Patch 1.4 is released!

Fire up your Steam engines, because it’s time for a new Awesomenauts patch. The patch tweaks a lot of the items in the game, so it’s time to start experimenting with new builds again!

For the complete patchnotes, visit the Official Awesomenauts forum here:

And if you haven’t seen it before, check out this video detailing some of the changes!

We’d also like to thank everyone for taking such great care of our new pet, Gnaw! We’ve never seen him so happy before, leaping around our office, Gnawing at our legs and drooling all over the place.This patch also brings the start of a lot of Awesomeness! These dark figures are right around the corner and ready for action!
And if that wasn’t enough to grab you by the nostrils, here’s a snapshot of the Mac version which is going to feature Steamplay to let the Mac’s duke it out with the PC’s! Still work in progress but it’s getting there!