Kickstarter Paypal, Admiral Swiggins and more!

It took a few days but we’re happy to finally present you with alternative payment options, including Paypal, via the Humble Widgets made possible by the awesome guys and gals at The Humble Bundle! All rewards from the Kickstarter Tiers will also be available through the Humble Widgets! Awesomenauts Starstorm Kickstarter FUNDED! As an extra treat, […]

Kickstarter: WE MADE IT!

We did it! Well, YOU did it! We can’t thank you guys enough, though we’re going to use science to try anyway:Thanks x ∞! We’re all super stoked about reaching the main goal this soon, but we have much much more planned! So lets try and gobble up those stretch goals and see how much greater Starstorm […]

Awesomenauts Starstorm Expansion Kickstarter!

Awesomenauts is making the jump to Kickstarter with the Starstorm expansion! Bringing you new features like Spectator Mode, Dual Stick Controls and three new ‘nauts! Find the Reward Tier that best suits you and help us fund this mega operation that will see Awesomenauts reach new heights! Visit the Kickstarter page to also see all the Stretch Goals we’ve […]

PS4 version announced!

Today we announced that Awesomenauts will be released on the PS4 later this year! This new version will get all the gameplay and balance improvements from the PC version and all the content that has been added to it up until the launch of the PS4 version! This will include a roster of at least 15 ‘nauts, […]

Clunk gets physical!

Look, games are great, they allow you to dive into a fantasy world and blow off some steam whenever you like. But sometimes these universes are just. so. AWESOME, you want to reach in there and pull something out, into reality! And then hold it tight, run across the room and shout WOOSH SWOOSH PEW […]

Patch 1.20: Ayla Released!

Ayla is here! A cute little alien girl with a dark side! Voiced by none other than Ashly Burch of Borderlands 2’s Tiny Tina and Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? fame! Hit bad guys in the head with a stainless steel chain, shoot ‘m with with your third eye or fly into a rage and leech their life […]

Awesomenauts in Humble Indie Bundle 8! Now also on Linux!

[UPDATE: HUMBLE BUNDLE 8 SALE ENDED] Awesomenauts is available in the Humble Indie Bundle 8! Joining Little Inferno, Capsized, Thomas was Alone and Dear Esther! If you pay more than the average price you also get the hit games Hotline Miami and the awesomely atmospheric Proteus! With this bundle Awesomenauts is debuting on Linux! Humble Bundle works with a Pay What You Want structure. This […]

Celebrating one year of Awesomenauts!

It’s been one year since Awesomenauts first saw the light of day on consoles! To honor this moment we made a tribute that will give you some unique behind the scenes footage from early development all the way up to the current patch! Thanks to everyone who helped us get where we are today, and […]

Leon Pirate plundering a Drill Core near you!

Introducing the first ever Premium Awesomenauts Skin! Captain Leon Pirate!What makes this skin a premium you wonder? I’m glad you asked! It features an all new voice-set as demonstrated in the trailer below! Leon Pirate has set sail!

Vote for the next Gnaw skin! [Updated]

[Update] And the winner is…*drumrole*..: GNAWBOT, with more than half of all the votes! Gnaw’s third skin is coming up, and it’s your turn to vote! We prepared three flavors we liked and we need you to tell us which one will end up in the game! Head for our facebook page and click the one you want to win! Voting […]