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 Post subject: Dizzy
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:17 am 
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When Dizzy was released i player her until i reached lvl 12 and some games after that. Then they nerfed golden g necklace which was the reason i was succesfull with Dizzy. Now after some time ive been trying to relearn how to play her but i have hard time landing clones without the old necklace.

Any tips how to play Dizzy nowadays?

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 Post subject: Re: Dizzy
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:07 pm 
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I told you on Discord that I never used G Necklace, but that's because I have a specific aversion to any upgrade that isn't fun to play against.

GuyBrush wrote:
I've stated my opinion on Dizzy in the balance thread, as well as the build I run.
GuyBrush wrote:
Right now there seem to be two upgrades that shape the entirety of what kind of Dizzy you will play. One one hand there's "Ribbit Ribbit Real Good" (IE "Green CD") for constant dash spam in combat and abuse of upgrades like Fan Mail and Graffiti Artist, and backstage pass Dizzy for a single long-range dash and abuse of Band-aid giving you another free insanity dash and boots making you a master escape artist.


I can't help but feel that you need a mobility upgrade on Dizzy, either in Green CD or Backstage Pass. Dizzy's biggest asset is her mobility; I don't know why you wouldn't upgrade it.

My build really hasn't changed from this. Fake Bandaid is usually my third Clone upgrade, though new G Necklace isn't that bad. And if I somehow can live without 50% Dash shield, Fan Mail is insanely powerful. Bubble Gun? It's literally just personal preference, though I wouldn't recommend Concrete Wall without Green CD. And utility you almost always want Pills and Shoes with your third being a choice based on who you're against.

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