Ix the Interloper voice contest!

ixvoiceOver the years Awesomenauts lots of fans have sent us their ideas and suggestions for the game. Of course, most these were ideas for new characters, gameplay elements or skins. But there were also many fans who offered to lend their voice to one of the characters. Well, now’s your time to shine!

Today we’re announcing a contest in which you could become the voice of Ix the Interloper! This seemed like a great time for it, since it fits Ix’ community driven design. If you want to give this voice acting thing a go, record the example lines for Ix to the best of your ability and send them to contest@ronimo-games.com before Friday April 29. The winner will have his or her voice heard ingame as Ix the Interloper, and will also receive a sweet DLC package and an original Soundtrack LP!

When recording your voice, try to follow these guidelines:
– Keep it short, record only the lines below.
– Grab the best recording equipment within reach, the higher quality the better. If the recording quality you can deliver is not good enough you will be disqualified. We need the winner to be able to send us useable files that we could potentially use ingame.
– We don’t recommend recording on a phone. This might result in a non-compatible file format. The best file formats to deliver are .Wav / .mp3 / .Aiff / .Flac. If you use a PC for the recording, we recommend: http://www.audacityteam.org/download/
– Send us the original recordings. It’s fine to experiment with some effects and send those too, but for best results we’ll need the originals.
– Make sure you’re recording in a quiet environment, without any echos. So avoid recording in a room with hard surfaces. You can avoid echos by recording in a corner of a room and use a mattress or curtains behind and around you. Don’t record too close to the walls otherwise you get a too boxy sound. Or maybe there is a local radio station who is willing to help you out.
– To prevent our inbox from exploding, use a service like dropbox, wetransfer or google drive to host your files and send them over. We will be monitoring our inbox and if your audio files are attached directly to your email, we will delete it right away.
– 10 separate entries are allowed per participant. A set of lines done in a particular voice are considered as one entry.

Here are the example lines you will have to perform:
“Oof… This droppod *did* fall far from the starship”
“Did you know? Each teleport could power a Zurian’s house for a century!”
“Luckily our droppods are completely biodegradable, after exploding”
“Reflect upon *this*”
“There are two sides to every psyonic bond”

Keep in mind, Ix’s character is very eco-friendly. Best way to describe him would be Captain Planet/Monk/hipster. So he is wise, (self)righteous and preachy.

To get a more clear picture of his character, here is his backstory:
Ix was a courageous Luxuxi spirit who roamed the crystal planet of Luxor. Carefree and totally zenned out, the infinite crystal reflections were all the family and friends Ix needed. But then the Disaster struck. Intergalactic megacorporations started to drill Luxor’s dark side on a massive scale, as it housed unusually energetic crystals.

At first Ix tried to ‘discourage’ the miners in various ways. Most annoying was when he swapped the sugar for crystals, causing several aliens to break their teeth and having to stop using sugar in their coffee altogether. Despite the meddling of this ethereal interloper however, the miners kept drilling with dogged determination.

In a flash of self-righteous outrage over this, Ix merged its life force with some high-energy crystals. This unprecedented merging of forces finally gave Ix a corporeal form. Harnessing the energies of this new crystalline body, Ix razed the miner’s facilities to the ground. The destruction of their Zork industries porta potties turned out to be the last straw, as the miners finally gave up and left.

Feeling particularly good about himself after this deed, Ix decided to keep harassing intergalactic mining operations. After a while Blabl Zork got wind of this raw talent for drill destruction. He then convinced Ix to join the Awesomenauts by presenting the mercenary team as an environmental force for good.