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 Post subject: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:19 pm 
Ronimo Team Member

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Update 4.6 hotfix 1

Commander Rocket
-Rocket Launch, damage increased from between 150 and 350 to 200 and 400.

-Bat Catsuit, now applies 120% bonus damage to slowed enemies.

-Tipi teal, fixed the issue that both speed and lifetime of her shots got increased, resulting in a lot more than the intended 30% increase in range. Now it’s just speed, resulting in a 30% speed and range increase.

-Fury Blowout, fixed that when your stack of knives was filled and you hit your 3rd base attack it was possible to load an extra knife.

-Black Hole Sun, projectile speed reduced by 10%.

Update 4.6

Commander Rocket
Currently too safe and very hard to catch, Rocket needs to be easier to punish
-Rocket Launch, no longer knocks back enemies.
-Base Health, reduced from 1150 to 1100
Laser Trap is too unreliable, doing either too much damage or none at all. These changes should make its effect more reliable while also making placement a little bit more skillful.
-Laser Trap, time between damage ticks increased from 0.2 to 0.3.
-Laser Trap, damage per tick increased from 60 to 90.
-Laser Trap, rotation speed increased by 50%.
-Laser Trap, laser length reduced by 10%.
-Laser Trap, no longer has deployment time.
-Laser Trap, duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
Some upgrade adjustments based on the above changes. These are intended to keep Rocket brawling closer to his Laser Trap.
-Profanity filters, now increases trap duration by 2 seconds for 160 solar.
-Borgo Cigar cutter, CMDR Rocket gets a shield which reduces 30% of the incoming damage as long as he is nearby a deployed laser trap.
This upgrade is still too strong and mandatory
-Box of Cirean cigars, damage per particle per stage reduced from 20 to 16.
His Rocket Launch no longer deals damage to turrets, but his turret push is still too intense. Adjusting the numbers and making them more consistent.
-Charged Salvo, damage modifier against droids increased from 75% to 80%
-Charged Salvo, damage modifier against turrets reduced from 100% to 80%.
This upgrade was a holdover from a time where Rocket’s Laser Trap had a lot more uptime. The intention for this replacement is to enable Rocket to be a bit better at brawling and allowing him to stay a bit closer to the fight
-Head in Jar, now adds 16% damage to Charged Salvo when firing a single rocket, two stages for 175 solar each.
Part of his safety comes from his relatively high ranged base attack.
-Charged Salvo, range reduced by 20%.
-Medal Booster Pack, range increase reduced from 25% to 20%.
Combining Rocket Launch and a full Charged Salvo at melee range provides too much damage, too easily. At the same time we want to stimulate him to get more into the thick of the fight.
-Rocket Launch, now deals between 150 and 350 damage, depending on how long the rocket has been flying.
-Mother of Bombs, after using Rocket Launch without hitting an enemy, your next Charged Salvo shot will deal 100 more damage for 170 solar.

We consider Derpl a bit too strongly affected by map choice and enemy team choices. Our intention is to weaken him a bit on the maps where he does too well, while also strengthening him against his counters.
-Siege mode, Derpl is no longer immune to CC during the transformation out of siege mode.
-Siege mode, Derpl's CC immunity now also works against timeslow effects and cocoons.
-Combustion lava lamp, size increase reduced from 22% to 18%.
-Falling acceleration reduced by 20%.
Traps can be very oppressive, maxing out at full 2.4 seconds of no gameplay for the receiving party. Their long lifetime also stimulates camping gameplay.
-Trap, snare duration reduced from 1.6 to 1.2 seconds
-Trap, now also slows for 30% for 2.4 seconds. (extenting 1.2 seconds beyond the snare)
-Trap, base lifetime reduced from 11 to 9 seconds.
-Empowered Grid, snare increase per stage reduced from 0.4 to 0.3 seconds.
-Lead casing, the silence now has a fixed duration of 2 seconds.
-Trap, now charges in the middle of Derpl instead of having an arming time when placed.
-Trap, deployment time reduced from 0.6 to 0.4 seconds.
Some base attack adjustments to better balance the row and take the above changes into account.
-Fat Cat, cooldown increased from 4 to 5 seconds, price increased from 185 to 195.
-Kitty Catsuit, price decreased from 175 to 150 solar per stage.
-CAT package, price decreased from 175 to 150 solar per stage.
-Bat Catsuit, now deals 100% increased damage against Nauts who are snared or slowed, no longer works with Fat Cat.
-Long Cat, now works with Fat Cat.

Dizzy is currently a bit too strong. But she's also very finicky, and has a lot of weak upgrades.
-Multi Dash, time between dashes increased from 0.3 to 0.4 seconds.
-Multi Dash, damage per dash increased from 150 to 160.
-Walkbot Pro, speed up dash reload time by 30% when you are near to enemies.
-Explosive Clone, cooldown increased from 6 to 7 seconds.
-Backstage pass, increase the range of your Multi Dash by 50% when you have the maximum amount of dashes charged.
-Matching Glittery Dungarees, now reduces the cooldown for the next Explosive Clone by 3 seconds when it hits an enemy Awesomenaut.
-"Purple Prince" lipstick, now also slows enemies when they leave the bubble as well as when they are hit by the explosion.
-Bubble shot, size increased by 50%.
-Graffiti artist, price increased from 165 to 190.
-Tipi teal, merged to one stage of 30% range and speed increase for 140 solar.

Ix generally still brings too much to the table overall, great displace move, solid heals, invincibility frames, excellent mobility and strong brawling. In order to nudge him more towards his role his brawling should be reduced.
-Refract, cooldown increased from 9 to 10.
-Radiate, damage per Scatter reduced from 15 to 12.
-Mammoth hair scarf, ally speed bonus increased from 12% to 15% per stage.
-Tree hugger, ally damage boost increased from 12% to 15% per stage.
-Personality Crystal, range increase reduced from 35% to 30%.

-Ribbit snail slime, fixed that the healthpack would time out if it fell for too long.
Since these aren’t that much better than regular boots, they also don’t have to cost much more.
-Rocket boots, solar price reduced from 160 to 140.
-Base speed, increased by 4%.

Max Focus
This item has its use, but it's too weak and expensive.
-From pond to podium, merged into one stage which adds 30% range and speed for 200 solar.
The homing upgrade looks cool, but doesn't do much. Here is a replacement proposal.
-UFO spotted, now gives +50% speed during Scene Illumination for 160 solar.
This upgrade is just a bit too expensive, especially given the next change.
-Sadak mysteries, price reduced from 195 to 175 solar.
Removing the stacking will reduce the need to combo with Sadak.
-Brutalities of the Kraken, damage increased from 120 to 135 per stage, no longer stacks with Sadak mysteries.
This item is just a bit too expensive.
-Rob Bourgogne, price reduced from 180 to 160 per stage.
This item was overnerfed shortly after launch, because the skill was too strong to begin with at the time.
-Hairy King, size increase increased from 10% to 15%, price increased from 175 to 200 solar.
Some overpriced items.
-Don Steward, price per stage reduced from 175 to 140 solar.
-Pete Jennirks, price reduced from 240 to 200 solar.
-Incriminating dirt, price reduced from 180 to 150 solar.
-Flying camera, price reduced from 210 to 150 solar.
Meanwhile, this one's underpriced.
-Hidden microphone, price increased from 170 to 200 solar.
This item is the strongest on the row, it doesn't need to stack further.
-Galactic police scanner, no longer stacks with incriminating dirt, price increased from 180 to 220 solar.

-Firebreath, fixed that after being Cocooned by Genji during Firebreath she wouldn't resume after the Cocoon wears off.
Some price adjustments.
-Skull dunduns, price reduced from 200 to 180.
-Eye of Coba, price reduced from from 215 to 190.
-Dragon Speaker Idol, now has two stages of +10% attack speed each, at 125 solar per stage.

Professor Yoolip
Some adjustments to improve the item balance for the gaze row.
-Beard Trimming Fork, price reduced from 165 to 130 solar.
-Syrup Pouring Robot, maximum lifesteal increased from 120 to 150 per stage.
Some changes to make Dinos more reliable at base.
-Summon Robo Dinos, now jump at enemies at base.
-Summon Robo Dinos, damage per bite reduced from 80 to 75.
Now this upgrade has become useless.
-Holo Pet Food, now reduces the damage dealt by Nauts who have been bitten by 15% for 1.5 seconds.

-Made Qi'Taras seven star strike visual only in front of Qi'Tara to represent the area where damage was being applied better.
-Fixed that she couldn’t use Chakram Shift to teleport while using Seven Star Strike when the Salty Seal upgrade was bought.
-Fixed that the Lily of the Isle projectiles would spawn at her feet during Seven Star Strike.
Qi’Tara deals too much damage during Seven Star Strike, and too little outside of it.
-Seven star strike, attack speed increase reduced from 40% to 30%.
-Poisonous blade, direct damage increased from 45 to 50.
Her relationship with speed feels disjointed, where attacking slows her down but Seven Star Strike speed her up etc. These changes also tie in with the issue above.
-Poisonous Blade, removed movement penalty when attacking.
-Seven Star Strike, removed speed bonus during the ability.
With the changes above, this upgrade has now become useless. This change will make Qi’Tara’s damage output more reliable.
-Chilasi Chakram, now speeds up the damage over time of Poisonous blade by 20% for 160 solar.
Since the bug was fixed where this upgrade doubled your damage, this upgrade has become too weak
-Lily of the Isle, projectile speed and range increased by 30%.
Salty Seal makes Qi’Tara almost unstoppable, this change should make counterplay possible again
-Salty Seal, now activates a shield that blocks 100 damage and provides immunity against slows, stuns, snares, chains, gravity and time warps as long as it’s active.
Other tweaks and adjustments.
-Seven star strike, now also gives a 10% lifesteal effect.
-Baby plumbin oil, additional lifesteal reduced from 30% to 15% for 175 solar.
-Rakki Comb, merged to one stage which adds 200% damage vs. droids for 155 solar.

-Iron Rifle, fixed that the shield didn’t last long enough to protect the entire charge duration.

-Birdseed donuts, cooldown reduction when hit increased from 2 to 4 seconds, duration increase increased from 1 to 2 seconds.

His base attack is a bit too weak in general
-Sword Strike, Slash damage increased from 100 to 105, Cleave lifesteal increased from 20% to 30%.
-Banner of the Triple Scoop, price per stage reduced from 130 to 100.
-Halberd of Justice, bonus damage reduced from 25% to 22%.
-Titanium Coneshield, price increased from 130 to 150 solar per stage.
Other tweaks and adjustments
-Brutally Whipped Cream, price reduced from 200 to 180 per stage.

-Fixed that Sentry’s Beacon no longer emitted a phone interference sound.
-Fixed that Starstorm statue didn't affect Bug detector.
Reducing his efficiency of laying down mines in choke-points which has little to no counter-play.
-Mines, damage while stationary reduced from 80 to 70.
With this change in mind, a counter-buff to help him land reliable damage output in close ranged scenarios.
-Mines, damage on direct hit increased from 80 to 90.
-Projectile speed of mines increased by 15%.
Camouflage tent is currently emphasizing passive play. This change will reward aggressive use of his AA by increasing his chase potency and reliability.
- Camouflage tent, now increases projectile speed and range by 18%, one stage for 175 solar.
Drive-over skulls is also providing a lot of easy chip damage and can be replaced with a more active timing based auto-attack.
-Drive-over skulls, now deals +75% direct damage when not firing for 1.5s.
Currently Black Hole Sun feels inconsistent and very hard to avoid, and if avoided it lingers for a whole 1.5s. This is an attempt at making BHS a more reliable ability and feel more fair on both ends. Starting with rewarding precision and aim on Sentry's end while allowing enemies to dodge the skill easier.
-Black Hole Sun, projectile distance increased by 10%.
-Black Hole Sun, projectile speed increased by 10%.
-Black Hole Sun, size of black hole reduced by 18%.
The next set of changes are both aimed at compensating for the size reduction but also to reduce the duration of BHS.
-Black Hole Sun, minimum gravity increased by 8%.
-Black Hole Sun, maximum gravity increased by 5%.
-Black Hole Sun, duration of black hole reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s.
With these changes aside, his shield charging up also adds up a lot of time where he's difficult to punish. Reducing his shield duration both allows him for using his black hole quicker, while also being vulnerable faster.
-Shield duration reduced from 2s to 1.5s.
With less up-time of his shields, his base shield scaling could be increased to fulfill his tanky role. This allows him to tank a little extra in fights and reward aggressive play.
-Black Hole Sun, Base shield increased from 20% to 25%.
-Microfilm, shielding reduced from 10% to 8%, price reduced to 140 solar per stage.
Some Sentry's just leave their beacon sitting somewhere in order to reveal or permanently put pressure on an area.
-Teleport Beacon, times out after 45 seconds.

-Made separate spawnpoints for Sawblade and Spare blade, and moved them apart a little.
-Sawblade, now deals direct damage instead of damage over time.

Smiles has been overnerfed in the last few updates.
-Base health, increased from 1550 to 1650.
-Trapper’s hook, cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.
-Bush fire, range increased by 25%.

-Poolboy, price reduced from 240 to 210 solar.

-Psychokinetic Repulsion, fixed that it sometimes dealt double damage to a single target if two targets where overlapping.

-Chrono Rift, cooldown reduction per stage reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
-Uranium spikes, price increased from 125 to 150 per stage.

 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:12 pm 
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Jasper wrote:
-Siege mode, Derpl is no longer immune to CC during the transformation out of siege mode.
-Siege mode, Derpl's CC immunity now also works against timeslow effects and cocoons.
-Trap, now charges in the middle of Derpl instead of having an arming time when placed.


These are some big changes. They make me want to try some Derpl.

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 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:18 pm 
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Voltar pierce bug was fixed, I don't know when that disappeared from the patch notes.

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 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:35 pm 

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Jasper wrote:
Update 4.6
-Trap, now charges in the middle of Derpl instead of having an arming time when placed.

This killed completely derpl, no way to play aggressively with a 1sec charging time, i really dont care about duration and other but this is insane

 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:40 pm 
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Good changes for the most part in my opinion. Big fan of the Derpl adjustments too :thumb:

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 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:08 pm 
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So what happened to Yoolips ranged AA? Not gonna happen after all?

Rocket feels laughably weak compared to the past. Rocket launch at medium distance does like Clunks AA missile worth of dmg? Maybe I just need to learn different approach, but even if you dont get killed as him (as usual), his dmg potential feels quite pathetic and tanks can simply just ignore him.

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 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:10 pm 

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No changes to Raelynn's Monkey Hand? I'm sad :(

 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:37 pm 
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Scoop and Lonestar feel really nice to play with the new buffs :thumb:

I have no idea if Sentry was overall buffed or nerfed... :think: The black hole doesn't really feel smaller, but it still feels like a 1.2s snare if you're caught by even one pixel, with BKM becoming more mandatory than ever... :shrug:

It's a bit early to talk about the nex balance patch, but Chucho might need some toning down ; his bike damage upgrades are absurdly powerful for how cheap and easy to apply they are. Swiggins could have his early game adjusted a bit as well (his base range and lockdown duration are so huge at base that he has no reason tu buy anything other than damage/AOE/stun). A quick hotfix maybe ?

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 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:02 pm 
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tinker time: balance changes?

Ronimo: instructions unclear, buffed sentry.

the AoE size needed a nerf, but you made it more reliable since it now deploys much faster.

it doesn't feel smaller (i know it is) during gameplay, but you can feel the speed buff way more than you can feel the size nerf. who approved these changes?

remove sentry or remove BHS and do something more interesting with him. you can't fix him.

 Post subject: Re: NOW LIVE: Update 4.6
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:30 pm 
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"At the same time we want to stimulate him to get more into the thick of the fight."

How on Earth is that supposed to work? Unless you're extremely good with him, he is much too slow and frail (and now even weaker) to do that. He isn't meant to be an in-your-face brawler like Ayla or Froggy. And he's horrible at escaping without his Rocket Launch knockback (similar to how Raelynn isn't great at escaping and all she has is her Timerift; even then that doesn't often stop anyone who really wants you). Even then, the rocket doesn't guarantee you get out of the situation in one piece. Invisibility is even more cheap than his knockback but nobody ever thinks about that.

Really, he is not OP at all compared to other Nauts considering how careful you have to be with him. I honestly don't understand everyone complaining about him constantly, and he does not ruin the game. In my experience he actually doesn't do all that much unless you again are very good with him and play him aggressively. He does not last long on the battlefield at all if he stays in the middle of the fight like you're intending.

Lastly, his Rocket Launch is pretty weak compared to most other burst attacks (countless times enemy Nauts had a sliver of health and the rocket didn't even kill them when it should have). So I don't see where the whole "he does too much damage" thing is coming from. Other Nauts do WAY more much more quickly. The rest of the changes seem fine, Laser Trap was indeed weak and unreliable.

This is all coming from someone who mains Rocket (upper L2 player who has been in L1 and faced many L1 players) and I doubt sharing my thoughts is going to make a difference, considering the rest of the community seems to like to believe he is OP even though again several other characters are just as broken if not more.


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