The level editor contest is live!

The level editor contest was announced during the Streamisho and submissions are possible as of now! Everyone who owns a copy of Awesomenauts and abides by the rules is allowed to participate in the contest. The competition runs from the moment of announcing the level editor contest until the Wednesday 19th of April, 17:00 EU, 16:00 UK, 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM PT. The winner will be decided by amounts of upvotes at the ending time of the contest. Upvotes will be counted at this moment and the winners will be announced on our Streamisho. Be sure to support the map you like the most!

We encourage everyone to upload the craziest map you can think of, as long as you follow the rules!

– There are no restrictions on gamemodes
– Existing and new maps are welcome, but they must have (contest) in their title
– Maximum of 3 creators per map
– Several maps of one creator are allowed
– All maps must have a thumbnail and ingame screenshots
– The map with the most upvotes in the end wins the contest
– There are other prizes for honorable mentions
– Ronimo holds the right to ban maps from the competition if they are not in line with the Awesomenauts EULA

Now, the thing everybody wants to win for! The no. 1 most upvotes wins a limited edition Clunk statue, the Awesomenauts costume party DLC bundle, an exclusive Roboscoop skin and on top of that the Golden Gearlyfish badge which can be shown off ingame!
The honorable mentions will be decided by amount of upvotes or if we think these maps deserve a mention due to creativity, originality, backstory, new gamemode etc. They will win the exclusive Roboscoop skin and the Silver Gearlyfish badge!