What is Galactron?

Years in the making, Galactron represents a massive overhaul to both the backend and the frontend to Awesomenauts. Vastly improving the user experience through better networking and a more polished and streamlined user interface. Also, he's a giant robot, in space.

What does Galactron do?

Galactron brings AAA style matchmaking to Awesomenauts. Where previously players would be put into available match as soon as there was a relatively suitable opening found, Galactron waits. Usually about 5 minutes, during which Galactron collects all players that want to start a new match. While collecting players, Galactron also measures the connections between those players. And when the time is up, Galactron uses all available data to make the best possible matches from the complete pool of players.

How to play with friends

Galactron also includes a persistent party system, allowing you to form a party that sticks around matches and modes. To add people to your party, simply click the big plus next to your portrait and pick your friend from the list that pops up. Once your friend is in, everything you do, you'll do together.


New Character Select

With the new update comes a new character select screen as well, letting you to see what your teammates are up to and when everybody is ready to hit the battlefield.


Disconnecting and reconnecting

Another big change to Awesomenauts brought by Galactron, is the removal of the drop-in drop-out system. While this means that leaving players will not be replaced immediately, it also means that you will never find yourself jumping in a match that has already been in progress for a while. This also means that if you drop out due to unforeseen circumstances, your place won't be taken allowing you to reconnect and finish the fight.


New Custom Games Screen

Also revamped with Galactron: the custom games screen. The new custom games screen replaces both the old bot match and custom games screens, and merges them into one. In here you can invite players for a single match, pick your game mode and set it up just the way you like it.