New Patch Release: Awesomenauts 2.6 Reloaded!

Awesomenauts patch 2.6 Reloaded has been released! This patch brings with it a whole list of new features, goodies and balance tweaks. Check the official forums for the full record-breaking massive patch notes list. For a list of all the major changes, read on! Loadout Revamp The biggest change is the total revamp on how […]

Play Awesomenauts 2.6 beta @ Gamescom!

Ronimo will be at Gamescom in Cologne starting Thursday! Come and play the latest beta build of Awesomenauts and a new demo of Swords & Soldiers II! The beta build contains some of the biggest features for 2.6, such as the new shop and AI Station 205! For more details on what’s coming in 2.6 […]

No more loadouts in Patch 2.6: Reloaded!

Awesomenauts 2.6 isn’t called ‘Reloaded’ for nothin’! Big changes are coming up! When the update hits, your loadout will be a thing of the past and we’ll let you decide what you want to buy during a match. You will still be limited to three items for each row, but you will be able to […]

Awesomenauts Assemble! update out now!

The first patch for Awesomenauts Assemble! on PlayStation 4 is now available! This update brings the alien-blasting Ted McPain and the daring collector Penny Fox over to the next-gen console! In addition to the new characters console players will now be able to host custom games as well as enjoy tons of new tweaks and […]

Patch 2.5: Shadows of the Void released!

Patch 2.5 has launched and brings you a new character, an AI Editor and is now fully playable in Brazilian Portuguese! The AI Editor will let users tinker around with existing bots or create new ones from scratch. This means you can create bot behaviour for every character in Awesomenauts! These custom bots can be […]

Patch 2.5 Reveal Livestream

Last Friday we revealed the headlining feature for the upcoming 2.5 Shadows of the Void Patch for Awesomenauts: Skree! After the stream the 2.5 beta went live so anyone with beta access (granted by pledging 30$ or more in our Starstorm crowdfunding campaign) can now test out Skree! Keep an eye on Voltar’s Vault page for […]


Watch these awesome showcase matches between teams 3HM, JIS and BBQ, commentated by the talented casters FourCourtJester, SlowWolf, Weazel. These videos are made possible by the new Replay System, that we introduced in Awesomenauts Patch 2.4! We will be continuing to polish up our replays system to make sure it provides the best possible game commentary […]

Patch 2.4: The Eye Of the Storm is unleashed!

Today we’ve launched Patch 2.4, with two massive headlining features: a new character, called Sentry and Replays! All your replays can be accessed from the Main Menu. By default, the game will automatically save a replay of every match you play, enabling you to relive your very best Awesomenauts moments forever and ever and ever! This is our […]