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 Post subject: Warzone: Battlegrounds - Update & Registrations on Nov 2nd!
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:32 pm 
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Hello Everyone! Alexeus here to make a quick update regarding the upcoming Warzone Tournament.

You might have heard some rumors floating around, and unofficial comments regarding details of the event. But today I wish to officially confirm that WARZONE: BATTLEGROUNDS REGISTRATIONS WILL OPEN ON NOVEMBER 2ND!

It’s been a challenging task working on this event for the past couple of months, as it will be my return to tournament hosting after a two year hiatus, so catching up on the recent trends while also doing majority of the graphical and organizational production has been pretty daunting!

Now onto some details regarding Warzone: Battlegrounds.


Warzone: Battlegrounds, Launching on Nov 16th, Follows the footsteps of the Original Warzone Weekly by featuring a 5-Week Long League Format, where teams compete in weekly tournaments for points based on their bracket placement, with the Top 8 Teams earning a spot in the Finals Bracket!

During the competition, you may also earn points through a different means by challenging other competitors to Sanctioned Scrims! Sanctioned Scrims are Best of Three Sets following tournament rules that are initiated by teams during the off-week, where you earn points based on the amount of Victories you receive.

Playing in Sanctioned Scrims gives Teams a means to earn points in-between brackets, and catch up to the competition for those with fluctuating schedules.


Regarding specific details of the event, the Tournament will follow the traditional rule-sets people are familiar with.

    -Three Ban Draft Format
    -Lower Seed is always Team 1, First Round.
    -Drafts will be done through Text Chat. [ R.I.P NautsDrafter :( ]
    -Losing Team Picks Maps & Draft Order (Team 1 or Team 2)
    -Starstorm & AI Station 205 are Banned.
    -Disconnects Anytime After First Blood, A Turret Cracked or Three In-Game Minutes WILL NOT CAUSE A MATCH RESTART.
    -Bracket Start Times will be at 11:00 AM Central Time, 17:00 UTC.
    -Team Roster Limit of 5

The Tournament Bracket will scale to accommodate the amount of entrants by utilizing a Single Elimination, Best of 1 Format until Quarter Finals, Where the format will then change to a Best of 3 for all remaining sets until completion.

Besides that nothing should be too different from what most competitors are used to, as rule-sets have standardized, I see very little reason to change anything.

The Event will also be held in it’s own Discord Channel, as Discord has proven to be incredibly useful for Event Management and Player Convenience.

All that said, I am open to suggestions regarding format tweaks and quality of life improvements if any competitors have some to share!


As for prizes, we haven’t confirmed anything yet, as we’re still looking into how we will hand out prizes. Since PayPal has made changes to their system that require a lot of personal information I’m not comfortable with, I am in a position where I can’t personally hand out cash prizes directly to the winners of the event if we were to have them, so I will need another method which we’re looking into.

Assuming such problems are resolved, we do have some that have offered cash as part of a community-sourced prize pool. Speaking of which, if you’d like to contribute to the Prize Pool, whether it’s cash, art or anything you’d be willing to donate on our behalf, we’d greatly appreciate it and urge you to contact Alexeus#3470 on Discord.


Now the possibility of Livestreams have been a big question for me, the team, and the players. Quite Frankly, we are doing everything we can to stream the event, but we can’t confirm anything quite yet.

I am currently hard at work on producing Stream Graphics in preparation of the (hopeful) confirmation of Sunday Streams, where we will pick out the most interesting sets in each bracket to broadcast. Right now, the tentative stream time would be 1 PM Central Time, or 19:00 UTC

We used to create separate twitch channels for events in the past, but for this event, I will opt to stream on my personal channel: The reasons for this are convenience, portfolio, and personal as I’m doing most of the legwork, so I feel it’s justifiable enough to host there.

Also, while this is a small thing, I am looking into using the Awesomenauts Soundtrack itself for music selection rather than opting into royalty free ones like past events, as I feel it would be more appropriate to do so.

Stream Production is the next question, as I am capable of streaming the event, however I lack the expertise & knowledge to configure and set up an optimal broadcast, of which is an area I’ll be looking into as soon as I am done with most of the graphics.

Lastly, of course is I’m in need of Casters, which leads me into needing staff.


We are seeking volunteers that are interested in any of the following positions!

Match Caster: I will need people who are interested in casting sets for Sunday Streams Starting from November 17th all the way into December 15th ,And to show up before 1:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM EST, 19:00 UTC for each stream.

Bracket Assistant: I will need a few volunteers to help during Bracket Run-times to advance teams on Challonge, checking and verifying that replays and replay codes are sent in to the proper channels, and to handle Questions & Disputes while the Tournament Organizer is occupied or Away.

Back-Up Live-streamers: I am looking for people who can livestream the event in the off-chance I am not able to do so for any reason. You will need to be capable of streaming the event at a minimum of 720p 60FPS at a bitrate of 3500kbps to Twitch. Preferably, if you can stream at 1080p 60fps at 6000kbps, that’s even better as my channel has affiliate status, so I would be permitted to stream at that quality.


That was a lengthy update, but a needed one! Official Event Threads Should be up within the November 2nd Time-Frame, with all the links you will need to register and join inside the thread!

Thank you to everyone for being patient with me & the team regarding the event, and before I go, I just want to mention that Battlegrounds isn’t the only Warzone Related thing happening, so stay tuned to hear more about something entirely new! :)

Hope to see all of you there!

-Alexeus & The TILT Crew.


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 Post subject: Re: Warzone: Battlegrounds - Update & Registrations on Nov 2
 Post Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:37 pm 

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is this the same thing as conquest or do they just happen to be announced at nearly the same time?

 Post subject: Re: Warzone: Battlegrounds - Update & Registrations on Nov 2
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:28 am 
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Bumping the thread. Always excited for new community events taking place.
Good luck with To'ing to you and staff :thumb:

Niki wrote:
finally a great patch to play in and putting an end to the bugs

Kewn wrote:
Just wanted to bump in here to say this is the greatest thing.

Oil_Rope_bombs wrote:
I think you guys are just bad,

Jas123c wrote:
kathy wrote:

this is a very serious question, please help :(

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