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After relaunching Awesomenauts as a free-to-play title on May 24th, the gears have been set in motion for the first update! The update will go live on June 14th, and be called 'Dawn of the Renegades'. Starting with 4.1, the Awesomenauts will be joined by Rocket's Renegades! First of the group is Dizzy, who is coming in update 4.1. The rest of the Renegades will follow in the next few updates! Check out their trailer below:

New Naut: Dizzy

Dizzy was an entertainer for the Scarg emperor for years. During the daring escape of the garrison her break dance aqua-fu moves came in handy, Dizzy fooled the Scarg prison guards with her water clones and escaped along with her team. After being separated, she went back to her home planet: Ribbit IV, with the plan to visit her nephew Froggy G and revitalize her singing career.

She decided to form her own girl band, called the Dizzies, with two of her water clones. In no time she conquered the Universal Music Charts and toured all across the Galaxy, while angering some concert hall owners due to her 'explosive' performances.

After a popularity poll showed that one of the clones, Fizzy, was way more popular than Dizzy a fight erupted between the two, causing Fizzy to start her own successful solo career. In a fit of rage caused by the betrayal, Dizzy left the band and redirected her anger into vandalizing the modern streets of Ribbit IV with graffiti. Before being caught, she was calmed by an old friend who presented her with the perfect plan to both clear their names and redirect her rage. She now joins her old friends and follows her nephew's footsteps into joining the Awesomenauts!

Dizzy is a new free character that's coming to Awesomenauts on June 14th!
Check out her theme music here!

New Skin: BullBarian

Between the times when the great Milk Sea drank Great Wisentia and the rise of the Calves of Moo-Noo, there was a beastly age on Flexon.

But hark! Here rises the Bullbarian from his long slumber! Having dined on raw meat and spiced milk, he sets off into the wild yonder. Kings beg for his services, witches tremble in his wake and gladiators shake with fear as he approaches. Now, he finds himself with a stranger crew still as a band of Awesomenauts have plucked him from the mists of his bygone era.

The times may be unfamiliar to him, but one thing is unchanged: in battle, the mightiest hoof still wins.

The BullBarian is a skin for Deadlift!

New Skin: Kunoichi Dizzy

When the Aqua-Fu calls, you answer. Nowadays the Aqua-Fu also tends to send a text message when it can't reach you by phone.

When Dizzy got the text she set off on a pilgrimage to the Aqua-Fu home nebula: the Waxxon spiral. There, she met with Noodle Smiggs, a man with a terrible name but mythical Aqua-Fu skills. She spent three gruelling years in training, lifting rocks with nothing but the drops of sweat on her forehead, washing dishes while manipulating the flow of water from across the room, and cleaning spaceships down in the spaceport for some extra cash.

After years of training, Dizzy was introduced to the secrets of the Scrolls of Xi-Pang and her training entered it's final stages. The scrolls had given her untold insight into how Aqua-Fu Masters were all that stood between hidden, unspeakable horrors and the people of the galaxy, and the role she was set to play in events yet to unfold. She had become Kunoichi Dizzy, Master of the Aqua-Fu.

Kunoichi Dizzy is a skin for Dizzy!