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 Post subject: Warzone: Mercenaries - FINAL SERIES HAS STARTED!
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:43 pm 
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November 25th 2019: Rules have been changed to be less strict: there is no longer a daily limit, a hard limit of 70 points per week, and each series now runs from Sunday to Saturday, instead of Monday to Saturday.

November 14th 2019: Prizeboard has now been confirmed for Warzone: Mercenaries!


Warzone: Mercenaries is a Side-Event that complements Warzone: Battlegrounds, where players compete against each other in Custom Game-Types on Custom Maps in a race to score the most amount of points each week.

Registrations & Discord link can be found here:

Mercenaries – Agent Registration:

Mercenaries – Discord Link:


Registered Players will play in groups of either one on one, two on two, or three on three. Every Lobby in Mercenaries must have an equal amount of players per team.

First: A Party Leader must set up a lobby in The Mercenaries Discord, where they will set up a private match using approved rules for the set, and state how many players they are looking for.
(Example: “Normal 2v2, Brine Polar, no Draft)

Second: you join any lobby you want, once a lobby is filled up with the appropriate amount of players, everyone must now play a Best 2 out of 3 set using the established game rules.

Third: Once a set has been finished, the party leader will then report the results of the set to Staff through a Results Submissions Form listed in the Info section.

After that is done, results will then be processed and once completed, each player within the lobby will earn 1 point for each victory they achieved.

The Next Section will explain the Point System.


During Each Series: players will be racing against each other to earn the most points, with points being awarded following every reported victory players have earned in the event.

For each victory you receive: you will earn one point, with every series having a maximum amount of points you can earn during it’s run-time.

Every Series has a maximum of points that can be earned:
There is a hard limit of 70 points per series.

The player that reaches the series maximum first, OR, The player with the most points by the end of the series, will then become the Champion of that series!

1st to 8th Place as a reward, will earn a descending priority on a predetermined prize pool of Skins & DLC.

This means that 1st Place will get to pick his prize before 2nd place can.

-This continues until 8th place picks the last prize.


*Updates to the Lobby Format will be made over the course of the event.

Party Leaders must follow a few rules for creating lobbies, utilizing a format of Player Count, Game-Type, Map & Party rules. We will go into this step by step.


Leaders will need to State how many players in a lobby they are looking for: Either a One on One, Two on Two, or Three on Three set.


Once a lobby is filled up, either the Leader decides who is on which team, or Groups of Players may make the decision together if an agreement is made before the set begins.


Leaders will choose one of the following game-types for a set.

• Original / Normal
• Instagib
• Randomnauts
• Random TDM
• Team Deathmatch
• Map-Specific Rules – (If a Map needs specific settings.)

Next, Leaders will pick which map they would like to play on.


Any map where the entire playing area can be observed in Replays can be used.
-Over the course of the event, if any maps are found to have problems within their design, we will look into banning certain maps permanently from play.
-We will also list any banned maps on the discord and here.


Party Leaders may also use an approved party rule specific for their lobby, while this is optional, you must stick to these rules for the entirety of the set. The Following Party Rules are:

Two or Three Ban Draft Phase – (Battlegrounds: Draft Rules)
Map Change after each Round - (Leader’s Choice or Group Choice.)
Captains swap players each Round – (Winning Team Swaps or Losing Team Swaps)


Once everything is Set-Up, simply play the best of 3 to completion until winners are decided, then report the results in the appropriate submissions form.

If for whatever reason a party must disband in the middle of a set, you can still report completed results into the submissions form and staff still award points for any finished matches.


Mercenaries – Agent Registration:

Mercenaries – Public Agent List:

Mercenaries – Discord Link:

Mercenaries – Mercenaries League Leaderboards & Results:

Mercenaries – Match Result Submission Form:


The first series will run from the Opening Saturday to the Next Saturday
, with Sundays being a break day between series.

Second, Third and Fourth series will last from Monday to Saturday.

First Series: November 16th to November 23rd
Second Series: November 24th – November 30th
Third Series: December 1st to December 7th
Fourth Series: December 8th to December 14th

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