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 Post subject: Re: Please No New Features!
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:56 am 
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You keep repeating that studies have shown that you lose 50% of users with each implemented ''complexity'', but never seem to quote which study you get that information from. It's rather hard to believe that you just lose half of your potential users because of a system made for game progression requires you to ''play the game''. Using the Xp-system as a scapegoat to clarify dwindling numbers of new players is rather narrow-minded, as such massive declines only happen after a series of bad events.

It's unlikely that a change that was made years ago has any big effects now, with newer players just considering the XP-system native to the game. It's more likely that more recent events like unresponsive developers and broken character releases affected this more.

Draft wouldn't make things better in a game where there's a team of three. Those three people have to:
-Actually agree on picks and bans. This is rather hard, considering factors like skill level and perceived character strength come into play when picking.
-Be able to communicate in a language they all understand. This is one thing that isn't ever guaranteed in a global game.

Draft would also increase the time consuming clutter in the game. Think about the minutes you have to spend thinking of bans and picks and then arguing with your two other teammates about it. Something that's far from the ''simplicity'' the game is apparently supposed to have.

The irony of making a case that adding new systems to a game reduces the player count and then advocating for a new system.

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