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 Post subject: Update 3.4.2 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:25 pm 
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Update 3.4.2

-Configure Controls menu, when opened from within a match, now correctly handles keyboard/controller navigation.
-Tutorial, fixed that the blocked turret did not require dynamite to be destroyed.
-Custom Games now remember your last chosen bot difficulty, instead of always defaulting to the same AI as is used online. This should improve the difficulty curve for beginners, as their bot matches will now stay on low difficulty bots until they change this themselves.

SlowWolf announcer
-Fixed that lines for Legendary and Awesome were swapped.
-Removed the SlowWolf announcer from the Shop menu, since it can’t be bought.
-Fixed that players who unlocked the SlowWolf announcer during a 3.4 beta did not have it in the live game.
-Changed Slow Wolf to SlowWolf in achievements and in-game menus

Spectator mode
-Fixed that in replays destroyed turrets would not reappear on the minimap when going back in time to before their destruction.
-Added an option to hide the party interface and invites without hiding the entire replays HUD, making the screen more suitable for casting and commentary videos. To hide the party interface, press F1 once while in a replay. Pressing F1 twice will hide everything, like before.
-If you’re following a character who teleports a great distance (like on Starstorm), the camera now immediately jumps to the new position.
-If you’re following a character who dies, the character will now be remembered and the camera will go back to that character once he returns to the match. Also fixed this for replay-to-video.
-Fixed that camera would twitch when timeskipping while following a character who is at the far edges of the level.
-Fixed that really old replays always showed Sorona with arena walls (as if it were a Team Deathmatch match).
-Fixed that the square that shows the camera position on the minimap in replays was pixely and partially disappeared when it became small.
-Fixed that the cursor was visible in videos made with the replay-to-video function.
-Fixed that in the killcam, if the killer died shortly after making a kill himself, the camera would jump to the droppod area for a few seconds.
-Fixed that autocam would sometimes try to follow a character who's respawning or in the droppod

Froggy G
-Clock Necklace, fixed that the heal over time would not trigger while FroggyG was affected by damage over time.

-Sped up the weedling spawn animation for Gnaw's skins to correspond with the faster weedling spawn mechanic.

-Fixed that Ix did not have recommended builds in the shop.

-Hyper Bull, fixed that cocoon would make it drop down instead of stay in the air.

Max Focus
Max turned out stronger than expected and so we see some inevitable nerfs coming to him. Mainly Slow-Mo’s potential has been toned down and two problematic upgrades have been tackled. Especially Pete Jennirks is a difficult one to balance and is prompted for replacement in the next patch. Scene Illumination was found to be often difficult to land and therefore unreliable damage. To mitigate that issue, the duration has been reduced but the dps has been increased, making sure every bullet that hits is more meaningful and you are not locked in while the enemy often has already fled. Finally, some fixes and a price buff for an underused upgrade.
-Scene Illumination, base damage increased from 45 to 50 per shot (450 to 500 dps).
-Scene Illumination, base duration reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
-Slow-Mo shot, base time slow reduced from 70% to 65%.
-From pond to podium: Nate Frogg exposed, price reduced from 165 to 135 solar per stage.
-Hairy King from Hairy King's Life, size increase reduced from 20% to 15%.
-Hairy King from Hairy King's Life, price increased from 125 to 175 solar.
-Pete Jennirks from Galactic News, projectile slow down reduced from 30% to 20%.
-Pete Jennirks from Galactic News, price increased from 190 to 240 solar.
-Slow-Mo shot, can no longer be reflected.
-Addresses of the Stars!, fixed that you could deactivate the double damage charge by trying to use Flood Light during a skill.
-Fixed that pain sounds did not trigger when Max received damage.
-Fixed that Max Focus did not have recommended builds in the shop.

-Fixed that Techno Synaptic Wave would not damage Skree’s Totem of Power.

Update 3.4.1

Spectator mode
-Fixed that live matches would often stop just before the end.
-Fixed that graphs on damage and healing didn’t show anything anymore.
-Fixed incognito players having their name replaced by the development name of the naut they were playing instead of the actual name of the naut.
-Fixed a rare crash in the watch menu when the list of replays was updated.
-Fixed a rare crash when uploading bot data for replays during a match.
-Fixed a rare crash when starting to watch a match.
-Raelynn’s portrait no longer switches to the old character art in the HUD when she dies in replays.
-Renamed “anonymous” to “incognito” in the settings menu to make the naming consistent with how it’s called in the Watch menu (most translations have not been updated yet).

-Fixed that a bot would spawn mid-air if a player left while in the droppod.
-Fixed that the Starstorm map wouldn’t show special art during holiday periods (just in time for Christmas!).
-Fixed a rare crash on exit

Max Focus
-Incriminating Dirt, now correctly updates tooltips when bought.
-Fixed strange interaction with cocoon, Max now stays in the air like Chucho on his bike.
-Made the 7 face the right way around more than the wrong way around in Max's Slo-mo shot.

-Changed raelynn's icon in game messages to look like her new promotional art.

-Idol of the Ice Queen, fixed price which was meant to be 150 instead of 170 per stage.

Ted McPain
-Grenaide pour homme, fixed that the stun would not cancel momentum.

Vinnie & Spike
-Red bandana, fixed price which was meant to be 170 instead of 220.
-Loanshark, fixed that the 4th bubble was not affected by Yakoiza.
-Loanshark, fixed that it would decrease individual bubble damage.

Update 3.4

NEW character: Max Focus
Originally a security camera who was accidentally turned sentient by Professor M. Yoolip, Max quickly found a job with the Channel 7 Galactic News when the professor somehow slipped out of time. For years, Max happily caught the juiciest news from the most compromising angles. When the war between the Ones and Zeroes broke out, Max developed a real taste for war reporting. Craving even bigger explosions and spectacle, Max decided it was time to start making the news himself and joined the Awesomenauts.
This character is part of the paid Overdrive DLC.

NEW: Spectator mode
The replays system has been expanded into Spectator Mode, allowing you to watch live matches! Features:
-A selection of Featured live matches
-Match of the Day
-View replays of your own matches
-View a list of friend matches, both live and replays
-Watch matches while waiting for matchmaking
-Live matches behave like replays, so you can even scrub through time and change the playback speed
-Old replays on your harddisk are also still listed
-Options to disable uploading (someone else in the match might still upload though)
-Option to make yourself anonymous in replays

NEW: Clunk’s new graphics
Clunk got explosive new looks! His visuals and animations were completely redone, resulting in cooler, crisper and much more awesome art! Sonic Picnic has even extended his theme song and killing spree music. His theme song is over six times as long now!

NEW premium skin: Malicious Max
Blood God Kethkar instructed Max to be his eyes, find the non-believers and spy on them, and reveal their secrets to him. And so Max found his new purpose, having reported on the news across many different worlds in the years before, he would now forevermore use his skills in service of the Blood God.
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!

Modified audio balance
With lots of new audio sources added over the years, we felt it was time to re-assess the volume distribution in-game. When all volume sliders are set to the same value, the levels they represent are now tweaked. Music and announcer have moved into the background and character lines are more clear with sound effects somewhere in between. Volume sliders have been reset for all players and you’re always free to set them to your own preferences.

-Fixed that moving platforms didn’t move anymore in replays.
-Fixed that sometimes the notification for buying an item didn’t show up.
-Fixed that autocamera sometimes overlooked a turret being destroyed by droids even though nothing else interesting was happening.
-Fixed that if you clicked directly to the end of a replay it would sometimes show “no further data” instead of the win screen.
-Fixed that the cursor didn’t hide anymore after not moving it for 5 seconds.
-Replays loading screen now shows an image of the map instead of a generic image.

Soundtrack DLC
-Added jingle and killing spree for Max Focus.
-Added the new extended jingle and killing spree for Clunk.

-Fixed an issue where assists weren’t visible in 2 player split screen.
-Adjusted class icons for both Yoolip and Penny to resemble their current in-game splash art
-Added a button to the menu for reporting bugs.

-Added a new achievement that unlocks when you receive the SlowWolf announcer.
-The SlowWolf announcer is no longer hidden when you don’t own it.
-Fixed that Wraithlord Scoop Announcer would sometimes say several lines simultaneously.
-Added the announcer pack to the in-game store.

General balance
Solar Krab Burgers is both too good and too cheap, these adjustments should bring it more in line with the rest of the utility row.
-Solar Krab Burgers price increased to 150 solar, healing per coin reduced from 65 to 60 hp.
Some slight buffs to better balance the utility row.
-Space air max speed increase from 8% → 10%.
-Overdrive gear cooldown reduction increased from 8% → 10%.

Flying Nauts still have slightly too much of an advantage on these maps
-Slightly lower the no-fly zone in Sorona and Starstorm.
-All Awesomenauts with multiple jumps are now affected by no-fly zones

A slight buff to help make this item more viable
-Dummy prisoner, range reduced from 53% to 50%, now also increases projectile speed by 20%.
After trying several nerfs, this upgrade is still considered overbearing. Changing it back to it's original function upon popular request
-Rubberband ball, changed into a trail that speeds up allies by 20% for 2 seconds for 150 solar.
Some tweaks to improve her Chain Whack item balance
-Thief tools, buffed from 9% to 11% per stage.
-Prison guard keys duration increased to 1.5s.
Her damage and sustain is overall considered problematic, these changes will make it slightly harder on both
-Evil Eye, damage thresholds reduced from 100% > 75% > 50% > 25% to 100% > 70% > 45% > 20%.
-Shield on rage reduced. Scaling values changed from 15% > 24% > 33% > 40% to 15% >20% >25% >30%.

Chucho Krokk
Improve some of Sticky Bomb's earlygame damage, while toning down it's most mandatory upgrade.
-Sticky Bomb, based damage increased from 350 to 400.
-Four-Eyed Visor, damage reduced from 85 to 65 per stage, price reduced to 165 per stage.
-Alien-Repellent Varnish, merged into one stage, price increased from 155 to 230.

Some tuning to improve the item balance on the Missile row.
-Fragmenting shells, explodes only when it hits target, price reduced from 190 to 140 solar.
-Free flight fins, reduces cooldown on missile shot from -12% to -14% and increases missile speed from +25% to +30%.
-Double Missile, increases damage on all missiles from +10% to +12% per stage.

-Fixed that the last particles of a Blaze Trail didn’t have sound.
-Wicked Coco skin, fixed that teleport voice was cut off.
-Wicked Coco skin, fixed that pain voice samples didn’t play.
-Wicked Coco skin, added voice lines for base attack.
Power gloves has been a problematic upgrade in need of replacement for a while
-Power gloves, effect replaced. Now reduces enemy damage by 15% for 1.5s (weakens enemies), price reduced from 150 to 130 solar.
-Disruptor, now applies the correct slow values.

Bringing the price more in line with the functionality
-Caterpillar King Statue, price reduced from 165 to 135.

-Placed Derpl’s turret and nuke spawn in the center of the character, making sure the range is the same when aiming both forward and backward.

Froggy G
Some slight improvements to Froggy's droid clearing potential, also improving Boom box in general to better balance the Tornado row
-Hammerpants, now deals damage to droids.
-Boom box, now also increases damage to droids.
-Boom box, damage increased from 16%(12) to 20%(15) per stage.

The planting damage is one of Gnaw's most solid, but the self-stun makes it very awkward.
-Weedlings, self-stun duration on planting reduced by 50%.
Some price tweaks to improve the item balance for the Weedling row
-Fertilizer, price reduced from 180 to 155 solar.
-Overgrowth, price increased from 130 to 170 solar.
-Flex Neck, price reduced from 175 to 150 solar.
Bringing the price more in line with its effect.
-Dental braces, price reduced from 165 to 130 solar.
-Dental braces, duration increased from 1s to 1.5s.

Lategame the bonded damage gets a bit too high, while the healing power gets a little underwhelming.
-Crystal Leaves, damage reduced from +15% to +10%.
-Crystal Leaves, healing increased from +15% to +20%.
This item is considered too strong and mandatory right now.
-Crystal Crunch, lifesteal reduced from +15 to +12 per stage.

Jimmy and the LUX5000
Now that the community has figured out how to counter LUX, he is a little on the weak side.
-Charge, no longer gets interrupted by silence, rather it interrupts LUX's ability to end the Charge at will.
-Base health increased from 1500 to 1550.

Now that the AA cancelling technique is viable again, Ksenia and specifically Scissor Throw has become a little too strong
-Scissor Throw, cooldown increased from 0.3 to 0.33 seconds
Buffs to some weak and underused upgrades
-Abrasive Hair Blaster, increased to +2 scissors from +1 scissor per droid and creep killed.
-The Gorge and the Beautiful, increased from 50% to 70% scissor regeneration
-Braided Tentacles, changed to one stage of +22 lifesteal for 180 solar
Lategame Ksenia can become almost permanently invisible, this tweak should help
-Vanish, cooldown increased from 12 to 13 seconds.

Electrifier is considered a little strong, especially due to how it affects jumps
-Electrifier, reduced to 10% slow per stage.
-Electrifier price buffed from 145 solar to 135 solar per stage.
Adjusting Chainsaw's price to better reflect the benefit it brings
-Chainsaw Addon, price reduced to 180 solar.

-Starstorm Statue will now properly grant +5% damage, instead of +3%.
Improving an underused upgrade
-Wormhole, also increases orb’s travel speed.

Penny Fox
Penny has a great early game, but a slightly underwhelming lategame. This tweaks should help improve and speed up her lategame.
-Death Lens, price reduced from 185 to 160 solar.
-Electric Bike Lock, damage increased from 11% to 13% per stage.
-Bug Jars, damage increased from +12% to +15%
Improve an underused upgrade to make it more universally interesting and better balance the item row
-Heart Shaped Net, now changes cooldown of Energy Pulse to 1s, plus 1.5s for every charge used when using more than 1.
-Heart Shaped Net, price increased from 115 to 155.
Some tuning to underused and underwhelming upgrades.
-Volatile wheels, also increases pounce speed.
-Chicken In Lunchbox, effect increased from +10% to +15%. Price increased from 180 to 210 solar.

Professor Yoolip
Yoolip needs some kind of protection while he locks himself in place to stun an enemy.
-Pancake 3D Printer, effect replaced, two stages of +15% shield during Gaze, 160 solar per stage.
Buff to upgrades that are considered too weak.
-Syrup Pouring Robot, lifesteal increased from 17 to 20.
-Sonic Wrench, merged into one upgrade, solar price increased to 160.
-Syrup Pouring Robot, fixed that 2 lifesteal ticks did not apply.

-Realynn got awesome new art in the character select menu.
Buff to a weak and underused upgrade
-Casettedeck Magazine, merged into one stage of 2 seconds for 200 solar.
Replacing a problematic upgrade that stimulates snowballing with some other utility.
-Monkey hand, effect replaced. Now increases range by 25%, costs 160 solar.

-The Precision Shot arrow now compensates for lag, making dodging the arrow over long distances work better when the internet connection with the Rocco is slow.
-Shinobi Rocco skin, fixed that voice lines for Vengeance and Precision Shot weren’t triggered.
Rocco is considered very strong, especially in higher level play. These tweaks should tone him down slightly.
-Base attack speed reduced from 150 to 145.
-Base damage, reduced from 2x(48) to 2x(45).
-Rocketpack, merged into one stage 30%, price increased to 170 solar.

Hammer is considered a bit overbearing, these tweaks should make the Frozen Hammer skill a bit weaker and also more skillful
-Frozen Hammer, base damage at point blank reduced from 180 to 150
-Frozen Hammer, snare at point blank reduced from 0.4 seconds to 0.2 seconds. (Max range remains at 0.8 seconds).
-Snow shovel, heal reduced from 130 to 115 per target, price increased from 145 to 160 solar.
Replace one of two the mandatory damage items on the Bindings row, to tone down his damage potential and also improve diversity on the row.
-Idol of the Ice Queen, changed to an enemy slow added to the end of Bindings that slows for 2 seconds by 15% at 150 solar per stage, two stages.
-Bindings of Justice, base damage from 200 to 180.
-Banner of the Triple Scoop, damage reduced from 47 to 40 per stage, price reduced from 150 to 130 solar.
Improve the support upgrade as it's considered a bit unreliable
-Holy Cup, range increased by 20%
This upgrade has been very weak for a long time
-Penguin Throne, changed to 33% shielding when charging Bindings for 160 solar.
Toning down a little overpowered upgrade
-Halberd of justice damage reduced from 30% to 25% and duration down from 4s to 3s.

Buff an underwhelming upgrade
-Bug Detector, damage per second increased from 150 to 175, range increased by 35%.
Tone down the speed on Black Hole charging, as it's considered to make Sentry too fast.
-Night Vision Spywatch, reduced from 60% to 50% movement speed.
Considered too strong for it's area denial effect.
-Drive over skulls, explosion size increase reduced from 100% to 60%
Adding over 150% extra duration, this upgrade could use a bit of toning down.
-Camouflage Tent, reduced to +1s at 150 solar per stage
Visual fix
-Drive over skulls combined with counter intelligence cross will now properly visualise the explosion radius of both bullets.

Toning down of an upgrade that's considered too good
-Small Volcano, height reduced from 250% to 175%.
Change to make the upgrade not hard-counter all ranged Nauts
-Fist Bump, now only works on the first two punches.

Reduce some prices to make Skree get effective earlier.
-Steeldrum, price reduced from 215 to 180 solar per stage.
-Air Freshener, merged into 1 stage for 225 solar.
-Spare Blade, price reduced from 225 to 200 solar.
Changing both the damage against droids and the cooldown mechanics to reduce stalling was a bit much
-Sawblade, cooldown reverted back from 8 to 10 seconds.
-Sawblade, cooldown starts when Skree launches his saw out as opposed to it having returned to skree.
Same buffs and changes to improve Lightning Rod diversity.
-Soul Connectors, merged into one stage of +65 DoT damage for 175 solar.
-Ceremonial Mask, Skree no longer has to withhold from firing to activate the effect.

Ted McPain
-Scourge Captain McPain skin, added special music that plays during Stimpack.
-Scourge Captain McPain skin, fixed that he sometimes used voice lines from the regular Ted for kills.
-Grénaide pour homme, now stuns nearby targets for 0.3 seconds, area reduced by 40%

Vinnie & Spike
Already considered mandatory, silence on Smoke Screen was made even stronger when the blind cc was remade. Moving it to Spike Dive to also replace the range increase, which is considered a crutch for Vinnie
-Antique Machinegun, changed to a 1.5 second silence for 175 solar.
-Red Bandana, changed into a 30% weaken for 170 solar.
Buffs to relatively weak upgrades
-Rigged Casino Games, damage reduction reduced from -40% to -35%.
-Rubber Mask, buffed from 30 HPS to 45 HPS.
This upgrade was overbuffed a while back
-Withered President Mask, duration reduced from 3s to 2s and percentage from 66.7 to 60%.
Replacing a problematic upgrade that stimulates snowballing.
-Loanshark, effect replaced. Now adds 4th bubble to Bubble Gun salvo, costs 240 solar.

The current cooldown reduction upgrade on Healbot has become too effective since the base cooldown was reduced.
-Hydraulic Sugar Dispenser, merged into 1 stage. Reduces CD by 2.5 seconds, costs 200 solar.

Yuri's map presence can be very obnoxious. These changes should slightly reduce it without affecting his laning while also stimulating him to be more active.
-Mines, lifetime reduced from 12s to 10s.
-Mines, damage against droids increased from 50% to 75%.
Buff an underwhelming upgrade
-Chrono rift, cooldown per stage increased from -1s to -2s.
-Chrono rift, purchasing the upgrade now correctly updates tooltips.

 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:34 pm 
Ronimo Team Member
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Note that the artbook is also coming this week to Kickstarter backers (Bronze tier and up). It will be sent later this week, either through email or through the Humble key redeem page.

 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:48 pm 

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Penny! :drool: :drool:

 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:45 pm 
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Mind you I haven't been playing the game very much of late, but

I like the looks of most of this. :ayla: This patch came out awfully fast.

- Solar Krab Burgers finally tweaked a bit.
- RIP Rubberband Ball. I enjoyed abusing you for a time.
- RIP Fistbump. I predict it will now be completely and utterly unused, but we'll see.
- Fragmenting Shells now multiplies Clunk's pitiful clear for even less solar.
- Gnaw FINALLY gets his self-stun played with a bit. Let's see how much 50% changes.

Burningdillo wrote:

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 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:51 pm 

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So many good changes. Great effort from community and devs regarding balance!

I see Starstorm portal change didn't make it. I agree, giving it band-aid isn't really a good solution, i'd consider adding extra portals instead of trying to fix giant choke point.

Not all Coco changes are listed here. Looking forward to that artbook, good job guys!

Johny / storm_pl
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 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:04 pm 
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┌ᾮ┘ wrote:
... Not all Coco changes are listed here. ...

Which ones are missing? We try to add everything to the internal version of the patch notes directly when we change it, looks like some stuff slipped through?

 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:07 pm 
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Joost wrote:
┌ᾮ┘ wrote:
... Not all Coco changes are listed here. ...

Which ones are missing? We try to add everything to the internal version of the patch notes directly when we change it, looks like some stuff slipped through?

All the changes regarding her Blaze row.

Xelrog wrote:
- Fragmenting Shells now multiplies Clunk's pitiful clear for even less solar.

It's not what made FS busted.

Steam :raehands:

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Dominik305 wrote:
people who only play meta in any game should be gunned down at the street and skinned alive

CraftedNightmare wrote:
i'm trying to enjoy this *
Doppelganger wrote:
where's my popcorn bag

_olaffff wrote:

 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:11 pm 
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Max is already out, huh? I was expecting him to stay in beta for a little longer.

 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:14 pm 

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Slow on Max looks a little bit too big... I mean, even dash can't save you from that huge ball, since dash is slower than normal walking speed. :chucho:

 Post subject: Re: Update 3.4 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:26 pm 
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I have only played 3 matches but new patch makes a really good impression to me so far.

I haven't played as clunk yet, but playing against Clunk, the graphic update looks cool and not distracting. Good job!

I'm not sure if it was intended that Gnaw's weedling comes out so much faster now. But I like it as a Gnaw player hehe. I'm gonna play him more often.

New naut seems a little op, as seems usual with new nauts. But I don't really know.

Last but not least, performance seems a lot better. I actually had a feeling my 2 frame input lag might be gone for good now. I hope it doesn't go back to being bad next time I start the game. There also was pretty much no stuttering, everything was smooth.

Edit: Raelynn character select graphic looks like I need time to get used to it lol.
The graphic itself looks neat, but her face looks different. It's not that tomboy-ish little girl anymore. She looks older now, and I kinda mean it in a bad way. But yeah.

I found Skolldir's Fistbump a little underwhelming lately and now it's nerfed again. Looks like it's not worth getting anymore.

-Mines, damage against droids increased from 50% to 75%.

Thank you. I stopped playing Yuri because after the droid damage nerf it took like 2 mines and 5 sec of laser (while you're basicly there sitting and saying "hey frog, wanna dash into me and kill me for free solar?"). Maybe it's better now.

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