online!

Cluck (Clunk skin)
Roam the Awesomenauts battlefield as Cluck Clunk! Omelettes never contained this much aluminium! Everything is fowl play in this Humble Bundle Awesomenauts exclusive costume. Check him out in this bit of gameplay footage!

Major fixes

- Fixed a problem that caused Awesomenauts to use a lot more performance since patch 1.18. This should decrease framedrops on older PCs.
- Fixed a crash on Mac, where the game would crash if chat messages of a certain (rare) form were received.
- Game is now better at switching the host (through host migration) when the current host has pretty bad internet.

Minor fixes

- Increased volume of Team Killing Spree.

Patch 1.18
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New features

- Now available: the first premium skin with custom voice set: Pirate Leon!
Aaaarrrrr, ya scurvy old sea dogs! This here be the most feared pirate of the universe! Wanted on over 500 planets for camenbert plunderin', grog stealin' and sweet talkin', you'd be wise t' to hide your beauties, for leon pirate be comin'!

- New song in the soundtrack DLC: classical Awesomenauts! The Awesomenauts theme as played by the Ludwig Ensemble at the Indie Games Concert!

- A small hidden new feature, can you find it?

General balance
- Baby kuri mammoth divided into two stages 110 Solar per stage
- Baby kuri mammoth ccreduction reduced to 17% per stage
- Reflected bullets won’t fly through turrets anymore
- The stealth from the powerup on Aguillion now only works for 30s
- Power pills turbo price reduced from 150 to 135 Solar
- Power pills light price reduced from 150 to 135 Solar

- Electrify can not be reflected anymore
- Static gloves price reduced from 195 to 185 Solar per stage
- Super conductor price reduced from 175 to 170 Solar per stage
- Increased range of particles of super conductor a bit
- Wetsuit price reduced from 200 to 175 Solar
- Chuck’s board price reduced from 155 to 140 Solar per stage
- Thunderstriker price reduced from 150 to 140 Solar
- Slightly increased basejump height, boots give less
- Silver coating price reduced from 155 to 145 per stage
- Disruptor price reduced from 130 to 120 Solar per stage
- Syphon disruptor price reduced from 320 to 300 Solar

- Fixed that Raelynn could shoot through certain walls by standing next to them.
- Laser pointer blindtime reduced from 2s to 1.5s
- Base speed increased and decreased speed of the boots
- Unknown alien hand price reduced from 210 to 185 Solar
- T-800 dome price reduced from 120 to 110 Solar per stage

- Reduced homing movement of missiles
- Rubber sleeves price increased from 135 to 155 Solar
- Mister tnt price reduced from 140 to 110 Solar per stage
- Extra stick of TNT price increased from 250 to 270 Solar
- Incendiary bomb price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar

- Extra battery pack now also increases the lifespan of dummies by 8s
- Clover of honour now increases the damage of each third successful hit by 6 per level (2 levels)
- Morning star piercing price reduced from 400 to 370 Solar
- Spiked tongue piercing price reduced from 160 to 140 Solar
- Steel false teeth price reduced from 175 to 160 Solar
- Pinot noir price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar
- Backstab blade price reduced from 200 to 180
- Chainsaw addon price reduced from 225 to 210
- Enhanced muscle fibers price reduced from 215 to 200

- Spit damage increased from 30 to 35
- Spike slime added a third stage and reduced price from 210 to 180 Solar
- Weedlings now have a weak healthregen from start without any upgrades
- The placement of weedlings will now do area of effect damage dealing (20 damage)
- Wild growth now increases the placing damage of weedlings by 10 per stage (2 stages) price 175 Solar
- Overgrowth price reduced from 150 to 110 Solar
- Weedlings now start out with 25% hitpoints and regen from there
- Rotten teeth price reduced from 260 to 245 Solar
- Weedlings now aim better at their targets
- Increased base movement speed and acceleration

- Increases heigth of volcano from 2 to 3
- A new pair of boots for Skolldir: League seven boots, increase both normal movement speed as well as a short bonus speed after throwing enemies. Price 155
- Oily spray on bronze speedup reduced from 100% to 75%
- Baby kuri mammoth doesn’t affect throw anymore

- Blueprints container now gives Clunk a reflective shield during explode price 255 Solar
- Medical pump price increased from 210 to 230 Solar per stage

- Reduced the range on sniper bullets from 2.2 to 1.2 and the price from 165 to 110
- Removed stun bullets Added new upgrade: Iron fist missiles, which shoots 4 homing missiles in 4 directions with a slow loading time in turretmode.
- Super powered trap replaced by superpower nuke, which increases the nuke’s speed by 50%, price 165 Solar
- Siegemode cooldown reduced from 5.5 to 4.5
- Combustion lava lamp price reduced from 200 to 185 Solar
- Lead casing now silences as long as the trap lasts instead of a fixed time of 3s.
- Base damage of cat shot increased from 7 to 8
- Bat cat suit damage reduced from 7 to 6
- Bat cat suit price reduced from 380 to 340 Solar
- Longcat range reduced from 4 to 3 per stage
- Longcat price reduced from 190 to 160 Solar per stage
- Slighty reduced acceleration on movement

Froggy G
- Mutant ninja worms damage reduced from 15 to 12
- Base health reduced from 125 to 115
- Baby Kuri Mammoth won’t decrease recovery time on dash
- Bio fuel cells duration decreased from 0.8s to 0.6s
- Increased recovery time after splash dash from 0.15s to 0.2s
- Thornfish sidebullets deal less damage against turrets now
- Tornado damage reduced from 16 to 15
- Mutant worms price increased from 110 to 130 Solar per stage

- Baby yeti effect reduced from 30% to 25%
- Hubble’s lens now increases the minimum damage of laser instead of the max damage
- Cooldown on timebubble increased from 11.5s to 13s
- Hubble’s lens price increased from 235 to 360 Solar
- Flyswatter price increased from 140 Solar to 185 Solar
- Visual size of timebubble now corresponds better with the actual size
- Time primer size reduced from 3.6 to 3
- Chrono rift reduced to one stage of 15% slow for 250 Solar
- Charging speed of laser slighty reduced

Vinnie & Spike
- Base health reduced from 140 to 130
- Removed silence on Alien abduction kit it now adds a lifestealing effect to spike dive, stealing 9 health per target hit within the dash, price 185 Solar
- Withered presidents mask cooldown reduction reduced from 4s to 2s

- Cocoon duration reduced from 3s to 2s
- Spirtual cooking price increased from 165 to 195 Solar
- Collision of the cocoon projectile is now more consistent with the visual
- Storm drum price increased from 145 to 160 Solar per stage
- Cocooned targets now have collision

-The stealth powerup effect on Aquillion now works better with drones

- Improved reconnection system, so that it will often take a bit less time and have a larger chance of succeeding.
- Fixed some issues that hopefully solve the very rare situation that there are four players in a single team, of which one would be invisible (which one was invisible changed whenever someone dies). This also fixes that sometimes the same class would be in a team twice.
- Fixed that sometimes the Leaderboards would show each entry double.

Patch 1.17.1 (hotfix)
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Major fixes

- Fixed that game would crash if a friend was invited into the Battle lobby screen.
- Fixed that Vinnie & Spike’s Yakoiza upgrade remained active forever instead of only during one shot.
- Fixed that Froggy G’s Tornado would not end stealth.

Minor fixes

- Fixed that if you joined late in a game, you did not get the extra health that everyone gets based on game duration.
- Fixed that bots on Aiguillon sometimes got stuck on the middle teamwall if all the turrets in only one lane had been destroyed.
- Fixed that the minimap showed a health orb in the wrong place in Ribbit IV.
- Made some changes to hopefully fix a rare issue that particles sometimes did not disappear and remained in the level during the entire match. Not entirely sure, please let us know if this still happens!

Patch 1.17
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New features

- New map: Aiguillon!

"Aiguillon, the new Awesomenauts map, is out now! This new map has a whole new layout and takes place in a ruined, forgotten temple on Leon's homeworld Aiguillon. Combatants wishing to dominate the map are advised to stay on their toes. That's because Leon's people, the Kremzon, heavily favour stealth in combat. The temple is built around a stealth orb, which grants the user a peroid of invisibility. Apart from the orb, the temple also features ample hiding places used to stay out of sight.

Legend tells the story of a giant cranky porcupine wandering through space. Furious at the sun for burning his eyes, he charged and killed both the light and himself. His prickly remains now orbit the dead sun and gave home to the Kremzon, a crude and devious species that spend most of their time in bustling cabarets and smokey cafés. Aiguillon's thorny rings conceal a mythical temple, rumored to hold the power of invisibility.

- New skin: Demon Skølldir!

Summoned by a sorcerous ritual, Demon Skølldir has entered our realm! Chaos follows in his wake! Tremble mortals, and despair for Demon Skølldir's fiery fists of doom are upon you!

- New skin: Genji the Grey!

Genji the Grey wizard is not some conjurer of cheap tricks. He's a trusty companion for any questing party in need of his wisdom or his crafty smoke rings! Are you in need of some some fireballs, wisdom and balrog smiting? Look no further than Genji the Grey!

- A new song in the soundtrack!
- You can now select map and bot difficulty in Private matches.
- You can now block chat messages and taunts from other players by muting them in the in-game scoreboard.
- The game now pauses players with connection problems before kicking them, in the meanwhile trying to reestablish the connection.

General balance/fixes

- Free pills replaced with cc reduction 40%
- Power pills light/turbo stages lowered with 40%
- Solar tree (30 solar to 22,5 per minute) -25% effective
- Solar tree price from 100 Solar to 75 Solar
- The maximum health of Awesomenauts in increased by 3 hitpoints every 90s with a max of 30 hitpoints
- Basehealth of heroes increased with 15 HP
- Few small changes to inconsistent collision in levels
- Jumppads in AI station 404 have been slightly rotated to avoid heads bumping into ceilings
- Turrets are now better at aiming at enemies on ledges above them
- Fixed that heal-over-time was cleansed by health packs (only damage-over-time is now cleansed)
-Added Genji to the loading screen

Character balance/fixes

Vinnie & Spike
- Reduced the size increase of smoke cloud by 50%
- Received Solar via smoke cloud damage is reduced with 25%
- Gold fish upgrade on spike dive now actually triggers at 100 Solar instead of 200 Solar
- Alien abduction kit now correctly applies silence to dead sea horse head spikes
- Fixed an issue where the spike dive sometimes gets reflected by Froggy G, since it is intended as an AOE effect it is not reflectable anymore.
- Rubber mask and president’s mask now show the correct flavour text
- Cooldown increased of spike dive from 7s to 8s
- Smoke cloud, silence and blinds effects are now reduced in length after exiting the cloud

- Replaced power pills turbo to power pills light
- Plastic praying beads price increased from 220 to 250 Solar
- Plastic praying beads damage increase reduced from 3 to 2
- Glow bracelets price reduced from 165 to 140 Solar
- Glow bracelets attackspeed increased from 15% to 20%
- Fixed an issue where Clunk would scale after being cocooned
- Pefab cocoons don’t deal any damage anymore to the cocooned target
- Cocoon now also stops Yuri’s timebubble
- Monarch blessing and cocoon upgrades now unlock in the right order
- Prestiging locks Piggybank correctly now
- Collision box of Genji fits better now
- Storm can not be deflected anymore by Skolldir
- Removed the third stage of Storm drum

- Weedlings won’t drop solar when killed anymore
- Weedlings base damage increased from 6 to 7

- Chrono rift divided into two stages each 150 Solar and providing +10%slow
- Base slow of timebubble decreased from 30% to 25%
-Baby yeti slow reduced from 35% to 30%
- Fixed a bug where yuri would laser and throw mines at the same time

- Homing missiles price increased from 190 to 220
- Homing missiles speed decreased

- Increased cooldown of transforming back into siege mode to 5.5sec
-Prestiging locks lead casing correctly now
-Hovercats will now fly through glass platforms

- Oily spray on bronze fixed to not grant a double 3rd punch at the end

- Third stage of nuclear warhead for timerift now correctly costs 175 instead of 120 Solar
- Prestiging locks joe doll correctly now
- Fixed that Time Rift got stuck in the ceiling when you threw it while touching the ceiling yourself

Froggy G
- Fixed an issue which caused tornado to turn off the main gun
- Fixed that Froggy could not Dash away from turrets or walls when standing directly next to them.

-slow on damage out of stealth now works correctly

-Fixed a bug where clunk would shoot a missile in the ground after using life bite


- Starting with the new Season (April+May), League 2 is now half as large as it used to be. League 3 has been grown to compensate for this.
- At times during the day when there are few people playing online, leagues 1 and 9 won’t join league 5 matches any more. (All other leagues still search 5 leagues wide at such moments, so for example league 4 players search for matches of leagues 2 to 6. At times when there are more people online, a league 4 player would search in leagues 3 to 5.)

Minor fixes

- Fixed that the Mac version would sometimes randomly not receive some packets. Such packets would then have to be resent, which caused a little bit of extra lag.

Patch 1.16.3
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- Improved transition to new Season. For some players the number-of-matches-played stat for the new Season was not reset and continued with the stat from Season 1. This makes it look in the Leaderboards like these players played a lot of matches in Season 2 already. They usually also have an extremely low win percentage. This patch does not fix this issue for players who already encountered this problem: it only keeps it from happening for players who had not played a public match in Season 2 yet.

Patch 1.16.2
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- Made a number of fixes to prevent ranking resets from happening. Hopefully there will be fewer resets now! If you still get a reset with this new patch, please send us your logs, so we can investigate.

Patch 1.16.1 (Mac only)
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- Fixed that the Mac version was missing a lot of sound effects since patch 1.16, especially for the newer characters.

Patch 1.16
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New features

- Coco McFly character skin (for Coco): Coco has accidentally been sent back to the year 2015 by mad scientist monkey Yuri! 2015... when hoverboards had a weirdly nineteen-eighties-like design! Coco McFly must now find a way to go home in the future! Will she ever get back?

- Bionic Raelynn character skin (for Raelynn): Raelynn has been recruited by a supersecret bionic spec op team. The new and improved Bionic Raelynn has augmented her already impressive battlefield performance with bionics, cybernetics, a worn cloak and shiny lights.

General fixes
- Improved Leaderboard code to make resets of Ranking and Matches Played happen less.
- APL winners got a special Lensflare Cat icon and a mention in the dropzone of each level.
- Leon clones are now affected by the same effects as Leon himself (Vinnie’s Smokescreen stealth and Genji’s Monarch Blessing)
- Fixed that with the right timing, Froggy’s reflect could grab an enemy Genji’s Monarch Blessing and apply if to the Froggy.
- Fixed an issue where the game would for some users never get through the “Waiting for Steam initialization” screen.
- Fixed that players who started the game in a new Season but did not play a match, were added to the Leaderboards with 0 matches played (existing entries like this have not been removed from the Leaderboards).
- Fixed that when silenced, the cooldown clocks would look weird.
- Now showing version number in main menu.
- Now printing message for newly connected players to chat log.
- Fixed that a character would sometimes not appear visually for half a second after having been Cocooned.

Patch 1.15.1
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General fixes
- Fixed that existing summoned characters (Voltar's Drones, Genji's flying droids, Gnaw's Weedlings) would become invisible and invincible after host migration for all other players.
- Fixed that bots had a hard time spotting enemy characters
- A bunch of text fixes
- Fixed that on Low texture quality, loading screen showed that Genji would come soon, instead of that he was already out
- Made some improvements to prevent Leaderboard resets. (We definitely improved things, but we don’t dare claim it is fixed. If you still get resets, please send us your logs so we can further investigate.)

General balance
- Droid levelling effect reduced per level, extra hp 20 -> 15, damage vs. turrets +40% -> +20%
- Removed speed increase on droid levelling, this also caused droids to miss the elevator on Ribbit IV

Character balance/fixes

- Fixed that Cocoon sometimes did not get a visual (also sometimes causing giant frozen Clunk visuals)
- Caterpillar King statue heal effect shot doesn’t move through turrets anymore
- Cocoon base cooldown 8s -> 9s
- Kremzon Calendar 2nd stage cost 135 -> 165

- Fixed that Uranium Spikes still added the 1.14 value of 24 damage, when combined with Carpet Bombs.

- Fixed that 3rd bash combo hit would sometimes still show while Skølldir was cocooned.
- Fixed that Skølldir often lost the ability to use his base attack after being cocooned.
- Fixed that When playing with the Honeydew skin, the 3rd bash combo would be bugged visually when Skølldir was under the effects of Oily Bronze.
- Oily bronze duration 3s -> 2.5s

- Fixed that when using the Mousquetaire Leon skin combined with the Magnet Piercing or Steel False Teeth upgrades, enemy characters pulled by Tongue would end up on the other side Leon.

Vinnie & Spike
- Fixed that unlock levels of Withered Presidents Mask and Rubber Mask were swapped.

- Fixed that Iron Rifle shield would trigger inconsistently.

- Fixed that Derpl was able to transform while being inside the cocoon.

Froggy G
- Fixed that Mutant Worms: Ninja Edition glitched out visually when playing with Pimpy G skin or Grand Master Splash skin.

- Fixed that Clunk could shoot through the team wall at the shop by standing directly next to it.

Patch 1.15
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Character balance/fixes

New Features
- New character! Genji the Pollen prophet, the new support ‘naut voiced by Jesse Cox
- The forcefields above the drill core will now open when all turrets have been destroyed

- Adjusted Droid levelling. Droids level up every 6 minutes, adding +20 HP, +1 damage, +40% turret damage, max level 3
- Bots level up their cheats, starting with none. They level up whenever they die, up to level 4. Every cheat level grants them +10% coold. red., +5 hp, +10% damage vs. turrets
- An extra platform has been added in Sorona to help players reach to top of the core
- Let flying droids level up like walking droids (current state will be about their maximum)
- Power pills lite health 30 -> 25, cost 110 -> 150, 3rd stage added
- Super Droid regens at 250hp per minute
- Super Droid drops 25 -> 20 solar
- turret bullet movement speed 10% increased
- turret scanning range 4% increased
- turret bullets now move through collision

Froggy G
- Base stun duration 0.5 -> 0.7
- Ice Cubes stun duration +0.5 -> +0.4
- Ice Cubes cost 160-> 175
- Hydro splash cost 140 -> 120
- Hydro Smash cost 320 -> 280
- Clock Necklace cost 190 -> 200
- Golden watch cost 120 -> 110
- Hammer Pants split into two stages giving +12 damage, cost 220 -> 130

Tornado Move
- Right Back at Ya cost 290 -> 300
- Can't touch this shield +40 -> +60
- Twister Tweeters deal 50% damage vs. turrets

Fish Gun
- Viridian Eel Cartridges cost 225 -> 140
- Change Mutant Worms: Ninja Edition, deal +15 damage after landing whirlwind or dash, effect dissipates after 5 seconds, cost 110 -> 190

- Dynamite no longer needs a 0.3s arming time
- Incendiary Bomb cost 180 -> 160
- Transfusion Grenades lifesteal 30% -> 25%
- Extra Stick cost 220 -> 250

- Bull Charger cost 125 -> 185
- Techno Viking Helmet cost 190 -> 150

- Missiles speed increased
- Missile and Another Missile cost 225 -> 190
- Booming Bullets cost 250 -> 190

- 10% base speed increase, boots speed decreased to compensate v
- Boots cost 190 -> 160

Tongue Snatch
- Steel false teeth gives +8 hp per hit, per stage, cost 190 -> 175 v
- Magnet piercing gives 2 solar per hit
- Tongue stretcher cost 180 -> 145
- Cheese and Garlic mints silence +0.7s -> +1s, cost 250 -> 175

- Extra Battery Pack dummy health +30 -> +40
- Blow up doll cost 220 -> 200
- Electrifier effect also dealt by dummies, at 50% duration

- Electrifier level 1 duration +0.4s -> 1s
- Electrifier level 2 duration +0.8s -> 1s
- Crit and Surprise Party Mask don't work on turrets

- Medical Pump gives +15 per stage
- Power convertor gives +25 HP over 10 seconds on hit at 150 solar, 2 stages, the HOTs stack

- Blueprints container cost 145 -> 120
- Grease Lightning Snail 180 -> 165

- Reduced range (2%)
- Removed base homing
- Increase Improved Homing Sensor homing 320 -> 380

- Clunk base hp 220 -> 200

- Voltar's drones no longer have collision
- Warpgate overdrive cost 250 -> 200

- Psychothrust cost 180 -> 155
- Twisted nightmares cost 270 -> 200
- Twisted nightmares heal over time +10 -> +15

- Healbot no longer gets solar

Acid Spit
- Tentacle Soup cost 130 -> 150
- Aggressive Acid also adds 2 second duration to the spit puddle

- Weedling base health 50 -> 60
- Fertilizer Health +50 -> +40
- Fertilizer cost 165 -> 180
- Wild Growth cost 140 -> 120
- Flex neck has 3 stages, giving +15% attack speed at 140 each
- Corrosive Spores cost 140 -> 180
- Part gathering is now capped at one part per bite
- Bag of seeds now increases amount of weedlings in the level, 2 stages, 150 solar

Base attack
- Base Attack speed 150 -> 130
- Base attack damage 6 -> 7
- Dental Braces cost 225 -> 165 v
- Chattering teeth attack speed increase 10% -> 15%
- Diamond teeth extra stage added, cost 180
- Rotten teeth damage over time +8 -> +10
- Filed teeth lifesteal 40% -> 30%

- Health upgrades no longer give health bonusses to Weedlings

Lightning Ball
- Base range 7 -> 8
- Conducting gel range +7 -> +5
- Conducting gel cost 210 -> 180
- Gyroscopic dynamo cooldown -2s -> -1.5s
- Blinding lights blind duration 2s -> 3s

- Oily Spray On Bronze no longer affects Cooldowns, dot's, hot's, status effects, and movement speed, provides a 100% attackspeed increase for 3s, cost 200
- Throw base stun duration 1 -> 0.8s
- Reduced throw hitbox height
- Power Briefs cost 135 -> 150
- Axethrowing Trophy cost 210 -> 160
- Axethrowing Trophy increases Gnome range

- Base damage 30 -> 35
- Damage over time duration 2s -> 5s
- Base height +2
- Small Vulcano height +3 -> +3
- Enhanced Muscle Fibers changed to regular cooldown reduction, cooldown -2s
- Stone Twins cost 200 -> 160

- Perfumed White Flowers gives +10 health per stage, per 3rd combo bash at 165 solar
- Rubber Ducky Choker cost 170 -> 210
- Flaming Fists cost 200 -> 160

- Mine constructor reduced to two stages
- Increase base mine damage to 40
- Titanium spikes damage +8 > +5, cost 155 -> 120
- Uranium Spikes damage +24 > +15, cost 400 -> 300
- Toaster timer split into two stages of +4s each, at 110 solar
- Aerial spring also increases vertical speed of mines
- Carpet bombs cost 205 -> 175

Time Warp
- Base bubble slow 20% -> 30%
- Chrono rift slow +25% -> 20%, cost 250 -> 220
- Regeneration Pod cost 150 -> 140
- Pod Pack Deluxe cost 290 -> 270

- Time to next charge 0.7 -> 0.4
- Base Attack Speed 240 -> 300
- Instant Charge Battery attack speed increase per level +35% -> +20%
- Flyswatter cost 165 -> 140

Time Rift
- Return rift flying speed
- Base height 3 -> 3.5
- HC bomb cuddles stage added, cost 185 -> 130
- T-800 Dome cost 210 -> 120
- T-800 Dome droids no longer drop solar

- Snipe base damage 35 -> 45
- Snipe base cooldown 9 -> 10s
- Snipe base range 16 -> 18
- Pump Rifle cost 175 -> 220
- Flashy glasses cost 100 -> 115
- Iron rifle gives CC immunity shield with 30hp during chargeup, cost 260 -> 200
- Casettedeck magazine cooldown -1s > -1.5s, cost 165 >145 solar
- Increased snipe collision width by 10% (to better match visual)
- Laserpointer blind duration +2s
- Gryc lubricator range +8 -> +6

- Monkey hand price 75 > 50 solar

- Boots effect time 1,5s -> 2s

- Make nuke aimable -> starts homing after 1s
- Nuke base damage 40 -> 50
- Hydrocollision lava lamp cost 225 -> 185
- Empowered grid cost 145 -> 115
- Strengthened trap cost 135 -> 195
- Super-powered grid cost 260 -> 210
- Lead Casing silence +1s -> +3s, cost 200 -> 150

- Reduced base cooldown to 1.5s
- Deployment pads now deals a knockback pulse, cost 200 -> 160
- Force field cost 130 -> 100
- Brim force field cost 320 -> 290

Cat shot
- Kitty catsuit cost 160 ->140
- Catcat cost 200 -> 150

Vinnie & Spike
Spike Dive
- Alien abduction kit silence time 1s -> 1.5s, cost 200 -> 150
- Bag full of Goldfish cost 165 -> 100
- Improve Hitbox vs. graphic
- Rigged Casino games cost 115 -> 135
- Antique machine gun cost 135 -> 160
- Fixed that shield’s would not become invisible for Vinnie & Spike’s invisibility cloud. For example, with Clown Mask upgrade Vinnie & Spike’s own shield would always remain visible.

- Base duration 3s -> 4s
- Red Bandana silence +0.3s -> +0.8s, cost 200 -> 150
- Withered president mask reduces the cooldown of Spike Dive
- Rubber mask get 2 solar per second for every enemy in the cloud
- Mammoth Sock with Holes cost 195 -> 175

Bubble gun
- Loanshark works as in 1.14, but upgrade now synergises with Krab burgers
- Loanshark cost 110 -> 50

- Base health 110 -> 125
- The range of the Godfish effect has been increased

Leaderboard fixes
- Fixed that wins would sometimes be turned into losses when the game was restarted. This fix should keep this bug from happening again, but does not give you back your old wins if this bug happened to you before this patch.
- Fixed that the Leaderboard score would sometimes be reset. This fix should keep this bug from happening again, but does not give you back your old score if this bug happened to you before this patch.
- Fixed that if you left a match (or got a network error) and then quit the game without playing another match, the Leave Penalty was applied twice.
- Fixed that the League displayed in the in-game scoreboard was sometimes lower than the actual league of the player (mostly happened to league 1 players).
- Fixed that the Leaderboards History screen always showed 0 matches played in Season 0.
- Fixed that League sizes in Season 0 were displayed way larger than they had originally been, causing players who were (for example) league 3 when Season 0 ended, showed up as league 2 in Season 0 now.

Major fixes
- Reduced peak bandwidth quite a bit, hopefully making the game disconnect less often for players with lesser internet connections bandwidth.

Minor fixes
- Not filling in “recently played” list in Steam until you are in the match, to keep players from abusing this to avoid playing against top players.
- Fixed that Skølldir’s bullet deflect would not make the bullets visually disappear for Skølldir himself (other players did see the bullets disappear already, so this only affects what Skølldir himself sees).
- Fixed that Pimpy G and Double-0 Yuri would not say anything when selected in the Character Select screen.

Patch 1.14.2

- Revealing the new character: Genji!

Patch 1.14.1

- Added a teaser for something.

Patch 1.14
Discuss here!

New features
- Seasonal Leaderboards: a new leaderboard every two months, starting today! The History screen will show your previous results in the leaderboards. Favourite class in the leaderboards is now also shown per period instead of for your entire playing history. Leagues are disabled until 5000 people are in the new leaderboard (which happens within half a day).

- Pimpy G Character Skin (for Froggy G): Them superfly leather suede jeans. That's Pimpin'! That black belt of bling. That's Pimpin'! Them "eyes on the money" glasses. That's Pimpin'! That gold 'n diamond "smack you fools" cane. That's Pimpin'! Pimpy G is pimpin' and you know it.

- Double-O Yuri Character Skin (for Yuri): Double-O-Yuri's instructions are implicit. License to kill. From elegant clubrooms to exotic islands, Double-O-Yuri carries out the Secret Simeon Service's dirty work. An action filled adventure of intrigue, treachery and romance. In the world of adventure, the highest number is Double-O-Yuri!

- In the loading screen you can now see how many other players are ready to start the match.

Major fixes
- Framerate has been improved quite a bit for less powerful videocards, especially during fierce battles.
- Fixed that sometimes a player would enter an empty match, while the others were still waiting in the loading screen for the match to fill up and start.

Minor fixes
- Super Breed 2.0 now correctly increases the size of the Bull
- Leon’s clones now have the same healthbar size as Leon himself (not the same health, of course!).
- Fixed that free Power Pills was always unlocked, even at a too low level account.
- Some improvements to the bots.

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Patch 1.13.3 (hotfix)

- Power Pills Lite price reduced from 160 to 125
- Power Pills Turbo price reduced from 175 to 150
- Free Power Pills effect increased from +30 to +40 hp
- Gnaw Weedling attack speed reduced by 10%
- Raelynn HC-Bomb damage effect corrected to 14 instead of 16.
- Raelynn HC-Bomb effect cooldown now matches that of Timerift.

Patch 1.13.2 (hotfix)

-Fixed that for a small number of players, all skins were playable whether they were bought or not.

Patch 1.13.1 (hotfix)

-Fixed that loadouts were not remembered and all items always marked as New whenever the game was restarted.

Patch 1.13
Discuss here!

New features
- Creeper Clunk skin! Obtain the unique Creeper skin by killing an enemy Clunk wearing the skin. Initially only developers have it, and we will be playing using the skin in the coming days. Try and beat us!
- Matches will now start with full teams much more often. The host of a game now waits for six players to be ready before starting the match. It waits a maximum of two minutes and then always starts. The time the host spends in the Character Select and Loadout Select menus is deducted from the waiting time, so the maximum waiting time is the same as before (the average waiting time is longer now).

Character balance/fixes

Froggy G
- Whirlwind, Boom box upgrade damage increased from 2 to 4.

- Tongue snatch, Base range increased from 6 to 6.6
- Tongue snatch, Tongue stretch now increases range by 2.4, instead of 4.

- Weedlings, creation cooldown increased from 0.5 to 1
- Weedlings, reduced base health from 80 to 50 hitpoints.
- Weedlings, increased base attack speed by 20%
- Weedlings, improved bullet speed from 4 to 6, and improved homing.
- Weedlings, improved Wild growth: +60 to +150 per minute regen.
- Spit, spit will no longer fly through enemies, will instead drop to the ground upon contact.
- Base health reduced from 135 to 125.
- Base speed reduced from 8 to 7.2

- Mighty Throw, Oily Bronze speedup effect reduced from 100% to 75%.

- Vacuum bite, Reduced Screamer Engine duration from 1 to 0.7 sec.
- Explode, Universal Charger now reduces charging time by 0.7 seconds, instead of 0.9.
- Explode, Thermonuclear cleaner price increased from 210 to 240

- Ball lightning, Blaze particles left by the Heavenly Fire upgrade have 50% duration compared to regular blaze particles.
- Ball lightning, thunder striker upgrade now also induces a mini stun, making the knockback non-interruptible.

- Homing missiles, improved homing and movement speed from 3.5 to 4.5.
- Homing missiles, cost reduced from 275 to 225.

- Nuke, improved movement speed from 2.5 to 3

- Protoblaster, fixed that after HC-Bomb the extra damage would often apply to several bullets instead of just one
- Protoblaster, Skull Bracelet price reduced from 155 to 135
- Protoblaster, Joe doll price increased from 135 to 175
- Protoblaster, base damage reduced to 7, extra stage added to Skull Bracelet
- Timerift, movement speed during flight reduced from 10 to 7.5
- Timerift, base duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
- Timerift, 1.21 Gigawatt Battery duration bonus reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
- Timerift, cooldown increased from 7 to 9 seconds.

Vinnie & Spike
-Shot, Sharky & Remora upgrade now also improves the range for The Godfish
- Shot, it is now possible to start a Spike Dive or Smokescreen while shooting.
- Dive, the spike graphic has been adjusted to better match the damage range of the spikes.
- Dive, unlock of Rigged casino games now shows the correct icon.
- Smokescreen, Mammoth Sock with Holes upgrade stage 2 now adds 2 seconds of invisibility, instead of 4.
- Smokescreen, Coco will no longer stay invisible while holding down the attack button.
- Reduced camera vertical deadzone size.

- Heal, the height of the droids has been increased slightly, so that controller players can now normally hit them with the heal beam.

- Silence now works consistently on all characters: skills are locked during Silence, while main attacks and jumps still work.
- Removed limitation of multi-jumpers (Lonestar, Vinnie & Spike, etc) where they couldn’t jump in-air when reaching a certain falling speed.
- Improved flying droids: base health from 75 to 100, shot homing, speed, damage and range.
- Updated loading screen to improve Coco and Raelynn’s representation.
- Reduced turret deadzones in Ribbit IV and AI Station 404.
- Power Pills Turbo, price increased from 135 to 175.
- Power Pills Lite, price increased from 110 to 160.
- Free Power Pills, health effect decreased from 40hp to 30hp.

Major fixes
- Bots have been made a bit smarter, and easy bots have been made easier.
- Fixed that on AI Station, the red team would often get one droid less than the blue team.
- Fixed that using two Keyboard-only control schemes in splitscreen would always claim to have conflicted buttons.
- [Mac only] CMD+Tab now works on Mac (also with CMD+M and CMD+H).
- [Mac only] Fixed that Retina displays would only use part of the screen in windowed mode.
- [Mac only] Fixed that shift+tab sometimes did not work until the game was restarted.
- Changed colours in shop to make what has been bought and what has not been bought distinguishable for colorblind players.
- Removed Christmas decorations.

Minor fixes
- Fixed that achievement for unlocking three characters could not be gained if all skins had been bought before unlocking three characters.
- Yuri now has two buying quotes in the shop, instead of only one.
- Fixed that the interface would sometimes not update correctly when switching controls during gameplay.
- Fixed that the last unlock level was shown as empty.
- Fixed that special characters (like ‘ø’) could not be used in user names.
- Moved some glass platforms on Ribbit IV to fix that players who kept touching them after a downjump could not jump up again.

Patch 1.12.1
Discuss here

Character balance/fixes

-Protoblaster, Joe doll now actually increases attackspeed
-Protoblaster, range of shots decreased from 7.4 to 7

Vinnie & Spike
-Smoke screen, Mammoth sock with holes stealth time increased from 1.5s to 2s per stage
-Smoke screen, Mammoth sock with holes now also applies stealth to Vinnie & Spike
-Smoke screen, Rubber mask reduces the cooldown of spike dive with 4s instead of resetting it
-Smoke screen, Raelynn and Gnaw now cancel their invisibility when they attack
-Smoke screen, fixed that characters sometimes remained half-transparent forever after getting Smoke screen’s invisibility
-Bubble gun, Al Carper added a third stage
-Bubble gun, Al Carper price reduced from 220 Solar to 190 Solar
-Bubble gun, Scarfish will now actually increases attackspeed
-Air speed increased by 20%
-Spike dive, base damage increased from 20 to 30
-Spike dive, Chrome file damage increased from 4 to 10 per stage
-Spike dive, Bag full of gold fish damage increased from 10 to 15
-Spike dive, Rigged casino games price reduced from 135 Solar to 115 Solar

Patch 1.12

New Playable Character: Vinnie & Spike
(voice by Total Biscuit)
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Vinnie and Spike are notorious partners in crime and BFF's. Wanted on numerous planets including their homeplanet Okeanos where the largest crime syndicate Shisu has put a reward on their head for stealing the Kullinan koi, the biggest golden koi ever known to fish and worth 4.8 Billion Solar. Unfortunately the duo lost the koi somewhere in the Atlantic ocean on earth while fleeing from Interpool.

-Spike dive - Dive through enemies and shoot spikes in a circle at the end.
-Smoke screen- Leave a cloud of smoke behind to blind your enemies, while you escape.
-Bubble gun - Shoot a burst of rapid piercing bubbles.
-Inflate - Spike gasps for air and floats upwards.

The following skin has been added to the game:
♦Vinnie & Spike - Cap'n Vinnie & Seadog Spike

New features
-Added controller support on Mac.
-Added three player splitscreen support on Mac.
-Sorona, Ribit IV and AI Station 404 have been given a cheerfull overhaul for Christmas!

Character balance/fixes
-Explode, Thermonuclear cleaner removed the ministun on both stages.

-Timerift, Higgs grenade height increased
-Timerift, Damage upgrade now works across the whole height of Timerift.
-Timerift, throw speed increased
-Instant jump power decreased to create more control (instant jump is triggered when you tap the button)
-Timerift, Damage will no longer be blocked by collision.
-Protoblaster, increased base range by 2.
-NEW! Protoblaster, replaced range upgrade by attack speed upgrade. 2 stages, +15%, 135 solar a piece.

-Slash, Clover of honor flavor text changed to reflect correct price
-Leon bot, fixed a bug where Leon bot wouldn’t attack turrets.

-Throw dynamite, Rubber sleeves increased range

-Suicide drones, Drone army text changed show correct amount of drones
-Instant jump power decreased to create more control (instant jump is triggered when you tap the button)
-NEW! Passives, replaced Piggybank with Solar krab burgers

-Acid spit, split spit will now only trigger on enemy Awesomenauts
-Acid spit, split spit, it is now visualised whether a spit will be split if you walk over it.
-Acid spit, duration reduced from 6 to 4 seconds.
-Acid spit, cooldown increase from 7 to 8 seconds.
-Weedlings, the maximum amount of weedlings you can carry with you is now 2 standard.
-Weedlings, bag of seeds now adds a single weedling, cost has been reduced 220 > 150
-Weedlings, Gnaw already holds a single weedling when he buys the upgrade or when he respawns.
-Weedlings, health upgrades for Gnaw also increase weedling health, Power Pills Light adds 6 health per stage, Power Pills adds 8 health

-Laser, Giant monocle price reduced from 280 Solar to 160 Solar

-Siege mode, Derpl is immune for status effects when in siege mode.
-Siege mode, nuke can now be detonated with a second press.

-Instant jump power decreased to create more control (instant jump is triggered when you tap the button)

-Earthquake, height of Small volcano increased, 2.5 > 3
-Earthquake, movement speed increased by 25%
-Earthquake, changed damage into non stacking damage over time, to make the amount of damage dealt more reliable.
-Earthquake, doubled the damage, to compensate for the change mentioned above.

Major fixes
-Decreased processor usage significantly. This should improve framerate for those computers where the processor is the limiting factor. On other computers this will probably have little to no effect.

Minor fixes
-Fixed a small issue where bots get stuck in the neutral area on Ribbit IV
-Improved readability of Raelynn’s Snipe ability for colorblind players.

Patch 1.11.1
Discuss here!

-This patch reveals what the new character is going to be! Trailer out now as well!
-Fixed that the launcher crashed on Mac OSX Leopard.

Patch 1.11
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Character balance/fixes
-New! The two stage power pills turbo renamed to power pills light
-Power pills light now has its own icon
-Power pills light price reduced from 135 Solar to 110 Solar

-Power pills turbo replaced with power pills light

-NEW! Blue print container now increases damage of explode to 100 damage below 50% health instead of reducing death time (damage does not stack with Thermonuclear cleaner).
-Blue print container price increased from 0 Solar to 145 Solar

-Jump height increased a bit
-Renamed Raelynn’s jump to “Six million Solar” human jump. ;)
-Snipe, Iron rifle price reduced from 300 to 260
-Snipe, Iron rifle damage increased from 14 to 15 damage
-Snipe, Pump rifle damage increased from 7 to 10 damage

Major fixes and improvements
-Made several fixes to ranking calculations, hopefully fixing the issue that rankings were sometimes reset.
-Added an option to the launcher to disable some of the multithreading in Awesomenauts (so that the game uses less CPU cores). Disabling this is not recommended, but we expect turning this off might fix the large number of framerate hickups that some users are getting.
-Controllers now work in the Launcher (to make the game work better with Steam Big Picture mode).
-The control scheme menu now works completely with controllers.

Minor fixes
-Several minor control scheme and HUD fixes.
-Fixed empty unlocks under some circumstances.
-Fixed counter on flying droid spawner on AI Station 404 after host migration.

Patch 1.10.2
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-Removed discount banners from loading screen, main menu and shop
-Removed Necro Voltar banner from loading screen
-Added new "who's that naut? coming soon" banner to loading screen

Patch 1.10.1 (hotfix)
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-Acid spit, split spit will now correctly remove first spit on split

Patch 1.10
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New feature

The following skins have been added to the game:

♦Voltar - Necro Voltar (this skin is free when you own Swords & Soldiers HD on Steam)

Character balance/fixes

Froggy G
-New! Bolt .45 Fish Gun, thornfish now creates a shortrange splash dealing fixed damage
-Bolt .45 Fish Gun, thornfish price reduced from 450 Solar to 340 Solar
-Power pills turbo, removed third stage

-Spit will now no longer be absorbed on contact.

-The Small volcano upgrade now increases the height of Mighty Earthquake instead of increasing the damage.

-Derpl can no longer use the jumppads in the middle of Ribbit IV when in siege mode.

-Power pills turbo, removed third stage
-Cloaking skin, surprise party mask now will correctly work with clover of honour
-Cloaking skin, clover of honour will now correctly apply to clones
-Tongue pull, magnet piercing Solar gain increased from 5% to 15%

-Suicide drones, fixed a bug where the drones would do an additional 10 explosion damage

-Life bite, blueprint container price reduced from 150 Solar to 0 Solar
-Life bite, blueprint container removed second stage
-Life bite, blueprint container reduces the deathtimer with 30s now

-Increased jump height
-Denny’s boots will now trigger faster when out of combat
-Time rift, T-800 dome price reduced from 260 to 210
-Time rift, T-800 dome now has two stages; stages gives the bot 50% health to 100%
-Protoblaster, skull bracelet price reduced from 175 Solar to 155 Solar
-Protoblaster, monkey hand price reduced from 125 Solar to 75 Solar
-Snipe, casettedeck magazine price reduced from 180 Solar to 165 Solar
-Snipe, pump rifle price reduced from 190 Solar to 175 Solar
-Snipe, iron rifle price reduced from 320 Solar to 300 Solar
-Snipe, flashy glasses effect reduced from 10% to 7%
-Raelynn laser snipe can no longer be swiped to deal extra damage (previous fix was incomplete, now really fixed!)

General major fixes
-League 1 has been made much smaller to make it more exclusive (from over 3000 players to only up to position 250). Leagues 2 and 3 have been grown to compensate for this.

General minor fixes
-Added coins in the bottom lane on Sorona
-Lonestar bots will now use dynamite throw again
-Interface now updates better when changing controls during gameplay

Patch 1.9.3
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-Removed free-weekend banners from loading screen and main menu

Patch 1.9.2 (hotfix)
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-The matchmaker now never searches in only one league, even if there are a lot of people online. It now always searches within 3 or 5 leagues, depending on how many players are online. This should solve the issue that players in the highest leagues had difficulty finding opponents during the free weekend (which drew in lots of new league 9 players).

Patch 1.9.1 (hotfix)
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-Fixed a big issue with leagues, causing everyone except league 9 to find too few opponents to play with.

(Explanation: Earlier today one of our programmers had accidentally made all leagues a lot smaller, except for league 9. Since there are a lot of new players now because of the Free Weekend on Steam, we should in fact have done the opposite. This has been fixed this evening: all leagues are now a lot bigger to make room for the new players, except for league 9, which is now a normal size instead of housing almost everyone. This bug was made worse because we recently introduced a new feature that if a lot of players are online, everyone only plays against opponents from his own league. We were able to fix this on the matchmaking server and did not have to release a real patch for this.)

Patch 1.9
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Character balance/fixes

-Increased Time Rift base slow to 60%, removed 3rd slow upgrade
-Merged Shot range upgrades into a single upgrade
-Snipe now only damages during one frame, so swiping to damage a larger area does not work any more.
-Time Rift now keeps functioning better if Raelynn dies while Time Rift is active.

-Removed movement restriction on Spit.
-Increased Spit base damage from 30 to 35.

-Removed ability to store combo through using skills

General major fixes
-Fixed that DoT (damage over time) showed a very large number when attacking turrets or the Drill Core. This is purely a visual fix, since DoT did not actually do this much damage.
-Fixed achievement for turret kills.
-Matchmaking now decides in how many leagues to search depending on the number of players online, so if lots of players are online, you will only get players of the same skill level.
-Skølldir, Gnaw and Raelynn can now appear as favourite characters in the Leaderboards. Matches from before the patch with these characters are taken into account. You need to finish one online match to make this update.

General minor fixes
-Various bot fixes.
-Various fixes to control scheme bugs that happened under very specific circumstances.
-Fixed a bug where the Leaderboards would sometimes claim to be empty.
-Stats button has been moved from Settings menu to Main menu.
-DirectX water now looks the same as OpenGL water.
-In splitscreen, using a skill that is on cooldown now only shows a click on your own screen instead of on the other player’s screen as well.

Patch 1.8.1 (Hotfix)

Character balance/fixes

-Suicide drones, shot range decreased from 14 to 10
-Suicide drones, warpgate overdrive cooldown reduction decreased from -2 sec. to -1 sec.
-Suicide drones, warpgate overdrive price increased from 190 Solar to 250 Solar.

-Snipe shot, cooldown reduced from 10 sec. to 9 sec.
-Snipe shot, charge up time reduced from 0.67 sec. to 0.5sec.
-Snipe shot, damage increased from 30 to 35 damage.
-Snipe shot, flashy glasses, Solar/damage percentage reduced from 15% to 10%

Patch 1.8

New Feature
- Spawn Messages: Characters will now play a character-specific audio sample locally when they have spawned.
- Levelcap is raised to 82! Every level will unlock one new feature in the game. Items you gathered before this patch will still be available.

New Playable Character: Raelynn

Raelynn loves big guns. After highschool she went straight into the E.L.F. army to fight against the invading robots, just before the first AI war. She was trained by the best and excelled in long range weaponary. Within a year she was given the honor of joining an elite squad called the SkyCrows, where she met the love of her life: her Protorblaster "Cuddles". For years they did covert missions together as a team to disrupt robot production and steal robot technologies. They were feared by all robots (well...the ones with emo-chips). Until that one deep space mission to AI station 404 in the year 3009, where she ran into a robot ambush, and "Cuddles" was brutally taken away from her. Raelynn was put into cryostasis. Decades passed until a small mercenary team found her hidden on the planet. There she was rejoined with "Cuddles" and many warm 'hugs' were given that day to all robots on 404.


Snipe- Take aim and deal a powerful and very long shot, that pierces through enemies.
Time rift- Throw a deployable verticle rift that slows time.
Pulserifle - Raelynn fires her protoblaster ‘Cuddles’.
Jump - Normal human jump

Character balance/fixes

- Changed his description from slow movement to medium movement, to better represent his speed.
- The price of Power Briefs (Mighty Throw) has been reduced from 170 Solar to 135 Solar.
- The price of Homeless Gnome (Mighty Throw) has been increased from 210 Solar to 220 Solar.
- The duration of the stun effect on Rubber Ducky Choker (Bash) has been reduced from 0.6s to 0.4s.
- Oily spray on bronze (Mighty Throw) should be more reliable now.

- Dynamite (Dynamite Throw) now always explodes on contact after a delay of 0.3s. Dynamite throw, dynamite now explodes on contact but with a 0.3s delay.
- The price of Rubber Sleeves (Dynamite Throw) has been reduced from 180 Solar to 135 Solar.

- Clover of Honour (Slash) has been changed to correctly grant 15% chance to inflict a critical hit.
- The price of Magnet Piercing (Tongue Pull) has been reduced from 180 Solar to 100 Solar.

- NEW - Voltar’s “Summon Drones” ability has been renamed to “Suicide Drones”. After purchasing the Suicide Drones skill, drones will continue to spawn automatically. Using the Suicide Drones skill now orders your drones to home in on nearby enemies, exploding on contact.
- The damage dealt by Suicide Drone shots has been reduced from 5 to 4, while explosion damage has been increased from 10 to 12.
- Weapon range and homing capabilities of Suicide Drone shots have been improved.
- The damage increase from Weaponised Hull (Suicide Drones) has been increased from 5 to 6.
- The price of Dreams of Greed (Healing wave) has been reduced from 205 Solar to 155 Solar.
- Movement speed slightly reduced

-Time bubble, Cooldown compensation for buying Space time continuity device and Flash forward removed .

-Siege mode, solid fist bullets stun chance changed to correctly have 10% chance to stun.
-Grid trap, lead casing price reduced from 225 Solar to 200 Solar.

-Acid spit, feather ball price reduced from 180 Solar to 145 Solar.
-Bite, rabbid teeth price reduced from 210 Solar to 185 Solar.

General Fixes
-The game now searches for matches in 5 leagues instead of in 3 leagues. This will be changed back to 3 when the community gets larger with upcoming awesome things.
-Raelynn theme song and killing spree have been added to the soundtrack DLC.
-If you have a skin for a character, then random character select will now always use that instead of the normal look.
-Characters in character select have been re-ordered to match their unlock order.
-Fixed a bug where sometimes the game would show a different league in the main menu and in the Leaderboards.
-The game now shows an error if it is started on a resolution that the screen cannot display, instead of crashing.
-Fixed that older videocards printed a lot of unnecessary errors to the log.
-Added Golden Ducks for Coleykun, Evilinferno, Z13J, RSS and Bytyqi.
-Fixed that Skøllldir’s deflect upgrade showed the deflect text way too often.
-Fixed that screenshots could not be made in DirectX.
-Fixed that text was shown less smooth in DirectX than in OpenGL.
-Random slowdown on characters should now be fixed.

Patch 1.7.3

-Added an image of Raelynn, the new character that will come soon.
-Sorona, Ribit IV and AI Station 404 have been given a spooky overhaul for Halloween!

Patch 1.7.2

-Added a teaser for a little something...

Patch 1.7.1

-Fixed a brutal bug that caused leaderboard scores to become infinitely low. This bug spread like a virus: everyone who played with or against someone who had it, got it as well, tainting almost 3% of the players in less than 24 hours. We think the bug has been fixed now, but the ranking of everyone who got infected has been reset... We are incredibly sorry for this!

Patch 1.7

Character balance/fixes
-Bash, Perfumed white flowers damage reduced from 50 to 40
-Bash, Fistbump price reduced from 240 Solar to 190 Solar
-Bash, Mini knockback removed from first two bashes
-Earthquake, Stone twins price reduced from 230 Solar to 200 Solar
-Earthquake, Enhanced muscle fibers now lowers cooldown to 4 sec. Chance from 25% to 30 %
-Earthquake, Enhanced muscle fibers price reduced from 210 Solar to 185 Solar
-Mighty throw, Cortexiphan shake price increased from 140 Solar to 160 Solar

-Improved homing sensor price reduced from 140 Solar to 110 Solar
-Missiles, Fragmenting shells price reduced from 280 Solar to 150 Solar

Froggy G
-Tornado move, right back at ya! price increased from 260 Solar to 290 Solar
-Bolt .45 fish gun, Swirling octopus price reduced from 185 Solar to 145 Solar

Coco Nebulon
-Lightning ball, Heavenly fire price reduced from 275 Solar to 205 Solar
-Blaze, Silver coating removed a stage (2 total)
-Blaze, Silver coating speed increased from 0.14 to 0.17
-Blaze, Silver coating price increased from 140 Solar to 155 Solar
-Blaze, Chuck’s board now has an additional stage (4 total)
-Blaze, Chuck’s board price reduced from 175 Solar to 155 Solar
-Electrify, Super conductors price reduced from 385 to 175
-Electrify, Super conductor damage reduced from 3 to 2
-Electrify, Super conductor now has an additional stage (2 total)

General Fixes
-Charlie the Octopus has returned to his water tank on AI Station 404. He was temporarily on holiday to Okeanos and had a wonderful week with his family at the Purple Oceans resort.
-Fixed unstable framerate when a Honeydew Skølldir is in the game
-Fixed framedrop that would occur when a player joins and when starting a match
-Fixed framedrop that could occur when a player leaves
-Fixed the text chat at the end of the game, messages sent to ‘All’ were not arriving at other players after the base was destroyed.
-Fixed broken win percentages in the leaderboard. Players who had their win percentage listed incorrectly in the leaderboards will need to finish an online game in order for their data to update with the correct percentage.
-Fixed a bug in the new ranking calculation system introduced in patch 1.6
-Fixed a couple of minor text issues

Patch 1.6.1 "leagues"

New features
-Leagues are now visible in the leaderboards, scoreboard and main menu. There are 9 different leagues:

Players are now split into 9 leagues, from lowest ranked players to highest ranked players. The game will connect you to games from your own league and one below and one above. If you are in the bottom league you will be able to join games 2 leagues up and if you are in the top then you will be connected to 2 leagues down.

1 Awesomantium
2 Crimsonite
3 Thorium
4 Plutonium
5 Gold
6 Silver
7 Bronze
8 Iron
9 Copper

-Added Skølldir to the loading screen

Character balance/fixes
-Dynamite throw, incendiary grenades now correctly apply damage over time.

-Perfumed white flowers crit damage is halved against turrets.
-Mighty throw, homeless gnome damage is halved against turrets.
-Mighty throw, fixed a graphical bug

General Fixes
-Fixed overlapping texts in leaderboards
-Chat now works correctly at the end of the game (opponents often did not see what you typed)

Patch 1.6

New Playable Character: Skølldir

After many feasts following many raids, Skølldir The Terrible Space Viking's nickname was altered to Skølldir The Terribly Overweight Space Viking. Nothing could scorn the brute more than this honorless title! Anyone who would dare to call him fat is met with a rapid series of crushing punches and is thrown aside.


Earthquake- Buttstomp the ground to start an eartquake which damages enemies in front of you in a line.
Mighty throw - Hurl your enemies backwards with this mighty throw.
Bash - Skølldir bashes his enemies to bits with a devastating 3 hit combo.
Explosive fart! - Jump and fart in mid-air to receive an extra boost!

Skolldir will come with a special Yogscast "Honeydew" skin. The Yogscast will reveal how to get the skin on their channel.

Character balance/fixes
Coco Nebulon
-Lighting ball, fixed the text when unlocking heavenly fire
-Lightning ball, Gyroscopic dynamo, cooldown reduction increased from 1sec. to 2sec.
-Lightning ball, Gyroscopic dynamo, price increased from 135 Solar to 160 Solar
-Lightning ball, Voltage amplifier, damage increased from 7 to 9
-Improved Coco Hawaii skin

-Time bubble, Cooldown is now compensated for buying Space time continuity device and Flash forward. This will reduce their cooldown reducing effect.
-Time bubble, Regeneration pod price increased from 130 Solar to 150 Solar.
-Time bubble, Regeneration pod third stage removed
-Time bubble, Pod pack deluxe, healing reduced by 30%
-Time bubble, Pod pack deluxe price reduced from 330 Solar to 290 Solar.
-Time bubble, healing bubble will no longer generate Solar.
-Time bubble, slowing power reduced from 35% to 20%
-Time bubble, Chrono rift slowing power increased from 15% to 25%
-Improved Yuri's Kosmonaut skin

-Dynamite throw, incendiary bomb damage over time decreased from 15 to 10
-Summon hyper bull, Ribbit snail slime and Mature ribbit snail slime now slow for 3 sec instead of being incremental.
-Health reduced from 130 health to 120 health
-Improved Lonestar's officer skin

-Summon drones, drones now aim better and increased the speed and homing of their bullets
-Summon drones, Health increased, from 20 to 30.

-Acid spit, Agressive acid now also pierces enemies
-Acid spit, Tentacle soup slow increased from 15% to 20%
-Acid spit, Spike slime price reduced from 250 Solar to 210 Solar
-Acid spit, Split spit price reduced from 270 Solar to 190 Solar
-Grow Weedling, Fertilizer price reduced from 215 Solar to 165 Solar
-Grow Weedling, Corrosive spores price reduced from 220 Solar to 180 Solar
-Grow Weedling, Flex neck price reduced from 295 Solar to 270 Solar
-Bite, Rotten teeth, price reduced from 290 Solar to 260 Solar
-Bite, Rotten teeth, damage reduced from 10 to 7

General fixes: Major fixes
- The ranking system has received a major overhaul:
- Your increase or decrease in rank after a match is now scaled by how long you’ve been a part of the match. If you join a match that has already been in progress for a long time, your change in rank will be relatively small.
- When calculating your new rank at the end of a match, the skill of all players that have ever participated in that match will be taken into account. Previously, the skill of people that have left before the end of a match were not a part of the calculation.
- The penalty for leaving a match is now equal to a loss of that match. Even if you unplug your PC and / or network cable, the leave penalty will still be applied. The loss in rank will not be scaled by how long you’ve been a part of the match, so it will always be preferable to play until the (bitter) end.
- Split screen players used to count as if they had the same skill as bots, but now they will count as having the same skill as the main player. This fixes the major leaps in rank that split-screen players used to get.
- Because of all these big changes, the leaderboard and rankings of all players will be reset. Games played, win percentage and other leaderboard stats will not be reset.
- With all these changes there comes the risk of introducing new bugs into the ranking system, even though we have tested the new system extensively. If any major bugs are found we may reset the leaderboard again in a future patch.

General Fixes: Minor fixes
- Added extra platform near the base on AI Station 404, placed same platforms in Ribbit IV
- Improved crit chance calculation for various skills. Limiting the chance of multiple crits in a row and long streaks of non-crits.
- Fixed hiding of certain skills by shortly tapping the teleport to base button.
- On accepting a game invite the invitee will be placed in the team of the player that sent the invite if there is a free slot in that team.

Patch 1.5 "Suit up!"
Discuss here!

New features
-Added an option to set the matchmaking search area. There are 4 different settings:
+Same or nearby region
+Half way around the globe

-Added a downloadable content section.
-Custom skins can now be purchased in the Steam Store.

The following skins have been added to the game:

♦Voltar - Disco Voltar
♦Froggy g - Grand master splash
♦Lonestar - Officer Lonestar
♦Yuri - Kosmonaut Yuri
♦Coco - Coco Hawaii
♦Gnaw - Bumble Gnaw
♦Derpl - Hotrod Derpl
♦Leon - Musketeer Leon
♦Clunk - Expendable Clunk

Character balance/fixes

Coco Nebulon
-Killing opponents with Super Conductor will now display the right skill icon.

-Grenades, Dark matter flashbang and Rubber Sleeves are now switched in the loadoutscreen.
-Hyper Bull, Bull Charger explosion size reduced by 20%.
-Hyper Bull, price increased from 120 Solar to 135 Solar.

-Acid Spit, Spike slime Solar price reduced from 290 Solar to 250 Solar.
-Bite, Rotten teeth Solar price increased from 260 Solar to 290 Solar.

Derpl Zork
-Increased his weight. Derpl can push other characters with more force and can’t be pushed away anymore.
-Siegemode, Iron Fist bullets: Damage from iron fist bullets is now consistant with normal bullets and damage upgrades will now correctly apply.
-Siegemode, price reduced from 145 Solar to 135 Solar.
-Siegemode, Iron fist bullets price increased from 135 Solar to 225 Solar.

-Healbot, Energy drink added health decreased from 20 to 10 per stage.
-Healbot, Energy drink price increased from 170 Solar to 205 Solar.
-Healbot, Turret Add-on attackspeed decreased from 240 to 200.
-Healbot, Turret Add-on will now display attackspeed.
-Healbot, Turret Add-on beefed up the damage visualization.
-Healbot, Turret Add-on price increased from 190 Solar to 230 Solar.
-Healbot, Hydraulic sugar dispenser price increased from 140 Solar to 170 Solar.
-Healbot, Cortex tank price increased from 140 Solar to 175 Solar.

-Vacuum Bite, price reduced from 155 Solar to 135 Solar.

General fixes: Major fixes
-Improved skill based matchmaking. Players are now split into 9 leagues, from lowest ranked players to highest ranked players. The game will connect you to games from your own league and one below and one above. If you are in the bottom league you will be able to join games 2 leagues up and if you are in the top then you will be connected to 2 leagues down. We are still improving this system, once we are happy with it we will integrate it in the menu’s.

General Fixes: Minor fixes
- Improved behaviour flying droids on AI Station 404.
- Added platforms on AI Station 404.

Patch 1.4.1 (Hotfix)
- Reverted several networking changes from Patch 1.4 that were causing players to become invisible to other players under rare circumstances.
- The effective range of Dynamite Throw upgraded with Rubber Sleeves (Dynamite Throw) has been reverted to the same range as pre-1.4.

Patch 1.4
Discuss here!

New features
- Removed the time you were required to wait before being able to open the Shop while waiting for the Droppod to launch.
- Graphics in the main menu have been updated.

Character balance/fixes
Froggy G
- Cooldown of Splash Dash has been increased from 6 sec to 7 sec.
- The recovery time of Splash Dash is no longer reduced by upgrades that reduce the cooldown of the ability.
- The recovery time of Splash Dash is increased slightly by upgrades that increase the Stun Duration of the ability.
- Can't Touch This (Tornado Move) will no longer protect Froggy G. from status effects such as blind, stun and snare. Stun and snare effects will now interrupt Tornado Move.
- The price of Mutant Worms (Bolt .45 Fish Gun) has been reduced from 165 Solar to 110 Solar.
- The price of Thorn Fish (Bolt .45 Fish Gun) has been increased from 280 Solar to 450 Solar.

Coco Nebulon
-NEW! Heavenly Fire has been redesigned and now adds a Blaze effect to Lightning Ball.
-Blaze, Time travel turbine price reduced from 165 Solar to 100 Solar.
-NEW! Super Conductor (Electrify) has been redesigned and now adds homing electricity particles to your attack. Super Conductor (Electrify) deals 3 damage per particle.
- The price of Conducting Gel (Lightning Ball) has been increased from 180 Solar to 210 Solar.
- Damage over time duration from Blaze particles has been reduced from 2.5 sec to 2 sec. Interval of the damage ticks has been reduced from once per 0.5 sec to once per 0.4 sec.
- Base health has been decreased from 135 to 125

- Health of Drones has been increased from 15 to 20.
- The cooldown of Drones has been reduced from 12 sec to 11 sec.
- The volume of Drones’ explosion has been reduced.
- The effective range of Healbot has been increased from 6.6 to 8.
- The attackrate of Turret add-on (Healbot) has been increased from 30 to 240.
- The damage of Turret add-on (Healbot) has been decreased from 20 to 2.
- A visual effect has been added to the Cortex Tank (Healbot) knockback pulse.

- NEW! Iron Fist Bullets (Siege mode) now give a chance to stun their target, rather than doing knockback.
- Iron Fist Bullets (Siege mode) have a 10% chance to stun their target for 0.5 sec.
- Derpl is now no longer able to jump during the transformation in and out of Siege mode.
- Siege mode, base damage 9 > 10, Hollow point bullet upgrade split into two upgrades adding 2 damage each.
- Hoovercats (Catshot) now fly straight, rather than float upwards.

- The duration of the silence effect from Cheese & Garlic Mints (Tongue pull) has been increased from 0.5 sec to 0.7 sec.

- The price of Flyswatter (Laser) has been reduced from 270 Solar to 165 Solar.

- Acid Spit will no longer disappear when fired close to a wall.
- The price of Feather Ball (Acid spit) has been reduced from 220 Solar to 180 Solar.
- Weedlings will no longer fire bullets when blinded.
- Fixed a bug where Gnaw’s weedling parts would randomly reset.
- Gnaw can now correctly bite behind him when walking away from the target.

General fixes: Major fixes
- DirectX mode now also supports fullscreen.
- DirectX mode now also supports VSync
- VSync has been moved from the in-game settings menu to the pre-game launcher.
- Implemented colorblind-friendly icons to the minimap.
- Improvements have been made to the matchmaking system, which should improve stability for players who previously had problems getting into a match with only human players.
-The “You have been signed out of your Steam account.” error now only shows when the games has failed to connect Steam servers for a longer period.
- Fixed a couple of networking issues.
- Players will now no longer join matches through the matchmaking system when a turret protecting the base has sustained significant damage. Players are still able to join these matches through invitations or using the “Join Game” button in their friends list.

General Fixes: Minor fixes
- The achievements “I will have my vengeance Venger!” and “Scramble!” are also unlockable in online matches.
- Droids that get knocked into the jumppads in Sorona will now try to jump downwards when they reach the neutral area at the top.
- AI-controlled Awesomenauts will no longer run towards a Derpl in Siege Mode when they’re low on health.
- Frying droids will now fire forward by default, rather than up or down.
- Flying droids will no longer fire bullets while blinded.
- Fixed a couple of text errors.

Patch 1.3
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New playable character: Gnaw
Gnaw's highly adaptable physiology allows him to thrive in almost any athmosphere. Gnaw was trained by a band of Amphibian cosmic bikerpirates, that rent him to any war general that is desperate enough to set loose the rabid, chitinous menace upon the battlefield.

Acid spit - Spit out a sticky spray of acid goo that damages enemies over time.
Grow Weedlings - Bite enemies to gather growth parts, then use those to grow a weedling.
Bite - Gnaw bites his enemies with his filthy maw, dealing damage over time.
Jump - Skroggles have a strong single jump.

New features
- Added several songs to the downloadable Soundtrack (DLC). New tracks include Character Themes and Killing Spree theme for all characters, including Gnaw.

Character balance/fixes
- Med-I-can price decreased from 150 Solar to 120 Solar.
- Health increase from Power Pills has been increased from 30 health to 40 health.
- Solar Tree price decreased from 125 Solar to 100 Solar.
- The speed at which players are healed while in the base has been decreased from 1 health per 0.1 sec to 1 health per 0.2 sec.
- The visual effect of Blind now follows your character when you jump.

- NEW! Cash Container (Life Bite) has been removed and is replaced with Power Converter. Power Converter decreases damage of Life Bite by 10, but increases lifesteal to 200% of damage dealt.
- The second stage of Multi Hose (Life Bite) has been removed.

- Cooldown of Ball Lightning has been increased from 5.5 sec to 7 sec.
- Blind Duration of Flashing Lights (Ball Lightning) has been reduced from 3 sec to 2 sec.
- Damage increase from Voltage Amplifier (Ball Lightning) has been increased from 5 to 7.

- Force Field (Siege Mode) and Brim Force Field (Siege Mode) no longer protect Derpl from status effects.

Froggy G.
- Ice Cubes (Splash Dash) price has been increased from 140 Solar to 160 Solar.

- Blind Duration of Dark Matter Flashbang (Dynamite Throw) has been reduced from 3 sec to 2.5 sec.
- Fixed a bug with Dynamite Throw that would sometimes cause thrown Dynamite to disappear mid-air.
- Detonate-on-contact has been reverted to its original form: Dynamite will now always detonate on contact when the Rubber Sleeve upgrade has been purchased, and no longer detonates on contact without this upgrade.

- Speed Increase from Flash Forward (Time Warp) has been reduced from 130% to 120%.
- Damage of individual Carpet Bombs (Mine Deploying) has been reduced from 14 to 13.
- Damage increase from Uranium Spikes (Mine Deploying) while Carpet Bombs (Mine Deploying) is active has been reduced 9 to 8.

- NEW! Healing Wave has been redesigned and now heals targets for 3 health and applies an additional Healing over Time effect that heals targets for 10 health over 10 sec.
- NEW! Twisted Nightmares (Healing Wave) has been redesigned and now increases the Healing over Time effect of Healing Wave.
- Cooldown of Healing Wave has been increased from 0.9 sec to 1 sec.
- Damage increase from Weaponised Hull (Summon Drones) has been reduced from 10 damage to 5 damage.
- Weaponised Hull (Summon Drones) price has been increased from 210 Solar to 250 Solar.
- Drone Army (Summon Drones) price has been increased from 175 Solar to 200 Solar.
- Cooldown reduction from Drone Gateway (Summon Drones) has been increased from 4 sec to 6 sec.
- Drone Gateway (Summon Drones) price has been increased from 145 Solar to 190 Solar.
- Summoned Drones now display a proper graphic when detonated or destroyed.

General fixes: major fixes
- Fixed a crash in character select with a specific control scheme configuration.
- Added beta DirectX support, which should fix issues for some people who could not start the game at all, or only on Low despite having a new videocard. Known issues with DirectX: no full-screen, no VSync, controls configuration menu shows overlapping buttons (click above to select them), water too blurry.
- A number of cheaters have been banned. Cheaters can now only play against each other in their own private matchmaking.
- If your save-file is somehow lost, you will now still keep your profile level and prestige level. If you lost your save-file before this patch, your prestige level will now be restored by this patch.
- Alt+tab should work better now (switched to SDL 1.2.15 for that).

General fixes: minor fixes
- Matchmaker will now always prefer 2vs2 over 3vs1. 3vs1 can still sometimes happen if someone leaves a match, or leaves during character select.
- Mouse-button 6 now also works.
- Text-chat button can now be re-assigned.
- Master of the Universe achievement is now also given if you are already max level, instead of only when you reach highest level. Only after finishing a match.
- You can now never lose ranking points for winning a match.
- Fixed an error with scrolling in the leaderboards.
- Couple of textfixes.

Patch 1.2
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Character balance/fixes
- Derpl will no longer be stuck in the jumppads in the middle of Ribbit IV
- Derpl, turretmode bullets range improved, base 7.4 > 7.6, upgrade 2 > 2.4
- Derpl, trap snare duration upgrades changed 0.5 > 0.4, 1 > 0.8
- Derpl, trap cooldown changed 5 > 6
- Coco, ball lightning range upgrade now also increases speed
- Coco, ball lightning blind upgrade buffed, 1.5 > 3 Seconds.
- Coco, Ball lightning damage changed, base 25 > 35, upgrades 15 > 5, upgrade cost 205 > 180
- Coco, Ball lightning cooldown changed, base 7 > 5.5, upgrade -1.5 > -1
- Lonestar, Grenades now always explode on contact after 0.3 Seconds. This is no longer affected by the bounce upgrade
- Clunk, missile string with upgraded attack speed should now be correct
- Clunk, attack speed upgrades fixed (order was incorrect: second tier was weaker than first)
- Droids, improved base health and health increase during gameplay
- Leon, crit upgrade split into two upgrades that add +10 damage each. Critchance remains 15%
- Leon, base attack speed reduced 150 > 136, upgrade cost 195 > 215
- Voltar, healing speed changed 60 > 67
- Voltar, Drone cooldown reduction upgrade fixed
- Voltar, fixed that Healbot knockback on blue team was inverted (pull instead of push)
- Froggy G, Dash cooldown upgrade cost 110 > 120, 180 > 190
- Froggy G, Dash stun upgrade cost 130 > 140
- Froggy G, Shot attack speed upgrade cost 145 > 165
- Froggy G, Shot range upgrade cost 145 > 185
- Yuri, fixed timing inconsistencies with healing bubble

General fixes: major fixes
- Fixed a crash when switching control scheme while a popup is being opened or closed
- Achievement Masters Of The Universe has been fixed
- Fixed that only one wireless Xbox controller was usable at once
- Fixed that non-Xbox controllers that output as XInput were read double, causing one controller to control two splitscreen players (for example Logitech F310)
- Music now mutes when the game window does not have focus (on alt+tab, for example)
- Instead of crashing, game now shows a message if videocard drivers are grossly out of date

General fixes: minor fixes
- Fixed that some network packages were lost before sending. This is probably only a minor networking improvement
- Number of Solar Bosses killed is now tracked in the stats screen
- Hawk Wolf Puma Bear descriptions fixed in Spanish, French
- Fixed that second bottom turret in Ribbit IV could sometimes be attacked from the back without returning fire
- Window now minimizes when browser links in main menu are clicked
- Improved menu controls with some control schemes in some specific places
- Removed “mute” button from scorescreen and controls scheme configuration screen (button didn’t do anything)
- Various other minor fixes to functionality and texts

Topics that didn’t make it into this patch and that we are working on
- New character Gnaw will come soon!
- Some players get excessive lag or too many network errors. Less than 0.1% of players cannot enter an online match at all. We are working on this.
- We are still looking for a fix for some players with various Nvidia cards who can only run on Low graphics quality, or not at all.
- A couple of players with specific Asus laptops cannot start the game at all. We are still looking for a fix for this.
- Some users claim that there are bugs in the Rankings calculations, so we have added additional logging to be able to research that. If you see things like that you win and then see your ranking decrease, then send us a log plus extensive description of what happened, so that we can check what is going on.
- Besides new characters and various fixes, we are working on something Really Cool And New (tm). We will not yet tell you what that is. Muhaha!

Patch 1.0
Discuss here!

New features
- Added a Vsync setting

Character balance/fixes
- Damage/heal numbers that pop out of characters are now correctly rounded. So 1.6 is now rounded to 2 instead of to 1. This has no gameplay impact, it only changes the numbers that pop up!
- Derpl’s Nuke no longer requires ammo
- Derpl’s damage absorbing shield now does not block against snare, stun and tongue any more
- Fixed that teleporting could sometimes be interrupted at the very end, when the character was already visually gone
- Lonestar now stands still very shortly while casting Bull, like on console, so that he doesn’t cast the Bull behind him while walking

General fixes: major fixes
- Achievements cannot be gotten in the tutorial any more
- Yoooo JOE! and Slimer’s Evil Twin Achievements can no longer be gained offline
- Fixed crash when quitting the game during the “joining match” screen

General fixes: minor fixes
- Fixed several cases where one player’s HUD would show up in the other player’s view in splitscreen
- Fixed Coco Syphon Disruptor upgrade pricing.
- Adjusted pricing for upgrades with multiple tiers vs. single tier upgrades.
- Improved keyboard only control schemes
- Fixed several text and stat bugs
- If you open the control scheme menu during the first time in the tutorial, it is now now empty any more
- Lowest volume setting is now lower
- Various menu controls improvements (mouse and joystick)

Patch 0.2
27 July 2012
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Character balance/fixes:
- Lonestar: blind grenades combined in 1 upgrade
- Lonestar: contact grenades now add a dot instead of detonating on contact
- Lonestar: lifesteal grenades buffed
- Lonestar: dynamite skills now starts with 2 sticks.
- Lonestar: dynamite damage is now 20 per stick, instead of 25.
- Lonestar: the two missile upgrades for main shot now have their own cooldown and can’t be fired at the same time
- Lonestar: speed upgrade cost raised fro, 135 to 190
- Derpl: nuke now uses ammo, Derpl can hold up to 5 nukes at the same time and nukes spawn 1 per minute.
- Derpl: cooldown between nukes has been reduced from 10 to 8.
- Derpl: fixed how he sometimes couldn’t jump upwards when colliding with a glass platform.
- Derpl: removed tier 2 for the hollow point bullets upgrade, upgrade now adds 3 damage instead of 2.
- Derpl: snare now works more reliable against jumping characters
- Coco: speed up on blaze now matches the cooldown of the blaze skill.
- Coco: base health reduced from 150 to 135.
- Coco: Changed the price of Silver Coating level 3 to the same as level 1 and 2
- Coco: knockback now works more reliably
- Leon: all slash upgrades are now inherited by clones, but clone damage in general has been reduced by 50%.
- Clunk: medical pump fixed to let detection area match the actual bite area.
- Yuri: healing on the time bubble is no longer interruptible by stuns.
- Yuri: slowing laser now slows for 35% instead of 30% for 0.25 seconds, instead of 0.1.
- Voltar: drones are now always detonatable.
- Voltar: drone unlocks are now set to the correct levels.
- Voltar: now aims at cursor instead of slightly beneath it

General fixes: major fixes
- Fixes that under certain circumstances, one player would not see one other player at all
- Fixed that anti-speedhack-code would accidentally trigger on some PCs that weren't cheating (if you are still getting this, please send us your logs!)
- Fixed counter for Creepspawner in level AI Station
- Fixed that in splitscreen, one player could control both player's shops
- Fixed swapped Attack and Defend messages
- Fixed that you couldn't scroll back up after going beyond 100 in the Leaderboards
- Fixed that mouse could not reach bottom of view in 3 player splitscreen
- Fixed that on some PCs, installer tried to run every time the game started
- Fixed that assigning mousewheel didn't work with some skills

General fixes: minor fixes
- Solar boss checks a smaller area to start regenerating health, looks further to attack.
- Fixed ‘Robotic Stead’ achievement, for first blood.
- Fixed ‘Yoooo JOE!’ achievements, they now actually require online gameplay
- Migrating host no longer gives bots 100% health.
- Made cooldown timers more readable
- Fixed missing Lonestar in How To Play screens in menu
- Chat window now in front of end-game scorescreen, instead of behind it
- No more ##PlayerNumer## in control config menu
- Fixed interface disappearing for 1 frame during Froggy's Dash
- Various improvements in the networking code to make it more robust against rare situations
- Fixed infinite printing of same error on older Intel cards with out-of-date drivers
- Fixed wrong info on which button to press to open shop in splitscreen
- Small text is now drawn more smoothly on videocards that support shader model 3 and higher (all modern videocards support this)
- Fixed that Yo Joe achievement could be gotten while playing offline
- Fixed that in windowed mode, game would sometimes start partially outside screen
- Fixed that icon in volume mixer in Windows 7 was gigantic
- Fixed that in splitscreen, messages were shown double in game chat
- A few general stats descriptions fixes
- Various improvements to mouse and joystick support in menus
- Various other minor fixes

Patch 0.1
24 July 2012
Discuss here!

New feature
-Added 3 buttons to the main menu that link to the bug-report forum, the Awesomenauts Facebook page and Ronimo Twitter.

Character balance/fixes
- Droids now have 50% damage reduction when their shields are activated
- Droid levelling has been sped up from 5 minutes per level to 3 minutes per level
- Droid base health has been upgraded from 40 to 50
- Derpl: Removed Derpls’ ability to detonate the nuke by himself
- Derpl: Reduced size of Derpls’ nuke explosion
- Derpl: Changed the price of Kitty katsuit level 3 to the same as level 1 and 2 (from 280 to 180)
- Clunk: Height of Clunk is reduced to make him able to jump through certain platforms
- Leon: The second level of Backstab Blade now correctly adds 4 damage, like the tooltip states, instead of adding 8 damage
- Coco: Blaze damage first tick will not directly apply when hitting the blaze

General fixes
- The textchat font has been adjusted
- Default open shop button E
- Remapped default Q & E to correspond with the HUD
- When a player is killed by a flying droid, the correct icon will show in the general message
- A couple of text errors have been fixed in the menu, game and loading screens
- Pressing the Start-button on a Xbox 360 controller will now open the in-game menu
- Random occurring slowdowns on characters have been fixed
- Leaderboards now load better and faster
- Leaderboards now show more than just the top 100
- Clicking on a name in the leaderboards now opens the corresponding Steam profile page
- Fixed a crash in leaderboards when browsing Friends Leaderboards
- Removed the unlock message for Froggy G at level 14 (he is already unlocked by then)
- Various small cosmetic/functionality fixes to menu and UI
- A couple of menus now have better mouse support
- When playing splitscreen, player 2 can now see his gold counter
- Ronimo logo intro animation now has a more manly sound

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