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 Post subject: Re: Why are we cycling through only 5 different brawls
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:33 pm 
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Funny you guys mention the original inspiration - Heroes of the Storm brawls, because just a week or so ago Blizzard released a brawl so good and beloved that I wish it was what Ronimo copycated in the end.

For unaware the name of brawl was "Escape from Braxis", but unlike all other brawls its not PvP, but PvE. At first you get enough time to consult with your teamates and pick your teamcomp from a selected roster. The roster is limited, but it's still pretty large and you can pick heroes you don't own already. More so, this brawl has perfect length (You can either take it slow and safe or rush for golden medal, although it's more risky), a lot of depth and enemy variaty (Empowered Zerg heroes are fun to fight and there are several unique and fun upgrades/items you can pick up) and enough of rewards + replayability to keep people playing.

People actually requested this one single brawl would either replace all other brawls or give birth to new mission mode. And honestly I can see why.

It also helped that the original Escape from Braxis had a perfect difficulty, for new and more experienced players alike. The Blizzard had released more difficult version with a better reward, although I don't consider that one to be as well balanced for anyone but premaded teams.

Why I'm bringing this up? Because I feel like Ronimo doesn't really know how to make a brawl work. Having all players be Rocco doesn't make a solid brawl. Having all players be Rocco in deathmatch where everyone has 0.00 cooldown on their precision arrow WOULD.

Just because you theme every brawl in some way isnt enough, you need to try something that people cant just do in Custom games, something outside of the box, something that people can take lightly compared to ranked q. Remember that "Escape from Braxis" example? If only we could have map editor allowing us to make PvE missions that would give people rewards...

...oh wait...

 Post subject: Re: Why are we cycling through only 5 different brawls
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:19 pm 
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Escape from Braxis is indeed a good example of what make a good brawl, although perhaps something of its quality would be unrealistic for a small company like Ronimo.

It was actually suggested before (or the Skroggle equivalent of MvM in TF2 was), but I have no idea what came of the discussion. I do not remember Ronimo giving their input.

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