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 Post subject: Re: Update 4.0.3 LIVE NOW!
 Post Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 10:54 am 
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Chirimorin wrote:
Sam! wrote:
Okay so can't I just look at the minimap to see the state of the turrets? Why do I need to know specifically who did the most damage? I'll agree that droid kills are also a pretty pointless stat and don't have a place on boards either. The point of a scoreboard is to relay important information at a glance to the player, how many droids they killed isn't really important to know since solar count is basically telling you that anyway.

Given that damaging structures is the main objective of the game, I really don't see why it doesn't deserve a spot on the scoreboard.

At the very least, it can help in those situations where someone whines about their teammate being useless because they have 0 kills while that someone spent all game acting like they're playing team deathmatch.

In these instances an overall dmg dealt column would be much more indicative of this. You can contribute massively to lane clearing, brawling and pressure with minimal structure dmg.
(Also the fact that it's turret dmg not structure dmg makes it even more pointless)

XP earned was a far better indicator of how much a player was contributing

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