Roadmap updated!

Yesterday we hosted a new Streamisho that was all about what the upcoming overhauled matchmaker will be doing behind the scenes. But before we got to that point, we also gave a brief overview of what will be coming in the next few patches. Here’s a quick list of the present and future for Awesomenauts: […]

Awesomenauts Overdrive expansion is OUT NOW!

Awesomenauts has always been a game about awesome intergalactic mercenaries doing awesome things. Well today, they’re taking it on to a whole new level, they’re taking it into OVERDRIVE! Today we start out the Overdrive expansion by launching some of the primary components: – Three new premium Awesomenauts: Professor M. Yoolip, Chucho Krokk and Jimmy […]

Update 2.13.5 is now live!

With some of the longest Patch Notes in recent Awesomenauts history, update 2.13.5 is here! It brings lots of tweaks and balance adjustments all across the board. Also, this update is the last one before the Awesomenauts: Overdrive expansion goes live. The list is too long to go into each and every detail, but the […]

Third Overdrive playable now: Jimmy/Amy and the LUX5000!

This Wednesday we presented the third and final new character coming with Overdrive! He, or she, is called Jimmy and the LUX5000 or Amy and the LUX5000, depending on which side you play as. To see the full presentation on this new character, check out the Streamisho we did last Wednesday (the character demo starts […]

Chucho Krokk is coming! Playable in Beta now

Today we’re ready to reveal the second character coming soon in the Awesomenauts: Overdrive Expansion. His name is Chucho Krokk and he’s playable in the public beta right now! Click here to see how you can access the public beta. Time for some lore: Chucho comes from a rich, if slightly shady family called the […]

Awesomenauts: Overdrive is coming!

Today Ronimo is ready to announce a new expansion for Awesomenauts, called Awesomenauts: Overdrive! The expansion will be released in Q1 2016 and includes a massive overhaul of our matchmaking system and updates to core game mechanics! In addition to these features, Awesomenauts: Overdrive will add three technologically-advanced characters to the playable roster, and brings […]

2.13 Super Symbiosis is out!

The Update offering the new XP system, the Specimen X-58 skin and the Rockstar announcer is out now! Get playing and try that sweet new and steady flow of ingame progress today. From now on during a match of Awesomenauts your team will get XP for destroying droids, turrets and other ‘Nauts. Gathering XP will […]

Art winner for Ix picked!

The votes are in and we have a clear winner! Pixelhat’s interpretation of Ix the Interloper is what the character will look like. I think we can all agree it’s pretty awesome: To see the other finalists’ artwork and the full vote results, click here.  

The updated 2.13 Beta is Live

The new and improved Beta for 2.13 is now live for you to check out! The Beta is all about testing out the recently announced XP system and all the changes to support it. A lot of tweaks have been done to improve the the system and the item balance. For full Patch Notes, see […]

Art contest for Ix the Interloper!

It’s time for phase 2 of the Design-Your-Naut 2 contest! In this phase, we are looking for your ideas on how to visualize the winner of phase one: Ix the Interloper! You can submit your ideas here! You can use whatever medium you can muster (even bake a pie) as long as it results in […]