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 Post subject: UMA Map Festival 8!
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:09 pm 
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Hey everyone! It's been a long time since the last festival but it's finally coming back!

What is the UMA Map Festival?
The UMA Map Festival is a two hour long, as the title implies, festival! Here we will be playing custom maps, playing with friends or making new friends along with streams and raffles!

When is the 8th session of the UMA Community Map Festival?
The next edition will be held Saturday 7th of July at 20h00 CEST (central europe time) (same time as the previous one). Feel free to use this handy countdown clock if you are lost with timezones.

How do I join?
There is no reservations or registration here! If you want to join the event, just join the Discord through the link provided above. From there, find a free spot in a voice channel group being led by a group leader and that's about all you have to do! Your group leader will take charge from there! The sooner you join, the most chance you have to get a full group so don't wait too long!

How does the event work?
  • Arrange yourselves into groups of 6 headed by "group leaders", group leaders will be people such as Blatoy, EgyptFalcon among with other volunteers we don't know. Hop in your group's voice channel when you're ready to go! Contact the festival organizer or just post here before the event if you want to be a Group Leader. You can be one after it starts, but it's easier to organize this way
  • Your group leader will be given a playlist of ten maps to play from, within your group, discuss in the voice channel which maps out of the ten you want to play and what order they should be played in! I should mention, if you're feeling shy or don't have a working mic, don't feel pressured to voice chat! Just talk via text through the discord or the game to your group! The voice channels are just an easy way for us to organize into groups
  • Here's the fun part! Play with your group and have fun on some custom maps made by the Nauts community! If you even want, post critique of the map in the Com-Night Feedback channel! Do be kind however!

How can I suggest a map?
Finished a map you're proud of? Know of a cool map we don't know? As long as the map is finished, and playable without any gamebreaking bugs, hop into the UMA discord and suggest a map in the general chat or private message me or Kida. We will be voting on maps on all of Friday on the Discord so if you want a say in what maps we play during the event, vote!

As mentioned before, every (number of keys / 120) minutes, everyone in a voice-chat channel on Discord and therefore, playing with their group, will be entered into the raffle automatically. We will ping @here on the #map-festival-rafflezeit channel on the server when the raffle is announced and ping the winner. Then at the end of the event, we will ping all the winners in case you were in a very intense match and didn't hear the notification! You have until the following Monday to claim your prize or else the prize will be recirculated and used in the next Map Festival.

We're still currently discussing which key will be offered during the event.

How can I help with the UMA Map Festival?

  • Talk about the event! The more people we are, the funnier it gets! Invite your friends so you can play with them and help us finding everyone a full group!
  • Stream! It's not only fun to stream but it's a great way for the creators of this event to catch different perspectives and hear different opinions! Private message Kida or I on the forums or discord if you want to stream the event and we'll put up your link on this forum post and on the Discord!
  • Donations! We are always looking for keys for future events! Announcers, Expansions, Ultimate Skins, Costume Packs, Roboscoops, and even Nauts to help out the growing F2P playerbase! Send Kida or me a private message on Discord or forums if you're feeling charitable!
  • Volunteers! If you are certain you will be there for the event, we always need more group leaders! Just send Kida or me a private message on Discord or Forums if you want to!

Join us to play on custom maps the 7th of July at 1PM CDT 2PM EDT 3PM ART 7PM BST 6PM UTC 8PM CEST 4AM AEST 11AM PDT on Discord and maybe win prizes!

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More tools here!

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 Post subject: Re: UMA Map Festival 8!
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:11 pm 
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I'll be up to stream this again. I assume Bacon Bomb would be willing to join me, but I'll have to ask first. It'd be nice if I didn't have to be group leader on top of managing the stream.

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 Post subject: Re: UMA Map Festival 8!
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:15 am 
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Nice, shame it's at 4 in the morning but if I happen to be up I'll hop in.

 Post subject: Re: UMA Map Festival 8!
 Post Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:24 pm 
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If you need maps for the roster you can play mine: It's much different than the last time it was included in a UMA festival iirc.

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