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 Post subject: Mists of Tundraria - 3v3 Custom Map with WIP Artwork
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:19 pm 
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Mists of Tundraria - 3v3 Custom Map with Work in Progress Art

This map is meant for 3v3 MOBA gameplay. It has a unique gimmick where the lanes criss cross each other. So once you take out the top front turret, you'll navigate through the pipe system and be led to push the bottom back turret. This will make more sense when you play it and see where the droids go. Also, if you take out both front turrets, your path will be clear to the turrets on the backside.

This is a work in progress map, it has a LOT of placeholder textures (meaning they'll be replaced with pretty ones later). I'm currently painting all the assets in my free time, but I'm updating the map constantly to affect the changes as I go.

The AI is pathed and "working". I find that I still struggle to beat the hardest difficulty AI (I'm not a pro player by any means though). Some character's AI will have more issues than others (Yuri bot I'm looking at you), but most can figure everything out. Updates to AI pathing will happen later, unless people beg for it now. Obviously your best option is to play a solid 3v3 with all human players, but I've been doing lots of AI matches and have enjoyed them.




Mists of Tundraria (WIP map) -
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