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The second teammember from Rocket's Renegades is joining the Awesomenauts! He's called Smiles and he's coming in hot on the heals of Dizzy, who was released in 4.1 just a few weeks ago.

Hot. Literally, because he's a giant crocodile sporting a massive flamethrower which he uses to burn his enemies to a crisp! He's the second of Rocket's Renegades team to make it over to Awesomenauts, with more to follow! Check out the trailer for more:

New Naut: Smiles

After escaping with the other renegades out the clutches of the “unstoppable” Piere Feu Darret the corrupt Scarg emperor, Smiles hid in the swamps on Ribbit II. With a background of tracking and capturing yummy targets around the galaxy for the emperors endless appetite, he put his skills to good use: hunting some game in the deep swamps and starting a small business selling handcrafted luxurious handbags.

The unorthodox method of poaching swamp rodents with his flame thrower resulted in heavily burned pelts and hides, but it turned out a great business success as the dark charred bags were an instant hit on the amphibian black market.

One day an old friend knocked on his door and a plan of vengeance was drawn to find some new allies and clear their names.

Smiles is a new character who's coming to Awesomenauts on Juli 12th!

New Skin: Pyromancer Smiles

Some crocodiles just want to watch the world burn. Pyromancer Smiles won't settle for that. He won't stop until all of creation is set ablaze! He's dark, he's angry, and he's armed with a flamethrower. Don't cross Pyromancer Smiles as he'll burn you to a crisp!

The Pyromancer is a skin for Smiles!