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 Post subject: Re: Does Awesomenauts have enough characters? (Vote)
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:57 pm 
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_olaffff wrote:
...even characters like ksenia. who are very unique would get backlash for basically being "a worse leon" when she was launched...

This was mainly because she played almost exactly like Leon and achieved roughly the same things as him, but was tediously weaker to the point she needed fairly extreme changes to be deemed useful in comparison—so much so that she then became a burst goddess because of course moderation does not exist.

_olaffff wrote:
there's only 3 nauts I want:
...I don't recall a time where i've ever though. -hey, this is just a copy of this other naut I play! Just a good naut with a horrible concept is what I mean by this. (that isn't rocket's renegades)...

So, you do not recall a time where one 'Naut closely resembled another, but only if you take out the recent 'Nauts that, to varying levels, closely resemble others?

Dizzy is much too blatant to mention (ironically), but Smiles hardly pushed the boat out with a pull and a knockback. Even Rocket is themed around (a) long-range projectile(s) and extreme mobility, something most Coco players are familiar with—I admit he is distinct enough not to warrant me collapsing onto my keyboard in anger, though.

_olaffff wrote:
Diversity helps make competitive games feel fresh and usually the best way to do this is to just release more characters, doesn't even matter if they are balanced, just as long as they are different, the game will feel diverse...

Rocket's release blows such a massive hole in this argument that the ship has not so much sunk as it has been reduced to splinters and ash.

Rocket's absolute lack of balance created anything but diversity, as we enjoyed strings of games composed entirely of Rocket and helpers (usually Ix and Smiles, for obvious reasons). Balance is necessary, especially with a company that reacts to feedback the way a slug reacts to a change in traffic conditions on the other side of the planet.

_olaffff wrote:
1: ronimo is honestly great at designing nauts, the unique designs make the game feel extremely diverse and replayable even without a huge roster of playable characters, but they aren't good at mannaging betas. they don't communicate enough during these, there's not enough people participating in them to help the developers balance the characters and there's not enough time to allow for a satisfying and balanced release.

I do agree with this bit, although everything after the word "communicate" is superfluous.

Say no to SAM wrote:
Give this guy a duck for making such a good job with this thread

Nekomian wrote:
Give this guy a duck lololol

DeezNauts wrote:
Nobody can see it. Maybe instead of asking for ducks, you should put it in your signature.

 Post subject: Releasing new nauts.
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:29 pm 
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Please stop making new nauts.(for now)
I've been seeing many crazy bugs recently & there have been many balance issues in the past couple months. Surely, this isn't enough though. I bet nobody would mind if you stop for like 4 months. You can work on naut revamps maybe. Unless you can make simple nauts that don't have game breaking abilities.
There's already enough cancernauts, which is why so many veterans quit.(also for no leaderboard reset)
Well, happy developing! o/

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