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 Post subject: [Fan Naut] Acupuncturist
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:35 pm 
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It's time to get wild. I'll have to explain it a bit. The whole point is to make a medium-ranged harasser who feels really * annoying and wont go away. So basically Rocket Lite.
But instead of evasiveness, we're going for heals.

It's lore time
The Acupuncturist, real name Broilur Crox, once owned a small business on the hippie planet Munchus VII. During his usual shift, a customer was dragged out of the appointment by an unknown reptile, leaving a trail of needles which fell out while being dragged outside. After slipping on a few of the needles and puncturing himself, the reptile appeared on his table. It was none other than Leon, Chameleon. What a * twist, I thought it was gonna be smiles. After remotely switching off the heater so the building didn't catch alight, he decided to give him a treatment for only 94% of the price, adjusted for the missing arm. Once the Fair Trade Committee caught wind of this scandal, he was shipped off to the Awesomenauts for 500 hours as punishment, where he later met up with the handsome reptilian that had swindled him out of 6 solar.

Health: 1300
Movement: Pretty average, acceleration should be fairly quick. Has one lackluster jump, similar to rae but a tad higher. Jump speed shouldn't be much out of the ordinary.
Items on Utility row: Pills, Regen, Custom Boots, Solar Krab Burgers, Piggy Bank, BKM.
Rotting Sandals: Increase movement speed by 11%, Reduce acceleration by 100% Wait why would anyone want these

First weird choice, but if you want somebody persistent you shouldn't be letting him leave whenever he wants without a chase.

Fan of Needles:
The Acupuncturist collects needles, as you'd expect.. Has 5 shots. Deals 15 damage to enemy Awesomenauts and 25 damage to everything else. Pierces indefinitely and has a large amount of gravity. Each hit will summon blood orbs which home in on you. If you're on full health (Less than 10 health missing) they home towards allied Awesomenauts instead. Orbs heal for 10.
Attack Speed: 85 or 1.416/s
Damage: 15(nauts) / 25(non-naut)
Lifesteal: 80% (12) / 48% (12)
Dps/HpS: 24.9-124.9/19.9-100
Now, you might be wondering, where's the damage, but nobody gives a * about that. He lives well in most situations, especially being mid-range. When you're in the sweet spot where all the daggers fall on the same area it's alright though, which should be ideal to farm.

Female Assistant Doll: Add a single shot after the initial fan which deals 40 damage over 2 seconds. This shot comes out directly after the main fan
That one upgrade on ted nobody cares about: Add another needle, this does not increase the spread.
Big, Bleeding Swords: Enemies with 5 or more coals will take 20% more damage from Fan of Needles
Classic Range Upgrade: Increase range of Fan of Needles by 15%, this will affect the arc.
Deeps Up: [1/2] Increase damage by 11%/22%
Uio is just stealing old upgrade ideas at this point, somebody stop him.: Anything hit by Fan of Needles will leave the blade on the floor, which deals 10 damage. Has a 0.6s arming time and lasts 1.5s.

Borrow Time:
The Acupunturist sets down his urn. During this time, he will be tethered to the urn and cannot receive more than 200 damage in one burst. Setting down the urn will reduce your health by 300. The urn has 450 health. This effect lasts 3 seconds. The urn has a small channelling time.
Cooldown: 12s

Barrier Encyclopedia: [1/2] While tethered to the urn, the maximum damage threshold is reduced by 7%/14%
Pollen Prophet? Or Preposterous Profit?: All Blood Orbs heal for 50 over 2 seconds while Urn is active. HoT doesn't stack.
Wait, can I kill myself? The movie: Increase the amount of health taken by urn, and decrease maximum damage threshold while in urn by 15%
Uio steals snarebite volume 6: Adds a snare pulse when placing urn, snaring enemy Awesomenauts for 0.3s
* Crematorium: While the urn is active, you will generate one extra use of Hot Coal every 0.5 seconds
No use crying over spilt dead people, amirite? I don't think there's a limit on how long or drawn out I can make upgrade titles. TLP wont stab me for it, because that's against forum rules: The urn will regenerate 10% of its max health per second while active

Hot Coals:
The acupuncturist throws out some coals, which stick to terrain and enemy Awesomenauts.
For every coal on a target, their cooldowns are increased by 2% and they cannot regenerate health. There may not be more than 20 coals on a target. Coals last 2s and refresh when new coals are added
Ammo: 15
Attack Speed: 240, 3/s
Regeneration Rate: 0.8s per, the shop will instantly refill coals.

Spice Tube Kit: [1/3] Cooldowns are further increased by 0.1s/0.2s/0.3s per coal.
Holographic Incense Burner: Each coal does 11 damage per second to the stuck target
Bovinian-hide Bellows: Every Hot Coal thrown will send out a dagger right after it, the dagger will have 60% of the effect of a normal dagger
Unessential Oils: Each Hot Coal will weaken the target by 1%
Infernal Yoga Mat: Hot Coals now affect targets in an area.
Jar of Acid: [1/2] Enemies with Coals on them will take 90/180 damage over 5 seconds

Qitara main who goes 0/13 every game.
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