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 Post subject: Persians are still broken
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:37 pm 
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I just got into the beta. And it seems Persians haven't been balanced from the WiiU-version at all.
Suggested balancing in brackets.
1. Invisible characters with increased movement speed and AoE, can't predict around them at all (Remove AoE or invisibility/reduce AoE damage)
2. Characters that can heal themselves out of combat (Lower their HP)
3. Cloning spell (Make only 1 clone)
4. A rush spell that ignores stuctures (Make it so the spell can't push trough structures)
5. Turrets that spawn minions AND deal damage, can be spammed with mana mine (make only spawn minions on range, or to only deal damage. Or reduce the damage when little djinnies land)
6. Spell that reflects damage at the attackers (halve the reflected damage)
7. A whole lot of slow from two different ranged units (Either remove the other units slowing or reduce the range)

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