Kickstarter: First Stretch Goal Reached!

Combining the power of the Kickstarter and our Paypal page, you guys enabled us to reach the first Stretch Goal! This means we’ll get cracking on a brand new map based on the Starstorm Station which will be scored by the digital minstrils known as Sonic Picnic!

The Blue Droppod signifies the combined amount from Kickstarter and Paypal. Currently the Paypal total is, you can always check our Humble Widget store page for the updated amount!

Below are a couple of sketches that were posted in Kickstarter Update #5 that will give you an impression of what will set this new map apart from the rest!

The Starstorm Station has long been the playground of Skree, who used his time to build huge Statues around the place. As he fumbled around with the mechanical deity tributes, he inadvertently triggered the Station’s engines and defense systems. These have been dorment for far too long but are now back in action, forming dynamic hazzards that the ‘nauts will have to surmount!

With the New Map and Music goal reached, let us set our sights on the next Stretch Goal: Custom Games!

This will allow you to create a match in a zillion ways. Fight against waves of Froggy’s, play as a team of Voltar’s, try new game modes, or simply insta-gib everyone in a Raelynn shoot-out! These are just a few examples that you can do with Custom Games!