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 Post subject: Ideas for future characters & CC
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:59 pm 
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Recently, it feels to me like new characters and attacks are just recycled versions of what already exists in the game. It feels like lazy game design and makes new characters feel less genuine.

At least that's my personal gripe so feel free to disagree, but I would like to make this thread to discuss creative new ideas that I would welcome Ronimo to add to the game to spice things up a bit. I'm taking some of these ideas from Smash Bros Melee, which is one of my childhood favorites. Not that I would want to turn Nauts into Melee or that we need to blatantly copy from another game, but there are some interesting ideas for moves or effects that could be carried over.


Copy the enemy's skill and use it against them

(See SSBM Kirby neutral B)
Use an attack to copy the enemy's main skill and then use it yourself.
Probably would require having to animate the user doing every single attack, but would be a fun new skill that would add diversity. Maybe you could implement a copy move that just turns you into a character instead of immitating a character.

Shake the ground to attack anyone who is standing on it

(See SSBM DK down B)
I imagine a character who can launch an attack to the ground that stuns & knocks up nearby stationary enemies a little bit. Maybe in the form of a giant punch to the ground or as iron balls. (A drawback would be that it wouldn't affect flyers though...)


(See Zelda Ocarina of time or Majora's Mask)
An attack that travels up walls and ledges and explodes upon impact with enemies.


(See SSBM Peach Neutral B, Roy or Marth Down B)
Basicly Ix' Retract but with a counter attack if the user is attacked.
If the user is not attacked, they are left open for punishment.


An attack that involves blowing at people/pushing people away, but without knockback CC.
Would basicly be like the "suck in" effect of Ayla's rage or Nibbs' fire, except reversed.

Angled melee attacks

I think almost all of the melee-type Auto Attacks in Awesomenauts right now can only go forward, either left or right. (See Scoop, Leon, Skoll, Gnaw,...)
Angled attacks are pretty much exclusive to guns or projectiles (Lone, Froggy, Rae, Genji).

I'm trying to say that I would like to see a new melee-type Naut who can use an angled Auto Attack that involves using a sword or fistfighting, in contrast to the angled gun and projectile play that already exists in the game.

New CC
Instead of only having one visual for snare or stun, you could add some variety by adding new visuals.
These wouldn't even require adding new character sprites.
"Frozen" --> Like stun but has its own graphic (character is inside an ice block). Additionally we could make it so the frozen person has no traction and glides on the ground for a bit? I've been wanting to see a CC that involves reducing the traction of a person or of the ground.
"Buried" --> Like stun, except this only applies while you are locked to the ground. In other words, you could only get hit by this CC if you are on the ground. To visualize this, mix upper character body with rubble.

I figured other debuffs/powerups such as "Metalized" or "Larger character body" wouldn't fit in Awesomenauts very well. Metalized would just be a Slow effect except with a shield and faster falling speed. "Asleep" might work as an alternative to "Buried", but might require additional sprite work.

Skills involving the increase/decrease of cooldowns

I'm imagining a support-type naut who can see his teammates' cooldowns above their heads.
He could use his skill or AA to reduce their cooldown and receive a damage boost in return. Just an idea...

As an alternative, there could be an attack which causes enemy cooldown to increase. This could be in the form of e.g. +30% of the cooldown that was remaining per skill shot, or +0.1sec flat per AA hit.

Feel free to discuss and talk about your own ideas.

 Post subject: Re: Ideas for future characters & CC
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:41 pm 
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They got 2 more characters queued up already tho, and they never listen to people's suggestions about new ideas anyway. No matter how good your ideas might be, I'm afraid you only wasted your time :fist:

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I miss the old :voltarroll:

 Post subject: Re: Ideas for future characters & CC
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:18 am 
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I mean, except that one time where we designed a 'Naut for them, down to the art and theme.

Ronimo also take "inspiration" from fan-'Nauts (see: Yoolip).

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