Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time Revealed in Streamisho!

During the Streamisho yesterday, we announced that on top of all the cool things coming in Update 3.3: Rise of Galactron next week, we’ll also be launching Update 3.4: Prime Time before Christmas!

Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time will contain a whole bunch of cool content, including the long-awaited spectator mode, the visual rework of Clunk, and an all-new ‘Naut. We haven’t revealed any new details about this new character, other than that it’ll be joining the Overdrive line-up! That means this character will become the fourth character in the Overdrive expansion.

Prime Time will launch in December, with a Beta scheduled to go live on November 23rd.

If you missed the Streamisho yesterday, you can now catch it on Youtube. If you’re specifically interested in the demo of the Spectator Mode, you should skip to the 27-minute mark:
For a full overview of all the content that’s coming to Awesomenauts in the coming months, head over to our ‘Upcoming Content’ page: