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 Post subject: Awesomenauts Hide & Seek - Map & Gamemode
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:00 pm 
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Awesomenauts Hide & Seek
Hello everyone Yolvenzind here. From the first moment I heard about the map
editor I wanted to make a Hide & Seek map with gamemode. Now after many
hours of hard work I have finished it! A detailed explanation of how to play it
and the rules will be given down below. You can download the mod here:


The idea is that everyone has one health and should be killed
in one shot. Kill people by hiding yourself and harass them or play
the seeker and go around the level searching for people hidden
in their hide areas!

Create a gamemode based on team death match or instagib.
- Set naut health to the lowest point
- enable same naut on team (if you want that)
- set max puchasable items to 0
- set damage on the highest level
- No killing at the spawn area

You can ofcourse play around with these settings if you want. This
is just what I use for my H&S game.

Naut picking
Many nauts or abbilities are op in this game. That is why
we specified some rules for some of them:

Allowed without extra rules:
Froggy, Lonestar, Ayla, Coco, Skolldir, Genji
Swiggins, Rocco, IX, Penny, Sentry, Nibbs, Yoolip, LUX

You can play leon but without using your invisibility abbility as this
would be really op in a hide & seek map with one life only

You can slash and hammer all you want but don't use bindings.
These target way to easy and kill a one health person way to soon

Can be played. Without using plants though. Setting up his little turrets
in hide area will almost make you insta win. Way to overpowered.

Rae is strong because with her snipe she can vision where hidden people are. and
considering everyone has 1 health and the long range of snipe this was considered to
op. Snipe is banned

His abbilities are all allowed. When you play with items and a shop though.
Homing missiles are banned. He is still considered a weak pick because of his size
and slowness.

Voltar: BANNED
His automatic attack droids will kill anyone near him. He's one of the most
op nauts possible and the player playing him can't even help it. He's banned
in all games.

A flying naut with a long ranged laser. He's considered very strong and possibly lame.
Deside yourself if you should ban him.

Derpl is an allowed naut but let me warn you here. His size and slowness might work
against you. No homing items may be bought.

Vinnie&Spike: BANNED
With his flying abbilities, dash and long ranged aa vinnie is no fun to play against in this game.

Same story as Leon. Her invis makes her op. So either ban her roll ability or make it so that she has to come out of stealth after rolling.

Banned the snipe shot item as it's op with the long range.

Don't be surprised. Skree his AA would own every naut playing. It's considered one of
the most op things beside voltars laser drones. You could play him with saw and totem only
but this would be really weak.

His bike works a turret. You are allowed to play him but you have to leave
his bike at the spawn. Staying on the bike isn't an option as it has enormous speed
and mobility

Max: Banned
I banned max because of his enormous speed and mobility along with his fast projectile ability with long range and his easy to hit AA while flying away.

Can be played. His shield is considered op though as it makes him invincible for a long time.
so that ability is banned

Known Issues
Team walls at bottom - should be replaced with normal walls.
Small spaces - There are many hide spots where people can't fit in
and at the spawn some characters don't fit in the portal spaces.

If you find any other issues or have other feedback please respond here.
I'll gladly improve the map :)

Have fun everyone!

Check out the Awesomenauts Voice-comms

My steam

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