Introducing Admiral Swiggins!

After several weeks of submissions, the “Design your ‘naut!” contest on Facebook has concluded! The first half of the contest asked for people to submist descriptions of their own Awesomenaut and a bit of his/her backstory. The winner of this fase of the competition was Channfree with his Admiral Swigginssubmission, an anchor-wielding space-squid! For the second fase artists had to […]

Aiguillon released! And stirrings in the deep!

Legend tells the story of a giant cranky porcupine wandering through space. Furious at the sun for burning his eyes, he charged and killed both the light and himself. His prickly remains now orbit the dead sun and gave home to the Kremzon, a crude and devious species that spend most of their time in […]

PAX East roundup and a new map: Aiguillon!

PAX East ’13 was absolutely fantastic! We got to meet tons of fans and managed to get lots of new players interested in the game. Three days of complete Awesomenauts mayhem! In our booth we had 6 laptops and a three-player TV hooked up on a local network where people could try out our new upcoming […]

New skins incoming & The APL Tournament Winners!

Coco and Raelynn are getting new skins! Coco’s McFly skin was chosen in our Facebook poll, letting the community decide her next look. Raelynn is suited up in her furutisitc tactical spec-ops outfit! Be sure to look for both skins in the upcoming patch! A big congratz to team NerfPlz who managed to come back out of […]

Patch 1.15: Genji is here! Massive balance update!

Genji has arrived and is ready to dole out the Space Butterfly’s galactic justice! Joining him in the fray is Kage Genji, rumored to be one of a select few monks who operate from the shadows and try to make all of creation do their bidding! Genji was voiced by the talented Jesse Cox! With 1.15 we’re also […]

Genji revealed! Tournament upcoming!

We’re revealing our newest ‘naut today! Meet Genji the Pollen Prophet! This monk is championing the cause of his deity, the grand Space-Butterfly! Able to spin cocoons around enemies putting them temporarily out of combat, or shielding his allies with chanting prayers! Check out Genji’s profile page for more info, and watch his debut trailer below! Genji was […]

Patch 1.14 is out! Bringing Seasonal Leaderboards!

With this patch comes a totally reworked leaderboard system! For full 1.14 patchnotes visit the forums: Introducing Seasonal Leaderboards, these boards reset after a given set of days (now set to 2 month intervals) making battling for advancement more fun and less of a stalemate. All your progress throughout the previous Leaderboards, called Seasons, are […]

sssSSSSSSSSS… it’s hunting season!

Patch 1.13 is here and besides the usual dose of tweaks and balance updates, which you can read more about on the forums here:, we’re introducing the Creeper Clunk! Creeper Clunk is a skin that can not be bought or downloaded! The only way to get it is to find one in-game and kill it! Once you killed it […]

Vinnie is here!

The long awaited crime duo has been set loose in the Awesomenauts Galaxy! Vinnie & Spike are the newest recruits to join the line up in patch 1.12! You can find the full patch notes on the official Awesomenauts forum: In Vinnie’s wake sail the treacherous Cap’n Vinnie ‘n his Seadog Spike! Time to walk the plank ye […]

Vinnie & Spike are coming soon!

We’re revealing the 12th naut on 12-12-12! Vinnie & Spike are a notorious and highly wanted crime duo whose latest daring escape landed them with the Awesomenauts! Always looking for quick cash, the mercenary life was just the thing for these two hoodlums! Check out the Vinnie & Spike Showcase Trailer below!