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 Post subject: [fan'naut] Master X
 Post Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:59 am 
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This awesomenauts are conversions of other heroes\champions\characters from other MOBA games.
*Costs of upgrades may not look fair because I'm not game developer.
*upgrade names may suck because i'm not a native english speaker.

Master X
Based on LoL champion Master Yi.

*I am not good at English (or storytelling).
He was found space in a meteorite full of solar where he was meditating for unknown ammount of time (he is a Master YI after all, the oldets man in Runeterra he is so cool that he just can do that). He just awaken saw Awesomenauts poster, said "Eons passed but nothing has changed" and joined Awesomenauts.


Health: 120 (up to 150)
Movement Speed: 7
Attack Type: melee
Role: Assassin, Pusher.

Utility Upgrades
Power Pills Light 3; 120 +15/30/45 HP
Med-I-can 2; 120 +100/200 HP per min.
Ninja tabi 1; 160 +1.2 move speed; 8-way dash: yes (tap direction twice in air; dash speed = MS*1.5)
Solar tree 1; 50 +20 Solar per Minute
Piggy bank 1; 0 +115 Solar
B.K.M. 2; 110 Debufs: -20%/40%

Regular Attack - Supreme Slash
Base damage: 8
Base AS: 120 (dps 2.0*8=16)
Type: Melee
Range: 3.2 (3.5 ?)
Bootswords 3; 115
+1/2/3 attack damage.
Bone scepters 2; 160
+12.5%/25% lifesteal.
Infinity edge 1; 300
+3 attack damage.
Avarice blade 1; 50
Every consecutive kill within 3 seconds gives from 1 to 5 Solar (1-2-3-4-5-5-5-5).
Zeal 1; 350
Every 5th attack is doubled.
Stinger 2; 200
+20%/40% attack speed.

Alpha strike (Q)
Base damage: 30
Cooldown: 12
Range: 6
Description: Master X dashes (12 move speed) to the pointed direction and deals full damage to the first target met. Then he leaps to strike up to 2 enemies, dealing halved damage to each. Each bounce will target the nearest enemy that has not yet been damaged. Master X leap back at the initial target's location after the effect ends.
Omega Strike method 2; 200
If button is held during the activation: master will stay at the last target's location after the effect of Alpha strike ends and deal 8/16 additional damage to it.
Awesome strike 2; 135
Adds 1 target to the chain.
Weak spots for newbs 2; 200
+10/20 damage.
Wuju style 1; 240
-1 second cooldown on enemy hit.
Cougar leap 3; 150
+8/16/24 damage to secluded targets. (target is secluded if no other enemies for additional hits are found)
Wind steps 1; 110
+1.5 range and Master X teleports to the target (which have same speed but he is invincible during it)

Focus (E)
Cooldown: 14
Description: gives +5 Alpha strike damage and 2 attack damage as passive effect. If activated doubles passive effect for 4 seconds. Afterwards, the passive bonus is lost until Focus is off cooldown.
Meditation 2; 200
If button is held during the activation: master will be frozen in place, meditating and healing himself for 7.5/15 HP per second for 5 seconds. Stun, silence and displacement cancel it.
Extra lenses 2; 135
+5/10 Alpha strike damage +1/2 attack damage.
Speed of thought 3; 115
+5/10/15% attack speed and +0.3/0.6/0.9 movement speed as passive effect.
????????? 2; 175
+1/2 flat shield and -10%/20% debuffs duration as active effect.
Enchanced Focus 3; 135
+1/2/3 seconds of Focus (and Meditation) duration.
No regrets 1; 340
+5 seconds cooldown; Passive effect isn’t lost when Focus is on cooldown.

About gameplay:
Master X is an assasin and whole gameplay is wraped aaround that.
He has really good mobility with "boots upgrade". I think ability to dash in air opens new page in a book of jukes in Awesomenauts.
Both his abilities can be activated in a different way (after upgrades).
He have very strong synergy between his skills.
And his upgrades can be configured to have:
*better raw damage or utility\defense.
*better sustained damage, burst damage.
*better total damage or damage to secluded enemies.

I calculated his DPS and its no more than 70 on basic attack. And his maximum burst around 135 on Alpha strike (if the enemy is alone and got hit).

Fannauts: Master X,

 Post subject: Re: [fan'naut] Master X
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:30 am 
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I only played LOL for a short while because my little bro loves it but the only char I became good as and learned to use very well was Yi.

I would hate to say though that Yi in a 2d would be broke,, the pure walking speed he would get from his skills would just crush everybody..

Other then the extreme walking speed I think its a good idea though with the small amount of attk + for boost and his other skill could just be a normal forward slash that wouldnt be to OP.

I really hope this gets made but I highest doubt it

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