Free SlowWolf Announcer!

What is it?

This announcer was fully voiced by your friendly neighborhood SlowWolf! Famous for casting pretty much every major event in Awesomenauts history and doing a great job at it. All the way from the first Alienware Awesome Cup, to casting for a live audience for Black Label eSports, to the latest ALWB shows!

How to get it

It's easy! Just follow these four steps to profit:

  1. Invite someone who either:
    - Hasn't played Awesomenauts, ever.
    - Hasn't played Awesomenauts in a month or more.
  2. Get them into your party, or custom game.
  3. Get into some gameplay together.
  4. All done!

You should now be able to select SlowWolf's awesome voice as your announcer.

SlowWolf's own instruction

Click right here to have him explain to you himself!