Patch 1.5! Suit up!

Awesomenauts is putting the War back in Wardrobe!

The characters of the multiplayer shooter Awesomenauts have always looked pretty fine, but as of today they can get totally fabulous! Because each of them now has access to a sweet alternative outfit.

Arrest unruly Awesomenauts as Officer Lonestar! Float like an alien, sting like a bee as Bumble Gnaw! Or get your groove on as Disco Voltar!

You can grab the skin for your favorite character for $2.49 (€2,49 / £1,74) in the Steam Store. But if you’re like us you probably have multiple favorites, so we made these handy bundles:
Mean and Green ($5.99 / €5,99 / £4,49): Froggy G (Grandmaster Splash), Gnaw (Bumble Gnaw) and Derpl Zork (Hotrod Derpl)
Blast from the Past ($5.99 / €5,99 / £4,49): Voltar (Disco Voltar), Leon Chameleon (Mousquetiere Leon) and Yuri (Kosmonaut Yuri)
Tropical Thunder ($5.99 / €5,99 / £4,49): Lonestar (Officer Lonestar), Coco (Coco Hawaii) and Clunk(Replaceable Clunk)
Costume Party ($14.99 / €14,99 / £11,99): All nine skins!

So suit up, it’s time to get Awesome!

To see all the cool outfits in action, check out the trailer: