Genji revealed! Tournament upcoming!

We’re revealing our newest ‘naut today! Meet Genji the Pollen Prophet!

This monk is championing the cause of his deity, the grand Space-Butterfly! Able to spin cocoons around enemies putting them temporarily out of combat, or shielding his allies with chanting prayers!

Check out Genji’s profile page for more info, and watch his debut trailer below!

Genji was voiced by the talented Jesse Cox!

There’s an official tournament being organized by the folks of the Awesomenauts Pro League (APL)! Be sure to scramble a team together and sign-up on their site NOW! Sign-ups for the upcoming tournament end the 4th of March! The qualifiers will start the 6th of March! Visit their site for more info!

The top three teams will be awarded with cash prizes and Awesomenauts Vynel Soundtracks!