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 Post subject: Warzone: Battlegrounds - FINALS WEEK
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:07 pm 
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November 22nd 2019: Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we had to cancel Week 2's Qualifier Stream because of a shortage of casters. I couldn't in good conscience make our only caster handle a three hour stream on their own and was too ill to do both Stream Production & Casting at the same time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We will be moving the Roboscoop Raffle planned for Week 2, into Week 3 as a result of this, which will also have an additional Roboscoop Raffle as well. (So 2x Roboscoop Skins will be given out on the Week 3 Livestream!)

November 22nd 2019: We are happy to announce that we will be giving out a rare Roboscoop skin at the end of each Warzone: Battlegrounds live-stream. Be sure to tune in for a chance to win!

November 17th 2019:
Week 1 Livestream was aired at Highlight version
will be available shortly.

November 16th 2019: Week 1 Qualifier Winners is Disqualified!

November 12th 2019: Lens Flare Badges are now confirmed for the Champions of the Warzone: Battlegrounds Finals Bracket!


Welcome to Warzone: Battlegrounds, A 5-Week Tournament League where teams from all over the globe compete for prizes and glory!

Teams compete in weekly brackets and sanctioned scrims, where they will earn points based on their performance.

After four weeks, the Top 8 Teams with the most points will advance into the final bracket, where they will compete one last time to earn the title of Battlegrounds Champions!

Battlegrounds – Discord Link:

Battlegrounds - Team Registration Form:


In Battlegrounds, Your team’s performance in both Qualifiers & Sanctioned Scrims will earn you a set amount of points that will be associated with you throughout the event.

Your objective is to earn as many points as you are able to, and remain in the Top 8 teams of the Tournament Leaderboards.

If you are able retain your status in Top 8 by the end of the Qualifiers, you will then be Invited to the Finals Bracket, where the best of the best face off in a double elimination bracket to determine the Champions of the League!

Tournament Performance

In Each Qualifier, the ranking your team achieves in the bracket will give you a specific amount of points as follows:

1st Place: 16 Points
2nd Place: 11 Points
3rd – 4th: 7 Points
5th – 8th: 4 Points
9th – 16th: 2 Points
17th – 32nd: 1 Point

The Further you go in a Qualifier, the more points your team will receive.

Sanctioned Scrims

In-Between Qualifiers, Teams may challenge each other in what are called Sanctioned Scrims. Sanctioned Scrims are Best of 3 sets that follow Battlegrounds: Tournament Rules, with teams earning a point for each win during the set.

There are two rules that must be followed for Sanctioned Scrims:

-You can only play same team once every two weeks, regardless if you won or lost.

-You can only set up a maximum of 4 scrims per week. When a scrim is completed, it will count as a used scrim for both teams.

Once a Scrim has finished, The Winning team must send their results through the Sanctioned Scrim Submission Form listed in the Information section. The results will then be processed by staff as soon as possible and points will be awarded.


For the first week, seeding will be determined by Staff based on the history of each team, your answers in your team registration form, and individual / combined play-time.

From the second week onward, Seeding will then be determined by the rankings of the League Leaderboards.


These are the rewards for the team that become champions of Warzone: Battlegrounds!

1st Place

1x Clunk Figurine - By Ronimo Games
1x Kickstarter T-Shirt - By Ronimo Games
1x Steelbox Edition - By Ronimo Games


Battlegrounds - Team Registration Form:

Battlegrounds - Public Team Registrations:

Battlegrounds – Discord Link:

Battlegrounds – League-Point Leaderboards:

Battlegrounds - Results & Replays Submission Form:


Tournament Bracket Dates / Check-In times.


All Qualifer Check-Ins Start at 10:00 AM Central Time / 16:00 UTC
All Qualifier Brackets Start at 11:00 AM Central Time / 17:00 UTC

Week 1 Qualifier:
Week 2 Qualifier:
Week 3 Qualifier:
Week 4 Qualifier:


Every Finals Check-In Start at 10:00 AM Central Time / 16:00 UTC.
Every Finals Bracket Start at 11:00 AM Central Time / 17:00 UTC.

Finals - Day 1:
Finals - Day 2:


Livestreams will be broadcasted here:

All Showcase Streams begin at 1:00 PM Central Time / 19:00 UTC

Week 1 Livestream:
Week 2 Livestream:
Week 3 Livestream:
Week 4 Livestream:

Finals Livestream:


*Corrections & Updates will be made over-time.

“Upload of Online Replays” must be enabled.

You are allowed to stream all of your matches, but label your stream as Warzone Related, and save your broadcasts.

Qualifier Bracket / Set Rules:

Single Elimination

Best of 1 : Round 1 - Quarter Finals
Best of 3 : Quarter Finals – Grand Finals

Finals Bracket / Set Rules:

Double Elimination

Best of 3 – All Matches

Map Rules

Allowed Maps:

-Ribbit IV

Banned Maps:

-AI Station 205
-AI Station 404


You must announce which players are playing before each draft starts.

-Drafts are done through NautsDrafter, use the Scrimnauts Setting for now:
-There are no Banned Characters

First Round: Lowest Seed is Always Team 1.

Veto Phase / Loser’s Pick Phase

-First round only: Team 1 vetoes a map they do not want to play on.
-Team 2 vetoes one more map, the map that remains will be the map for the game.

Second Round & Onward: Loser chooses to be either Team 1 or 2 in Draft & The Map.

Three-Bans, Three Picks - Draft Format

-Bans are Two-sided, meaning neither team can play a banned character.
-Picks are One-sided, meaning only the team that picks the character can play them.
-Once the draft is finished, you will assign a player to each character.

Draft Order

Red Ban:
Blue Ban:
Red Ban:
Blue Ban:
Red Pick:
Blue Pick:
Blue Pick:
Red Pick:
Red Ban:
Blue Ban:
Red Pick:
Blue Pick:
• -END


Lobby Rules:

-Every Player must use a Team Tag in their name.
-Lag-tests can be done before or after the draft. Optional and up to both parties.
-No bots are allowed.
-Only players established before the draft may join.

Disconnect Rules:

#1: If a Player Disconnects, and there are no cracked turrets (No Broken Turrets on Mini-Map) or first blood in under three minutes, then both teams must restart.

#2: If after a match is restarted, and the player is still disconnecting before any turrets are cracked or first blood, then the team with the disconnecting player must replace them with a registered substitute using the same draft made before the match, or be removed from the match and fight the opposing team with a player disadvantage.

#3: If a Player Disconnects after turrets are cracked or first blood, then the match is considered a valid match and will continue regardless of player status.

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