Deadlift Killing Spree Unveiled!

Just a few more days until Deadlift joins the Awesomenauts! He’ll be available for free to all players when Awesomenauts 3.5: Unleash your Power goes live on March 8th. For now, enjoy the new Killing Spree theme for Deadlift!

Deadlift theme revealed!

We revealed Deadlifts character theme on the Streamisho yesterday, and now it’s ready for your listening pleasure on Youtube! Deadlift will be available for free to all Awesomenauts players when Awesomenauts 3.5: Unleash your Power hits on March 8th! In addition to this update bringing you a new character, it’ll also include the long-awaited level […]

Awesomenauts 3.5: Unleash your Power launching March 8th

Awesomenauts 3.5: Unleash your Power is launching next week, on March 8th! When this update hits, you’ll be able to try out the many community creations that have been made by players during the Beta in the live game! Additionally, you’ll be able to leap into battle with Deadlift! Let’s recap the stuff we discussed […]

Awesomenauts 3.5 Beta Updated!

We just released Update 3 for Awesomenauts 3.5: Unleash your Power! This update contains several new features for the map editor, like the ability to upload custom game and map settings, AIs, and even your own textures! Additionally, we also released a server-side update earlier in the day that should reduce the odds that you’ll […]

Cross-Team Chat is Staying!

Hey everyone, we announced our plans to remove the ability to chat with your opponents in matchmade games last Wednesday. Since then, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players. Based on this feedback, we’ve decided to let this feature be as it was. We’ll tell you a little more in the announcement below:

Changes coming to Cross-Team Chat in 3.5

The Beta for Awesomenauts 3.5: Unleash your Power has been live for two weeks now and we’ve seen lots of great maps and other creations uploaded to the Workshop already! Take the Flying Seas of Okeanos by Nikey9, a cool Awesomenauts map with an underwater segment (LINK), or The Breach of Omicron by Blatoy, which […]

The Awesomenauts 3.5: Unleash your Power Beta is live now!

Deadlift reveal! The new ‘Naut, Samuel ‘Deadlift’ Gains has been completely revealed during the Livestreams. His gameplay, skills and voice lines were all shown during several streams. He is now ready to demonstrate his strength! Level editor and Steam workshop integration are live! The level editor is now available in Beta for anyone who owns […]

Rumble Doubles Playoffs – This weekend!

The Awesomenauts Rumble Doubles tournament is going into overdrive with the playoffs this weekend! 17 Teams have qualified and will face off against oneanother in a double-elimination bracket. Who will qualify for the Grand Finals? Tune in to the livestream this Sunday from 19:00 CET, 18:00 UK, 1PM ET, 10AM PT onwards over at! […]

Deadlift revealed! Going into Beta February 8th!

During the Streamisho last Wednesday, Jasper and Joost talked about the new features of the Awesomenauts3.5 Beta, which will go live during the Streamisho next week. The amazing possibilities of the level editor were also shown! The newly revealed character goes by the name of Samuel “Deadlift” Gains, who was a young calf during “The […]

Awesomenauts Rumble Doubles VODs available!

The two rounds of qualifiers for Awesomenauts Rumble Doubles took place last weekend, and seventeen teams have made it to the playoffs! These playoffs will take place next Saturday, and will be covered live over at from 19:00 CET, 18:00 UK, 1PM ET, 10AM PT onwards! The Grand Finals will be aired a week […]